1. Yes, it’s slow. Very slow. On my 12 Pro Max it is slower than my previous 10 was. My iPhone 10 Max or whatever it was was a beautiful phoine that regularly got speeds in excess of 80Mb/s down. My new 12 Pro Max which is also a beautiful device can’t quite manage 60Mb/s down when set for 5G.

    So I’ve turned it off to save battery power. I check it every so often to see if anything has improved. I just tried it now. It got 25Mb/s. Ironically it’s gotten progressively worse. So yes, the rush to 5G has been the second biggest scam of 2020 so far.

    If you have an iPhone 10 or 11, honestly, there is nothing compelling about the 12. It’s just as nice a phone as the 10 or 11 but does not exceed the capabilities of those previous phones in any drastically measurable way. The cost is too high for what you get.

    1. I can almost guarantee that an upgrade to yet another 5G phone will be required to experience the promised speed. I also don’t know about Verizon, but my monthly cost went up dramatically even after dumping my AppleWatch and iPad off the bill! AT&T forces you off their lower data plans and makes you sign up for the much more expensive Unlimited Data Plan, (which is really capped and they will throttle you), if you want 5G.

      I’ve run into a few people who bought the new phones, and see the 5Ge symbol and believe themselves to be on 5G also, because they don’t realize they need the higher data plan to be allowed on the 5G network.

      1. “…to experience the promised speed.”

        NEVER going to happen. This so called 5G revolution is way too much hype. The max speed are the instantaneous speeds. Users are time division duplexed with other users. Thus if 100 users are using the same channel bonding you are you only get 1/100 of the theoretical throughput, max. (In reality you’ll get slightly less than that.) The max speeds also assume the maximum channel bonding, which rarely happens, either due to the mismatch of device to tower or limitations in the tower’s implementation.

        IF (an unlikely scenario ever)
        you are the only 5G user in the cell and,
        the tower with which you are communicating has enough of a backhaul,and
        your devicecompletely matches the tower’s frequency and channelization planand
        , the weather is relatively cle,ar an
        d you’re not on the cell ed (so you have a strong signal)ge, an
        d there are no interferers in the cell, the
        n you MIGHT get near the theoretical peak
        . Otherwise forget it.

        5G has been hyped to a completely unattainable level. To hear some of the hype 5G is going to do everything but cook my dinne and do my laundry for mer, and maybe even that.

  2. It’s crap because during snovid in Texas last week it was entirely useless. Had to resort to old 3G phones in order to make anything work. The 5g phones couldn’t dumb down enough to use the 3G signal. Fortunately I had a mifi that used 3G and could get some information. When the power goes out the 5g is worse than dial up…..

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