Apple extends Apple TV+ free trials, subscribers now get free access until July 2021

Once again, Apple has extended the free period for the Apple TV+ 1-year free trials that come with select new hardware purchase. With the latest announcement, users with an Apple TV+ subscription that was set to expire between now and June will instead expire in July 2021.

Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

The first TV+ extension was announced in October and pushed the first wave of free trial renewals out to February. The new extension means that anyone who didn’t already cancel their subscription will now be able to use it for free for six additional months.

Any current customers with free trials set to end in the February to June period will now see those subscription renewals pushed out to July. Similarly, customers with an annual subscription that expires between February and June will also get the same additional months of service at no additional charge.

Apple will notify all eligible customers of the extension via email in the next couple of weeks. Like last time, the company will be compensating existing subscribers with credit refunds…

MacDailyNews Note: How the credit refunds work for subscribers is explained in the full article. This extension and credit for Apple TV+ free trials also applies to paying Apple One bundle subscribers.


  1. I’m guessing this is because the lack of original content. I’m on a free trial, and think the images out of my 4KATV are super, but the UI still needs work… but then.. ALL the UI’s of streaming services need work. a LOT of work.

  2. I have deplatformed all Apple services. I used to pay for Apple Music, then the big BUNDLE with all the stuff. Cancelled it when Timmy Cook turned Apple into a communist front group. I canceled an order for a new Apple Watch and an upgrade of my iPhone 11 to the 12. I have also destroyed my titanium Apple Card. When Apple agrees to my Terms and Conditions I may consider resuming business, but that will only be after Apple completes a 6 month probationary period with no violations of the Constitution and zero added support for the racist Marxist Black Lives Matter terrorist group.

    1. Me too! My wife and I have all of the Apple crap and it is all long-on-tooth and ready for upgrading. We were planning on a big splurge this year, two iPhone 12 minis, two Apple watches, one iMac, and one M1 MacBook Pro. But after Apple’s turn towards suppression of thought, we cannot follow through. Our principles far outweigh our desire to use Apple crap.

      What the hell ever happened to Think Different?!

      1. We should all stop buying Apple stuff, which is actually excellent product wise, but is now made by a company which happily spits on us and tells us to shut up. Well, Apple, you can go to hell.

      2. Oh, we ARE thinking Differently and we want you to think Properly…which means thinking like Us. Remember, thinking differently, but not like US will, in the long run, not be advantageous.

        Shaming sounds like a bad word, but in these times, it’s very useful. Differences in thinking that don’t fit under the Thinking Differently banner will soon result in a focused level of shame. We will all benefit from this shaming. Shaming will help us embrace and assuredly Think Differently.

        Just look at Our Progress! With increased shaming and truth fluidity, we’ve advanced significantly just in the last few years. We look forward to being fully refined and ultimately sophisticated as a result of collective shaming. We are on the event-horizon of our cultural realization!

    1. How they feel is that everybody is required to support the effort to overthrow our constitutional government in favor of the guy who lost the election by 74 electoral votes. Everybody has to tolerate sedition. If you don’t agree, you aren’t allowed to Think Different.

        1. As an extremist, he’s not confused. His mind is is programed for a limited and obsessive view. Some might connect it to pathos…but without empathy. It’s a pain thing…like a chip on the shoulder. Research has failed to find a solution.

      1. Hey TxUseless, why do you keep bringing up the election? Me thinks thou dost protest too much!

        So far, everyone else was talking about our God-given right to free speech.

        Are you one of those kooks who really believes that Grampa Simpson actually won the election? Or even worse, are you one of those kooks who actually voted for him?

        1. No, Vlad, you are talking about a completely non-existent “right” to force a private corporation to facilitate communication between people who just tried to overthrow the constitutional transition of power and who show every sign of continuing the conspiracy.

          I do not regard that as a God-given right because Donald Trump is not God. I suppose next you wii be telling me that denying his divinity interferes with your First Amendment freedom of religion.

          1. Well, are you one of those kooks? You probably don’t recognize the following:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            No, I wii be telling you that it’s real difficult for me to pursue happiness with the man’s boot on my throat.

            I see President Trump continues to live rent-free in your mind. You remind me these song lyrics:

            They’re coming to take me away ha haaa ho ho hee hee To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men In their clean white coats

            1. You have an absolute inalienable right to free speech. You do not have a right to make Apple help you spread your message. I am sorry you can’t tell the difference.

            2. “You do not have a right to make Apple help you spread your message.” said TxUseless.

              “You do not have a right to make a bakery spread your message.” said the supreme court.

              “I am sorry you can’t tell the difference.”

            3. Lyrics are fitting. He’s obsessed.

              He’s always been A TDS Poster Child, but because the Obsession continues, he’s separated himself from the nutty-pak and now he’s THE TDS Poster Child.. He continues on fighting the war he’s built and propels in his own mind.

              His butt hurts real bad. Please sent him some KY. Vats are needed.

            4. “Discrimination on the basis of sex is illegal.”

              What? Do do you think that homosexuals have sex with a wedding cake? Is that what you’re trying to say?

              How was Parler trying to “advocate the imminent overthrow of the Constitution by force?”

              Inquiring minds want to know!

            5. In an opinion written by Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, the majority of the Supreme Court held in 2020 that discrimination against homosexuals is discrimination on the basis of sex, which is prohibited by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

              Parler was clearly exercising only minimal supervision over posts that were spreading lies and whipping up anger among extremists against the 2021 transition of power. The lack of oversight extended to calls for imminent unlawful violence, which is not protected speech. Parler was warned by Google, Apple, AWS, and others to step up its game to meet legal and contractual obligations. When the situation did not improve, the other parties were left with no choice other than to sever their voluntary business association with Parler.

      2. I have delisted Apple as a supplier of any of my computer needs (though I love their products) until they stop violating my Terms of Acceptance. Their “violations” have become very egregious and more frequent in the past two weeks, so for each week the violations continue, I will extend the delist of Apple purchases an additional 60 days. I won’t tolerate a company that violates my Terms of Acceptance. I recommend everyone else who values tolerance and liberty and America do the same.

  3. Your not alone, I cancelled my free Apple TV serviced before it expired. Tim running to the Fox News Chanel is all you need to know. If he only wanted to get his principled message out then CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ect … would have been better.

    He went to Fox News to offer the second olive branch to conservative audiences. He has invited Parler back. The numbers from service cancellations and the drop in sales have obviously been enough to get him on Fox News.

    But really Tim is smart and in the end Apple will out maneuver Google, Amazon, FB and Twitter. And Parler will be more popular then ever. Only available on iOS 😉

    The day Parler is available on iOS I will reinstate all Apple services and upgrade my phone to 12 pro max and if that day never happens then that’s ok too. Apple products and services are nice but not essential. What I have is fine and new solutions will happen if millions of customers are ignored

    Apple is a private company and free to determine TOS. I am a free private individual and free to determine how I spend/invest my money

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