Apple TV+ musical comedy series ‘Schmigadoon!’ to premiere globally this summer

Apple TV+ unveiled a first look at “Schmigadoon!,” a new musical comedy series executive produced by Lorne Michaels, and starring Emmy Award nominee Cecily Strong and Emmy Award winner Keegan-Michael Key that is set to make its global debut this summer on Apple TV+, presented today at the Television Critics Association Winter 2021 Press Tour.

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key star in “Schmigadoon!," premiering summer 2021 on Apple TV+.
Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key star in “Schmigadoon!,” premiering summer 2021 on Apple TV+.

“Schmigadoon!,” a parody of iconic musicals, stars Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key as a couple on a backpacking trip designed to reinvigorate their relationship when they discover a magical town in which everyone is living in a studio musical from the 1940s. They then discover that they can’t leave until they find “true love.” The first season of the six-episode series also stars Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth, Aaron Tveit, Dove Cameron, Ariana DeBose, Fred Armisen, Jaime Camil, Jane Krakowski and Ann Harada.

Hailing from Broadway Video and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, “Schmigadoon!” is co-created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. Cinco Paul serves as showrunner, and wrote all of the original music for the series. Barry Sonnenfeld directs and executive produces. In addition to starring, Cecily Strong serves as producer, and Ken Daurio serves as consulting producer and writer. Andrew Singer executive produces with Lorne Michaels on behalf of Broadway Video.

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MacDailyNews Take: Schmigadoon? Er… Schmigadoon!


  1. Yet another mixed race couple on “TV.”

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with couples of different skin color, but TV casting is hugely disproportionate to reality and clearly agenda-driven.

    People capable of independent thought should be offended by such blatant attempted manipulation.

    If it weren’t such a dramatic departure from reality, I wouldn’t have even taken notice… but it is.

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with couples of different skin color. This issue is the puppet masters who drive these obvious setups down our throats as if to lecture to us what we should be doing.

    Go watch TV in America. Look at the commercials. It’s a weird alternate universe where blacks occupy 98% of every show/ad when, in reality, they’re some 13% of the U.S. population, and every other couple depicted is mixed race.

    One more time: I’m not objecting to the races shown, I’m remarking on the psychological manipulation that pervades “TV.”

    I mean, if you’re going to use “TV” as a psyops campaign, at least try to do it with at least some subtlety.

    1. TV has always been used as a “psyops campaign,” it’s just that the leftists have so taken over the business now that they have lost the ability to be subtle about it as what they write, shoot, and edit is never critiqued by those with differing viewpoints before it airs.

      See the last few seasons of “Shameless” for an example of what happens when leftist “psyops” takes over a once-great series.

    2. Oreo, Have you considered the possibility that these two actors were simply the best for these particular parts, irrespective of their race? Some casting directors really are colorblind. Some producers assume that their audiences can look past race to talent.

      It really isn’t a dramatic departure from reality. About 15% of newly married couples in the United States are interracial, which is about what you would expect from the makeup of the population if love were truly blind as well. Obviously, that proportion is higher in some states than others, and is probably highest in the large cities where most TV shows are set.

      I doubt that the proportion on TV, even on Apple TV, is higher than one in six. You and I may just notice them more because we can remember when interracial marriage was illegal in many states. It really would be psychological manipulation if television represented only that bygone era.

        1. Oreo read a rather complex plot summary for a musical comedy series produced by a man with 91 Emmy nominations and 19 wins (both records), with a showrunner who wrote The Lorax and the Despicable Me movies, starring two Emmy-nominated actors. All he found worthy of comment was the race of the actors. He did not just comment, but complained that there are too many black faces on television, concluding that the portrayal of anything other than white men married to white women constitutes politically-motivated psychological manipulation.

          That quacks like a duck.

    3. Oreo’s racist post, in short:


      Someday when Oreo grows up hopefully he will learn that all races and traditions have strength and weaknesses. Only by sharing and striving for better outcomes does any individual or group prosper.

      It has been centuries since any closed-minded monoculture saw any lasting success. Seriously, name one great empire of the modern era that lasted more than about one generation while forcing separation of races… you cannot. Hitler’s dream of an aryan empire collapsed in about a decade.

      Go back to historical empires— China’s great wall was never effective and their attempt at isolation set them back a millennium. Rome grew powerful by assimilation. All the European empires expanded by trade, and all fell when their misguided rulers thought their military and economic might justified their horrible ethnic practices.

      Now in the USA, the most mixed racial nation on the planet, there are people who are so stupid as to think their little immigrant group, or skin color, is special. These people are historically and morally wrong. The USA was on its way to being a backwater sweatshop for European powers in the 17-19th centuries when slavery was prominent. Since Lincoln put an end CONSTITUTIONALLY to that horrible practice, only then did the USA really rise to achieve superpower status. Equality of opportunity blind to race, creeds, or color will do that.

      Today the USA is aging and needs infrastructure renewal, more healthcare, and more retraining. Economic competition against young low labor cost countries looks different when a nation is no longer the cheapest manufacturing site, and obviously some Americans look for scapegoats. How Shameful to complain about workers when it is American corporate CEOs who offshore jobs and fail to retrain their former American factory workers.

      It is nonsensical to drum up divisionism, subtle racism, or crass isolationism. If you don’t want to interact with others who don’t look like you, then STOP buying computers of any kind. These electronics are all imported and they will all expose you to media from the greater planet outside your little neighborhood.

      But if any group wants to be Great Again, you will never do it by ignoring the vast majority whose blood is multiracial, nor by stopping young hardworking immigrants from contributing. You may just have to trade with nations that are bigger, younger, more populous, and in some things smarter than you are. It would do us all good.

      The world needs MORE multiracial understanding and cooperation. Open your mind, Oreo.

      1. How nice, the Cliff Note quotation was somehow deleted.

        Oreo essentially said,

        Multiculturalism is nice as long as I don’t have to see it.

        What a load of hogwash that pathetic attitude is. One has to wonder what kind of person feels the need to prove to others how narrow minded he, Oreo, is ….

        1. Discussing the over-prevalence and over-representation of one race in TV productions is NOT RACIST.

          The problem with those who scream, “RACIST!” at every term is that (1) they don’t understand the word’s meaning and/or (2) they devalue the word to meaninglessness.

          There is very clearly a leftist “preach to the unwashed” holier-than-thou (Tim Cook Disease) dominant culture in mass media (whether it be “news,” TV, movies, music, etc.) that destroys otherwise great productions (see: “Shameless” example above) with sanctimonious leftist socialist propaganda. Watch CNN for five seconds.

  2. Notice how these producers very rarely have a white man / black woman couple. Not even Tim Cook’s Apple could imagine it.

    Why is that? What does it imply about black women and which rung they occupy on the social ladder (if they even have a rung)?

    1. As an American, by birth, I can tell you what every American knows by the time they’re 8-years-old is the order of the hierarchy:

      White male
      White female
      Asian male
      Asian female
      Latino male
      Latino female
      Black male
      Black female

      Note: “Black” includes dark skin latinos, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, West Indians, and reservation-based American Indians).

    2. “Black Women” Trumpist: trotting out your outdated view does not make it true.

      You obviously have very little knowledge of the modern film industry. Yes it took too long but black women (real black women, not online poseurs) are breaking the glass ceiling. Special shout out to the universally loved late great Cicely Tyson.

      Production teams are almost always multicultural today because the biggest media market is not the USA. When Apple or any other investors fund a production, they have to strive for multicultural appeal if they want to make money. This is the real world.

      It is not uncommon for the head director to have a well rounded staff of assistant directors to ensure that biases and blind spots are fixed. No director does it all him/herself. Yes, this means some movies are dumbed down into formulaic milquetoast but the great ones engage the entire world with respect for all.

      If you preferred the simple old cinema days when the lone sharpshooter tough white cowboy saved the good white christian settlers who all spoke perfect english from the 100% evil savage white actor painted orange, then you can find those pathetic films in the discount bin. Those horrid productions never represented reality.

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