Parler CEO says social media platform may never return

Social media platform Parler, which has gone dark after being cut off by major service providers that accused the app of failing to police content, may never return online, said its CEO John Matze.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cut Parler off its servers this weekend for failing to effectively moderate violent content. Alphabet Inc’s Google and Apple also removed Parler from Google Play and the App Store, respectively.

Elizabeth Culliford for Reuters:

Parler logo
Parler logo
Matze said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday that he does not know when or if it will return.

“It could be never,” he said. “We don’t know yet.”

Matze said that Parler was talking to more than one cloud computing service but refused to disclose names, citing the likelihood of harassment for the companies involved. He said the best thing would be if Parler could get back on Amazon. Parler on Monday filed a lawsuit against the company, which Inc said has no merit.

Matze said the company was considering suing other vendors but declined to say more.

MacDailyNews Note: Earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook told CBS This Morning, “Parler has some issues with moderation. Our hope is that they do that and get back on the store… We suspended them, we did not ban them.”

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  1. So its OK for dems to riot and burn our cities month after month???? And for Dem politicians to make direct threats and direct calls for violence again Trump supporters? Fsck you all.

    Libturds are too fscking stupid to comprehend what they have done, Parlor should sue and own Amazon

    1. Soooo, what you’re SAYING is, you conservatives are not BETTER than the libruls, but instead are pretty much the same as the libruls just yelling different stuff?


      1. No, the BLM/Antifa/Democrats burned down cities for months, looted and destroyed thousands of businesses, attacked and killed policemen and bystanders. Republicans went peacefully to express their love of country and demand honest vote counting. Democrats insist on dishonest vote counting. Democrat Antifa goons went in and trashed the Capitol. That is what happened.

        1. AH, ok, so if Democrat Antifa goons went in and trashed the Capitol, then are we in agreement that ALL of those no good Democrat Antifa goons should be punished?

      2. Not yelling different stuff, pointing out different stuff, that’s the difference. It’s called hypocrisy and it’s libruls religion.

        And this is why I call the bag of dic eaters at CNN the Masturbating Media because they constantly expose themselves for the jerk-offs they truly are. Case in point, masturbator Jake Tapper said:

        “Congressman Brian Mast… who lost his legs by the way fighting for democracy abroad, although I don’t know — about his commitment to it here in the United States”

        How many limbs have you lost Jake defending democracy in your cozy confines at CNN? How many limbs are you willing to lose Jake and I’ll bring over my chainsaw?



        BIG TECH



        Before they irreparably tear America apart for good.

      3. So……???? Death Threats and Hang Members of Congress posted on FaceBook, Google & Twitter are ok?

        Why is this type of rhetoric allowed on those platforms? (iKnow the answer).


        AND Hunter Biden doesn’t have a drug problem. Right? Right. FU Joe and the corrupt horse you’ve rode in on .!..

    2. No it’s not okay for anyone to burn cities month after month. You spelled Parler wrong. It’s also not okay for anyone to attack the capital of our great country and kill a police officer (who by the way was a Trump supporter). You can’t own Amazon by suing it. Get a grip.

  2. I understand companies like Apple have ToS but this is just plain wrong in so many ways, and I hope that this wrong will be made right.

    …And what about Twitter and Facebook and others that Apple and others are not targeting that have much more and much worse on their platforms? This is simply a politically motivated monopolistic move, at the expense of free speech.

    I am fairly certain that MILLIONS agree with what I just said.

    1. Then again, APPL is up 1.62% for the day and AMZN is up 1.44%. The markets don’t agree with what you just said.

      The NASDAQ and S&P 500 are both up for the day, too. I guess they aren’t too worried about Mr. Trump getting impeached again.

      1. The market is not the people.

        Apple have put their dirty little mark on the worst period of our nation’s history. Tim Cook has proven that his primary vision is that of power. He is a politician. Not a leader. Today I start lecturing friends and clients on the security, power and benefits of open source platforms like LINUX. Where possible I will begin converting computer rooms to LINUX, and smaller clients to the could, any cloud, other than iCloud. By choking the life out of a company that is guilty of NOTHING, Apple has shown what they truly are. Computer users on iOS and MacOS are in danger. Their data can be used for anything, and their platforms seized at the whim of a petty little dictator.

        What started out as a time of advancement, resurgence of western values, economic growth, high employment, direct addressing of issues, ENDING OF WARS, was seized by what can only be called the most evil and darkest of individuals, now entrenched so deeply in our government I don’t know if anything can be done.

        We have watched from the beginning in 2016 as they did nothing but attack a sitting President for absolutely no reasons except fear, hatred, and spite. THEY WASTED THE TIME AND MONEY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR FOUR DESPICABLE YEARS ATTACKING A MAN AND PROVING NOTHING. Nothing except how vile they are.

        We watched as entire an entire news media, networks, papers, periodicals, social media, was turned to attack the President as if by some heretofore unseen war powers act.

        We’ve seen what can happen when they are joined by the media, and lie after lie is told, comment after comment distorted, every word uttered twisted, and entire false narratives created out of thin air. We’ve seen how they reacted with glee when tragedy struck in the form of a pandemic and rather than cooperating to mitigate the effects. how they used every hour of every day to extract benefit from it.

        The depth of hatred the left has for his nation is unparalleled. No international enemy holds the United States in more contempt than our own “progressives.” They have been and continue to be, our own worst enemy.

        Many of us are now held hostage, unable to speak our opinions in public. One of the saddest things about being me is the friends I have who secretly email me to tell me how they agree, but they are afraid to speak up as we live in Los Angeles and they are part of the “creative community.”

        This isn’t over. The seeds of retribution have been planted. Our Constitution and our flag will not be pulled into the swamp by the deep state.

        1. It is sad how correct you are on every point.

          This newest impeachment, meant as a death blow to our movement, will only fan the flames more if they try to enforce it after Trump has left.

          The left absolutely will stop at nothing, even when shown their deception leads to violence.

          With Biden being nothing more than a YesMan placeholder until Queen Kamala’s reign begins, I expect from him only the worst.

          1. ‘….death blow to our movement’… I think you meant ‘… death blow to our bowel movement’

            You people think it is the end of the world and communists will take over the US and turn everyone into pinko fags and welfare recipients. Take a chill pill and try, just for a moment, to separate conservatism from Trump. The left and right sides of center both have ideas that are good. However, Trump was bad and made everybody take sides. That is wrong. Compromise is good and the way the two parties should operate no matter who is in power.
            I say bowel movement only half joking because the unsupported extreme statements I am reading here is simply a steaming pile of crap.
            Relax, and things will go back to normal now that Trump is finished. Not the republicans…Trump. Understand the difference.

            1. Buster, you are clueless.
              Don’t try to explain what is out of your grasp to me.

              The left brought on extremism starting with Bork and have ratcheted it up ever since.

              Conservatives and mainstream Republicans have pretty much kept the same ideals as when Reagan was in office.

              We brought Trump in to do the work he did, he didn’t bring us into HIS words.

              Fucking clueless lib you are.
              Why do I bother…?

          1. Texas tried to secede in 1861. It did not work then because there is no legal basis for a state leaving the Union without mutual consent. That is still true. Believe me, I had to respond to every possible argument to the contrary raised by Republic
            Of Texas advocates in court. It is only slightly less loopy than the idea that Pence could overturn the election.

            1. Or that Russia rigged the 2016 election?
              Or the Ukraine crap you spewed?

              You are a pathetic sellout to the institution of law.
              You have no morals nor core values, just the need to win an argument no matter the gravity of its outcome.

              Go ahead, explain again why grown men can go to the same restroom as little girls?

              Twist that logic, you can do it……GO!

            2. No twist required, just a little imagination. Explain why little girls should be forced to go to the same restroom as grown transexual men with beards and penises. Explain why grown women whose sex was misidentified at birth should be forced to go to the same restroom as drunk men at a football stadium.

              None of which has anything to do with the extremely well-established fact that neither Texas nor any other state can secede because it is dissatisfied with a national election. Been there, done that.

              I am sorry that you despise the institution of law. Mob violence to resolve disputes has also been tried and found wanting.

        2. It is always frustrating to hear someone say that the “left” or the “right” hate the country.

          The media has always twisted the news, both for profit and political influence. I will also admit that much of the mainstream media does have a left wing bias.

          But I can see that the person who has done the most damage to conservatism has been 45. You see the MSM media lying, but Trump lies with every brag and boast. Is voter fraud a legitimate concern? Of course! Should it be investigated? Of course! Was it investigated? Of course! Maybe the results didn’t give him the answer he wanted, but a lack of presented proof did not stop him from refusing to concede the election. As a result, concerns that should be dealt with are being dismissed by too many (yes, on the left) as conspiracy theory and swing voters are becoming convinced. Hence the loss of the Georgia Senate Run-Offs.

          As a candidate, Trump was very critical of Obama and accused him of all sorts of wrong-doing or incompetence. Then he gets to the Oval Office and seems to get into all the same, and even more traps. Or perhaps, better to compare to Bush since he had to fight media bias as well. Bush was very unpopular with the MSM, but managed a second term. He even started a whole extra war!

          It might be time to admit that maybe the best explanation for why Trump has been impeached twice and is being “cancelled” has less to do with bias and conspiracy and deep state and more to do with the fact that he was in over his head. And maybe the reason 74 million Americans still voted for him was because there was no other true conservative candidate to challenge him.

          The “left” does not Hate America. Nor does the “right.” But you guys sure seem to hate each other.

          And I’m sorry you feel that your friends are uncomfortable sharing their opinions in public. But if you share these sorts of comments with the people around you, you just might be making your progressive friends feel the same way. Unheard. Judged. Anxious. Threatened.

        3. But only now do you bitch about what I’ve been bitching about in a more general and equitable way since Jobs banned Flash. But let them impact your looney tune and then you wake up?


        4. “Many of us are now held hostage, unable to speak our opinions in public.”

          You just wrote us very loooong opinion piece so I think you might be overstating that a smidge.

          Apple did not choke the life out of Parler – it gave Parler life and then Parler shot itself in the face.

          Where’s the personal responsibility of Parler’s CEO? Now he’s a victim and snowflake when he should be pulling himself up by the bootstraps and fixing the issues that caused them to get suspended. Pretty simple. But he’s sucking his thumb and crying in a corner. I want to see Parler back up and running because free speech matters as long as it doesn’t incite violence.

          All your comments seem to suggest that the right and GOP are perfect. You lose any credibility when you take extreme positions like that. Anyone one an extreme position left or right is being controlled by group think.


          You see, that is absolutely not the truth and that is the entire problem with the extreme right, and of course, the left as well. You are fed a dish of lies that is so thick you believe it all and are unable to actually see what is happening.

          The TRUTH (to type as you would) is that Trump only cares about one thing. Trump. Period. Any person with even basic skills at determining someones character knows this. The GOP knows this as well but they turn a blind eye because while they are in power they can push through their agenda. That act, by itself, is what politics is all about.

          The hypocrisy, however, comes into play when Trump’s enablers try to cry about how the Democrats have blocked his agenda at every turn despite the GOP doing the same to Obama. They claim to be Christians and yet ignore all of the non-Christian things Trump does, and stands for.

          The whole issue with Apple, and other platforms, blocking sites such as Parler has nothing to do with free speech but rather the right bemoaning the fact that they can’t spread their lies and misinformation unchecked. As someone said, you have the right to your own opinions but not to your own facts.

          Take this so called election fraud. Trump has for years been seeding doubt about the security of elections, particularly with mail in ballots despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud at all. They claimed to have all of this evidence yet when confronted in court even his lawyers admitted that they weren’t claiming fraud though of course, when they did a press conference after losing they’d keep saying they did.

          The right loves to shout about BLM and the riots that occurring during those protests and yes, the violence that occurred there was wrong and should be condemned. Indeed so far, from my research, over 14,000 people were arrested during the unrest so that has not gone unpunished. But to try to justify what happened at the US Capitol by drawing comparisons to BLM is shameful. BLM was the boiling over point of decades of systemic racism not just in the US but everywhere and if you’re white you can’t truly understand. I’m white and fully realise I am product of privilege and I have reached out to my friends of colour to help raise my awareness. BLM only seeks to give the same rights to everyone. The riots at the Capitol were about one thing, white people wanting their rights to trump (pun intended) everyone else and it was all based on the continued lies about voter fraud perpetrated by Trump and the GOP. You can deny this all you want and try to blame antifa and BLM for incitement (which is ridiculous when you see that many of the arrests have been to known white supremacists) but what you had was a mob enticed by the president to take action at reversing the results of an election that was free and fair.

          Being outraged and not happy with a certain political ideology is fine and indeed having differences is how things get done. But at the same time, when your entire ideology is based on lies and misinformation with a complete unwillingness to ever shift that view will be the downfall of us all. And that goes for the extreme left and the extreme right.

        1. I was responding to the claim that MILLIONS agree that Apple is a horrible opponent of free speech that should be made to pay. Obviously, the markets disagree. They may not be the judge of right and wrong, but they are certainly the judge of what is popular and what is not.

      2. Notice how losers like Tex pull out stock prices or how up the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 is when it suits them. Then deride it as Wall Street greed when the stock market does well during a Republican administration?

        Sure NASDAQ and S&P 500 are not worried about impeachment. It’s another sham. Does anyone even care that in 7 hours today, the President of the United States was impeached with no due process? No Judiciary committee hearing. No witnesses. No testimony. No ability to defend himself? The House violated their own rules of Impeachment. The Left, as usual, has bastardized another institution or process, making it as worthless, as Congress itself. Making it as worthless as receiving a Nobel Peace Prize from the snobs in Switzerland. Making receiving an impeachment much like receiving a demerit slip in grade school! What an embarrassing joke Democrats are.

        1. We completely agree that “receiving a Nobel Peace Prize from the snobs in Switzerland” would be worthless. However, a Peace Prize from the designated committee of the Norwegian Parliament might mean something. Not so hot on details, are you?

          The President received at least as much due process as an ordinary criminal would in a grand jury proceeding. There was no need for testimony or witnesses in the impeachment case because the facts are undisputed. The House members were there, so they know the facts:

          The President whipped an angry mob into a frenzy and told them to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to physically intimidate Congress into refusing to perform one of its few constitutionally mandated duties, counting the electoral votes submitted by the states after final state certification and appeals. The mob did his bidding, providing essential cover for the hard-core terrorists in their midst. The President apparently considered himself (and the mob) justified, but that is not an excuse. He might not have intended that people die, but he will willing to assume that risk.

          The only question in dispute was whether those facts justified impeachment, which is (as the Federalist Papers points out) an essentially political question committed by our Constitution to the one part of the federal government that must face election every two years. The President had plenty of defenders in the House. Through them, he had considerably more ability to defend himself than any accused in a grand jury proceeding.

          Ten months after the prosecution was refused the ability to present witnesses in an actual Senate impeachment trial, the “No witnesses. No testimony.” complaint rings a bit hollow.

      1. Apple was following standard protocol, Parler wasn’t removing or even considering removing content against the App Store guidelines, so they responded the same as they did with removing Fortnite.

        1. Apple actually “sells” disgusting content filled with racism and sexism and sexual deviancy and sexual violence on Apple TV and Apple Music. Apple profits from its sales of garbage so it has a lot of nerve saying anything to Parler, which is simply a platform for people to freely exchange ideas. But then, you and Apple can’t handle “free speech”.

          1. It can handle Free speech just fine – inciting violence, not.

            For someone so concerned about free speech for Parler you sure don’t have much of a stomach for music and tv shows.

        2. TiKTok collects voice, face, biometric information of children and has beeb banned by several federal governments. USA government on many levels banned TikTok

 @ 3:40

          BUT Apple continues to host an app that has serious security risk for its end users.

          All while The CCP government requires apple to ban less evil APPS and Apple complies. When CCP says “jump” apple says “how high ?”

    1. MDN – nice place you got here. Is everyone this friendly?

      Hey Friend – how do you see a call for violence like this ending?

      Extreme positions of an kind – left, right, religious etc. only show that you are not your own man. You are slave to some group think.

      Nobody is coming to save you. Not the government, not the GOP, definitely not Trump.

      They do not care about you so why on earth would you resort to violence for them?

      1. BLM shut down and burned entire cities and murdered people. Tim Cook has stolen hundreds of millions of Apple money and donated it to BLM so they can murder and burn and loot even more. And, it was BLM and Antifa in the Capital.

          1. No, the Democrats stole the election, as they have been doing since JFK. But you are OK with stealing as long as your guy wins. Well, don’t be surprised when this one gets taken back. As it should and returned to its rightful winner.

            1. And who is conspiring to see that “this one gets taken back?” I’m only asking so I can tip off the FBI to the identity of the seditious extremists who are planning to overturn the election results. Sounds like you—and several others on MDN today—are advocating a coup d’état in favor of the failed tinhorn dictator, failed businessman, and failed human being you call the “rightful winner.”

              I’m not sure how you handle things in your country, but in America the losers assist in a smooth transition of government so that they will get the same courtesy when the shoe is on the other foot. I guess that doesn’t apply if you aren’t planning on ever letting go of power. In this case, your party (my former party) is handling things so badly that it may never win another presidential election, no matter how many urban and minority votes it manages to suppress.

            2. really? every election since JFK? if that’s true then they’re really bad at stealing elections. How do you explain Nixon, Regan, Bush x2? Chill, Kent.

          2. Nope, not the tooth fairy.

            Here’s what actually happened:

            The left — including Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos — are not concerned with the “storming” of the Capitol Building any more than they were concerned over the wellbeing of American citizens who were being destroyed by Democrat governors’ unconstitutional, idiotic, and endless politically-motivated COVID-19 lockdowns while Pelosi and the Democrats in the House held up stimulus relief for 8+ months in an attempt to damage an opponent prior to an election.

            The establishment (left and right) would do anything to remove a president who is free, i.e. not bought and paid for by the donor class, including cheating by mass-mailing unsolicited ballots that lacked a chain of custody and were not prescribed by state legislatures in clear violation of the Constitution.

            Whatever it took to get a U.S. President that they and China owned and could control, because he’s provably corrupt and therefore beholden to them, is what they did.

            Fools lap up the Democrat-MSM pablum broadcast 24/7 on the establishment-controlled MSM precisely because they are fools.

            The left’s motivation is clear: They do not want conservatives to express their views on platforms they do not control.

            The would-be leftist censors will, in the end, fail spectacularly, as all leftist authoritarians do.

            1. “The establishment (left and right) would do anything to remove a president who is free, i.e. not bought and paid for by the donor class”

              Lyin’ Donnie is nothing if not bought and paid for. The only thing that seems to have bothered him in the past week is the hit his brand has taken. The PGA cancelled their tournament. Then there’s all the Republican donors who suddenly tightened their purse strings. No more loans from Deutsch Bank. The only thing iiPOTUS cares about is his brand and making money off of it, which is why he ran for president in the first place. Now his brand is toxic. Karma’s a bitch. Much like the whiny little bitch in the White House.

              BTW, I’m starting a pool: How long after the inauguration before twiPOTUS starts bragging about his crowd being bigger than Biden’s.

        1. BLM didn’t shut down and burn cities… wait, where are my conSnowflake crib notes… oh yes.


          Soon, the truth will come out soon. Follow me on Parler. LOL

    1. No, apparently it is categorized as something that doesn’t hurt his feelings. I guess he thinks that patriots are entitled to invade the Capitol, chase both Houses of Congress out of their chambers, and make credible death threats against the first three persons in the line of succession to the presidency. Web services are entitled to assist them without consequences. Objectors to open insurrection are just libtards being snowflakes. No big deal. After all, the Chief Executive of the United States of America assured the rioters, “You are special. We love you.”

      Only a week, and we won’t have to listen to Donald the Giant Impeached anymore.

      1. TxLUser thinks “Only a week, and we won’t have to listen to Donald the Giant Impeached anymore.”

        Is this dude in for a big surprise!

        1. As I asked Kent, could you please name the people you think are planning to overthrow the government of the United States so that Donald Trump won’t be leaving office on the 20th? The FBI is curious.

          1. Oh, Donald will leave office, but Democrats have stated they plan to pack SCOTUS, give statehood to Guam and DC, end the filibuster, etc. to ensure party politic dominance. Too many to name, so I’ll just group them. The FBI should be looking at the Democratic Party for the crime of Sedition, Insurrection and Coup.

            Remember, Democrats are notorious placing accusations on others, that they themselves are coupable of having committed!

            1. I will admit that passing legislation has been pretty rare in recent Congresses, but it is hardly “sedition, insurrection, and coup” for them to pass laws you disagree with. As the rest of us have heard literally ad nauseam for the last four years, “Elections have consequences.”

      2. He also assured his followers that he’d be “right there with you” as they stormed the Capitol. The faithful seem to love being thrown under the bus by their chosen one. If only they’d have been wearing masks – iPOTUS mocked masks wearers – it would’ve been much harder to ID them in photos. It’s like getting thrown under the bus two times for the price of one.

      1. Wait, how is this on YouTube? I mean, it’s almost as if conservative voices aren’t being silenced by YouTube.

        Huh. Well, I guess the complaining about THAT is over.

        1. Actually JP is demonetized and had videos removed by YouTube. Because he is a comedian and uses humor it’s harder for them to justify all out censorship but if you follow him you would know YouTube is threatening to take his channel down for “dangerous’ humor speech.

          Some things are not a joke. Actually once they are done nothing will be a joke except for the extermination of all unapproved speech. The last laugh will come from those that ban laughing

          Laugh while it’s still legal. The CCP bans humor

    2. Has been for some time now. If I say men cannot give birth to babies, that is classified as hate speech.

      One of these two statements is hate speech, you tell me which…

      As a black man, I want to protect black people.

      As a white man, I want to protect white people.

      Hypocrisy is Policy. Absurdity is Policy.

        1. lets protect us and each other? Solves the problem doesn’t it.

          I guess the depends on what you mean by “protect” and what you mean by “others” and what “problem” you are talking about. but I appreciate you gesture to help solve the problem. but the roll big tech, monopolies and political alliances play in regards to free speech is complex so it’s important to be specific because simple statements can ambiguous.

      1. Here’s an even more racist comment-

        “As a White liberal, I want to protect Black people (because they are too stupid and lazy to do it themselves….)”

        What do I win!!??

  3. Well damn, glad I didn’t purchase that iPhone 12 and the upcoming iPad Mini. Without Parler, those are just some worthless pieces of electronic junk to me, because fsck Twitter.

  4. I say SUE every damn one of these Socialist Big Tech Company Turds that are censoring conservative view points! Liberal Leftist Demonrats say Hateful things about Conservative view Points! Y’all Can Kiss My Conservate Ass!!!!!

  5. Tim Cockgobbler is a tyrant just like the rest of the big tech leftwing filth. All of them are very selective in their application of “Terms of Service,” which is a very open-ended thing in any event.

    1. Eh, maybe because they did that it a Blue city and who gives a damn about blue cities anyway? Even DEMOCRATS don’t care about Blue cities so I know you fine conservatives don’t give a damn. 🙂

      But, BLM/Antifa attacking the Seat of the Government of the United States? I mean, no one should be able to be cool with that, right? I mean, ARE you ok with that?

      1. I’m against violence from the extremes of both sides. They should be equally dealt with. Seems 100s of prosecutions are coming to those that broke the law at the capital. That same level of justice should be equally applied to previous mob riots within the last year under the statue of limitations.

        It’s important to point out that the majority of protesters on both sides where law bidding protest. They should not be labeled or viewed as illegal mob or looked down on even if you disagree with the reason for the protest.

        1. Roughly 14,000 people were arrested and prosecuted in connection with Black Lives Matter demonstrations and related events. How many were arrested on-site at the Capitol?

          13,000? No.

          1300? No.

          130? No.


        2. “ Seems 100s of prosecutions are coming to those that broke the law at the capital.”
          BUT, they’re all BLM/ANTIFA conspirators. DO YOU WANT TO SEE THOSE PEOPLE ON THE STREETS??? Are you soft on crime when it’s perpetrated by BLM/Antifa?

  6. It’s so enjoyable to swim through the sewers here and see all the cult members spewing their rancid bile and whine about private corporations exercising their constitutional rights to maintain standards on their platforms, and spew idiotic conspiracy theories and false equivalences and bigotry. Truly the best of America here. Your crocodile tears and impotent rage warms the cockles of my heart. The claims of the left being authoritarian while supporting a crooked, racist, rapist twice impeached president are particularly amusing. Along with the whining about “MSM” from people who are likely glued to Murdoch-owned mouthpieces and who think editors, ombudsmen and fact-checking journalism organizations are lying to them while lapping up the pathetic and obvious lies from the White House and placing their faith in shadowy online sources which are probably run by some dude in his tighty whities sitting on his unmade bed in his mom’s basement. Look around you – if the side you are on is full of Nazis, white supremacists and seditionists, you’re on the wrong side of morality and history.

    1. Do you see how wonderful free speech is… you were actually allowed to post your thoughts stemming from you extraordinary moral high grounds here and enlighten what will eventually be 74,000,0000 Nazis, white supremacists and seditionists and then some.

      Umm by the way.. Why are you here in these vile sewers ? …. Ahhh maybe because you were allowed to actually commit a treasonous act and actually speak?!!!?

      1. I don’t think you’ve read the First Amendment, nor do you understand what free speech means under our Constitutional system. Incitement is not protected speech, and private companies can allow or disallow whatever speech they want. It also appears you don’t know what treason is. But thank you for proving my point better than I ever could. There are 81 million Americans who clearly believe Nazism, Fascism, white supremacy and sedition are bad things. Apparently you want to make it public that you support these things. Have fun with that.

    2. Wow you use a lot of words to say very little … but one point I agree on

      ‘if the side you are on is full of Nazis, white supremacists and seditionists, you’re on the wrong side of morality and history”

      and I would add.

      If the side your on is full of Marxist, racial supremacists and Anarchist, your on the wrong side of morality and history.

      Would you agree with both statements equally or to your rationalize your “morality” based on political ideology? Honest question.

      1. Honest answer: the only significant number of “racial supremacists” in this country are white supremacists. When a person of color asks to be treated the same as white people, that is a search for equality, not supremacism.

        As for “marxists” and “anarchists”? I don’t see any standing over here. Perhaps you should review the meanings of those words. Marxism is a pretty specific thing. Perhaps you are referring to Democratic Socialists? That is actually very different. I’m not one but given that their goals are making sure people have health care and getting billionaires to give back to the country that helped make them rich, I don’t have much of a problem with that.

        Anarchists were storming the Capitol. Perhaps you are referring to Antifa? Antifa is not an organization. Antifa just means: anti-fascist. Like my grandpa in WWII. Used to be that most Americans were “antifa”. Now fascists are marching in the streets and Trump praises them as very fine people.

  7. I’m just glad adults are at the wheel and the Biden administration has moved the focus of government away from partisan division and brought the welfare of the American people front and center. It’s great the Democrats are hitting the ground running and already moved past Donald Trump and transformed the public debate to covid solutions, jobs and dealing with CCP corporate influence.

    It’s so refreshing to see a VP focus on the priorities that effect everyday people.

    Like this, where she was “blindsided” I’m so glad she is spending political capital and pushing back because this issue directly effects the lives of the American people. I’m so glad we finally have leadership not vain and consumed with there public image.

    Also its good to see actual leadership, from Biden, on unity, I was a bit worried that his call for unity was just “feel good” words on a teleprompter. But his decisive leadership has taken control of the priorities and pathos of his party. Biden’s leadership is helping everyone to raise above things like the quest of malevolent revenge. It’s also good to see a kinder, gentler, more practical Nancy Pelosi. I’m glad the Dems are United on idea of unity for all Americans.

    But seriously I think Nancy’s manufactured outrage and finally acts of insanity are because soon she will be invisible. When she no longer has Donald Trump to hate, blame and republican senate leadership to attack, her number one ‘skill set’ of division will be useless. Now Dems have complete control and ownership of all the policies and results of the federal government. Who will she attack ? Who will she blame ? For the first time she will be totally judge buy her ability to govern. Finally we get to see what she really is made of in terms of political ideas. One party rule like California are working great so all Americans should have hope. It’s gonna be amazing to see what they can do with no “resistance” from the deplorables.

    1. Always so adorable when a Trump supporter tries to lecture others about unity 😂 I look forward to your next screed about how to treat a woman! But props to your literary device.

  8. Ridding Parler forces it underground where Patriots such I who love democratic governance will have a harder time monitoring wayward, cultists, religious freak souls who assemble and plot in that dark corner.

    1. I agree with you. And they have a path laid out to come back to the app store should they choose to take it. Parler should be allowed to come back to the app store as long as it’s not used to commit acts of violence.

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