‘Fortnite’ maker Epic Games takes its Apple battle to the EU

“Fortnite” game developer Epic Games said on Wednesday that it had filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the EU’s European Commission.

Epic Games' Fortnite violated Apple's App Store guidelines
Epic Games’ Fortnite violated Apple’s App Store guidelines

Pierre Briançon for MarketWatch:

The two companies have been engaged in a legal fight since August 2020, when Apple kicked “Fortnite” from the store, and revoked Epic’s developer license after the games maker found a way to circumvent the 30% fee slapped on App Store sellers.

Apple alleges that Epic had acted “with the express intent of violating the guidelines that apply equally to every developer.” The two companies are headed to a U.S. trial due in May.
Epic said that it is not seeking damages in its European Union filing, but is asking the Commission to impose “timely and effective remedies.”

The EU probe will be independent from the U.S. judicial trial. But the proceedings before a California court, with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expected to testify for seven hours, will give a good idea of the legal arguments developed in the case.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, it’s simple: Epic Games wants to enjoy all of the benefits of Apple’s App Store, including access to well over one billion of the world’s most affluent users for free. That is illogical, unfair, and, basically, theft.


  1. I just don’t get it with epic games they seem to be idiots or just dumb. Apple created their eco own system from nothing it’s their system it’s not free to use or maintain and the creative effort Apple has gone to creating it is amazing and they have every right to take a fee from sellers using their systems to make money for themselves.
    Finally ; Now Apple has introduced the tear system of fees based on income earned this just makes it even fairer for all that sell in Apples world.

  2. Of course Epic did so. It costs them virtually nothing to file an anti trust complaint in the EU. Did anyone expect otherwise? In reality I was and am surprised they didn’t do this before now.

  3. Like many modern failing corporations, Epic expects a handout from big gov. When the petulant kid does not get it, it litigates to attempt to artificially repair its bottom line.

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