Apple shares ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film by Lulu Wang for Chinese New Year

Apple today debuted a new film in the company’s “Shot on iPhone” series, this time highlighting a short film by American filmmaker Lulu Wang about a Chinese New Year legend reimagined as a contemporary coming-of-age story.

Apple shares 'Shot on iPhone' short film by Lulu Wang for Chinese New Year

Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

But when her rice cakes are mysteriously eaten in the woods one day by an unseen presence, the little girl begins to wonder if the legend is really true, and fearlessly decides to seek out the creature, who turns out not to be quite as monstrous as her parents’ stories suggest.

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Directed by Lulu Wang and created by the team behind the Golden Globe nominated film, The Farewell. Original score by Alex Weston.

MacDailyNews Take: No other non-Apple smartphone is anywhere near the same league as iPhone 12 Pro Max in shooting high-quality video, among many other things.

Bonus: The “making of” video:

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