Parler finds a new home

After a handful of Big Tech companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon moved to take down Parler over the weekend, the social media platform appears to have found a new home for hosting its website.

Earlier Monday, Amazon stopped providing cloud services to Parler, forcing the website offline. Google, then Apple removed the Parler app from their app stores. These actions have brought the platform to a standstill, just days after it became the most downloaded application in America.

Parler finds a new home. Image: Parler logo
Parler logo
Nihal Krishan for The Washington Examiner:

On Monday, Parler registered its domain and server to be hosted by Epik, an internet webhosting company known for working with right-leaning websites. Gab, another social media platform popular with conservatives, also uses Epik. A web domain search shows that Parler is now registered with Epik.

Epik put out a statement on Monday claiming it had no discussion of providing future services to Parler. Epik did acknowledge, however, that Parler was “working on satisfying the requested terms placed upon them.”

Epik also defended Parler and said that it was being unfairly treated in comparison to its larger competitors Twitter and Facebook, which create an “undeniable double standard” when it comes to their policing and enforcement of content.

MacDailyNews Take: We imagine the work to rewrite the portions of Parler that were specifically coded for Amazon Web Services is well underway.


  1. The left did not try to destroy Parler because they had anything to do with fomenting political violence.

    The left — including Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos — are not concerned over conspiracy theories any more than they were concerned over the wellbeing of American citizens who were being destroyed by Democrat governors’ unconstitutional, idiotic, and endless politically-motivated COVID-19 lockdowns while Pelosi and the Democrats in the House held up stimulus relief for 8 months an an attempt to damage an opponent prior to an election.

    They would do anything to remove a president who is not bought and paid for by the donor class, including cheating by mass-mailing unsolicited ballots that lacked a chain of custody and were not prescribed by state legislatures in clear violation of the Constitution.

    Whatever it took to get a U.S. President that they and China could control, because he’s provably corrupt and therefore beholden to them, is what they did.

    Fools lap up the Democrat-MSM pablum precisely because they are fools.

    The left’s motivation is clear: They do not want conservatives to express their views on platforms they do not control.

    The would-be leftist censors will fail spectacularly.

    Fuck you, misguided social engineers Cook, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos. You lose.

    1. Remove the political propaganda you spew, and still it’s deplorably wrong.

      Each and every unsubstantiated, invalidated, unproven, and flat out wrong post in social media is a burden in society. Not because of free speech, but because of utter absence of responsibility of that speech.

      For instance, anti-vaxers have blood on their hands and Miss Cheryl commits manslaughter should she persuade someone not to vaccinate and they subsequently die of a preventable disease.

      Social media may have filled the void of the news, but they have not taken up the responsible reporting required of a news organization. And as a conservative, what exactly is your objection to private property setting their own rules? Build your own, which they are.

      And if they commit libel or recklessly endanger, they too will be held accountable.

        1. Trump lost. Decisively. Was offered full opportunity to PROVE the fraud he alleges, which he lost, also decisively, then provoked an insurrection against the US Government.

          Yes, Democracy is at stake.

          But that aside, I can toss anyone out of my house for any reason or no reason at all, unless they are part of a “protected group” on the basis or race, gender, sexual orientation, and age. That’s what Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and Google did.

          Kudos to Parler on their new digs. Watch, they will moderate the posts or get bogged down in so many lawsuits it would make a lawyer blush.

          1. Not the point. And you lie.

            President Donald Trump’s “Save America” rally speech excerpts, January 6, 2021:

            We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women… I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard… So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.

            Some people can think for themselves, others just parrot MSM lies, because they’re spineless, empty-headed pawns.

            1. Except you’re the liar…
              This is what he said, after the piece you cherry picked. From the transcript:

              “Our brightest days are before us, our greatest achievements still wait. I think one of our great achievements will be election security because nobody until I came along, had any idea how corrupt our elections were. And again, most people would stand there at 9:00 in the evening and say, “I want to thank you very much,” and they go off to some other life, but I said, “Something’s wrong here. Something’s really wrong. Can’t have happened.” And we fight. We fight like Hell and if you don’t fight like Hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.

              Donald Trump: (01:12:21)
              Our exciting adventures and boldest endeavors have not yet begun. My fellow Americans for our movement, for our children and for our beloved country and I say this, despite all that’s happened, the best is yet to come.

              Donald Trump: (01:12:43)
              So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.

              Donald Trump: (01:13:19)
              So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”


              This was after that jackass Giuiani’s…

              “Over the next 10 days, we get to see the machines that are crooked, the ballots that are fraudulent. And if we’re wrong, we will be made fools of. But if we’re right, and lot of them will go to jail. So, let’s have trial by combat.”

              So, I believe the twechnical terms is “Suck it”!

            2. Read the entire transcript with the Youtube video playing at 2x speed. Taking that excerpt w/o the context of the hour prior makes it rather innocuous, however when taken in context I can’t help but feel that speech agitated the crowd beyond being satisfied standing outside the Capitol building to protest.

            3. I watched the entire rally speech and recall iiPOTUS saying something about having LOTS of evidence, 100s of pages of affidavits, that he was going to present right then and there. There was going to be so much evidence, the crowd would get bored.

              “Well, I’m going to read you pages. I hope you don’t get bored listening to it. Promise? Don’t get bored listening to it, all those hundreds of thousands of people back there. Move them up, please. Yeah. All these people don’t get bored. Don’t get angry at me because you’re going to get bored because it’s so much.”

              I watched to the end of the speech and never heard anything more about the mountain of evidence. Did I miss it? Was it while I was getting a snack? Was it as overwhelming and convincing as promised? Did the crowd really get bored? But what I still don’t understand, if twiPOTUS is sitting on all this evidence, why didn’t any of his lawyers use a single bit of it to support their 60+ lawsuits? Is it one of those, “if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you” situations. Is it locked away with his health care plan? Does he think judges are as gullible as his followers, and will believe anything he says, no matter how crazy or unsubstantiated?

          2. twitter a private company uses AI to flag content and communication so they can remove it from the platform.

            Since these companies are not providing an essential services and not using government resources and/or protections to help provide their services. And since the control of the end user activity on their platforms are not protected by free speech and can not be “censored” because they are private companies, would it possible for Apple to use AI voice recognition on their phone platform to block voice calls in real time. If the end user said something that was dangerous or hateful could Apple not stop their service? They are a privately operated platform so technically they can refuse business to anyone for any reason.

            Example; if someone made a phone call and said something hateful or demeaning to a person with handicapped, or said something sexist about a different gender or shamed someone by calling them fat, could Apple stop that speech on their platform? that’s not censorship right ? It’s Apple’s right to refuse business to anyone. Of course the end user could still keep the phone just not continue to use Apple’s services on the phone.

            I think Apple should allow that feature, people say really mean and hurtful stuff on private conversations. Think how much better we would all be if we could eliminate all forms of inappropriate speech. Maybe we finally solved the puzzle to world peace.
            The CCP China has a social credit system. This system is used to control access to money, banks, travel, employment, social services, ect .. Apple should have a credit system like that. Good behavior and proper speech could earn discounts and bad behavior would get you locked out or removed.

            Heck all this time we have been trying to use government to make the world a better place. But let’s face it, with all the “limitations of government” there is no way anything meaningful will ever get done, But now maybe we have the answer, it’s Big Tech. Apple, google, Amazon can do things that the government covid never do and they can do it fast. No need to worry about courts, law and all that jazz. Who would have guessed the solution for all our public problems would come from the private sector.

            1. How would the AI know when the speaker is quoting or repeating something offensive to give context to the speaker’s own feelings of what he/she just quoted? Placing a delay on each conversation participant would become very unwieldy.

          3. Insurrection my ass! More LIBERAL LIES and biased media condemning everything on the right and supporting everything bad on the left. Hard to believe you don’t see the blatant media bias and fully support it by using the same code words. Shameful!!!

            1. @ First Then

              First: go to a hospital that is overrun with people who have COVID without masks and other protection from a VERY real highly contagious disease, and kiss ten of them

              Then: just put us out of your misery by dying!

          4. Rigged Election. That is a FACT! The evidence is well documented. You choose not to seek truth and you silence free speech. FACT: Hunter Biden has serious personal problems. You would never know. WHY? Because, (HE IS PROTECTED BY DNC COLLUSION & CORRUPTION) & his contemptable corrupt father says his son is the smartest man he knows! GMAFB!

          5. This morning I am going into the office (my work is essential) and firing anyone that admits to voting for Biden. I own my business and Michigan is an “at will” work state. I’m done with liberals in my life. Starting today no liberal will ever be employed or serviced by my company. 😎it’s time to Galt it all. There is no law against discrimination against political beliefs as the left has shown repeatedly.

      1. BLM has blood on its hands. Much blood. DOn’t hear you or Apple chastising BLM for the people it killed and the massive economic damage BLM did in black communities.

        1. You weren’t listening. We did condemn the riots and rioters. We did not condemn the legal protests by millions of our fellow citizens that provided cover for the criminals. Most of the people who died were killed by the police or vigilantes. Much of the property damage was caused by white anarchists who had no connection to the Black Lives Matter movement.

          1. “white anarchists?” You are an idiot and a racist against whites who refuses to acknowledge Antifa even exists and will not acknowledge the liberal infiltration at the Trump rally. F*ck off, LIBERAL LIAR…

            1. “White anarchist”, “Antifa”. You’re missing the point that extremist group members infiltrated the BLM movement. By putting all the blame on BLM you become a hypocrite if you don’t also hold that the Dec,6 Capitol ‘protesters’ were all at fault.

      2. Applecynic – I believe you don’t realize what’s at stake here.
        As your handle implies, you should question who is making the rules here.
        What is determined to be falsehood? Who determines what is falsehood?

        It’s very easy now for you to agree to what is happening now to a party/person you may not agree with, but what happens if the powers that be, decide that something you believe in isn’t correct in “their” mind?? Whta if they say something you question is not “mainstream” to them and that decide to block, exclude, remove you??

        Think abot the Establishment Democratic party – what if they decide that Bernie and his follows are on the wrong side and decide to eliminate them the same way they doing now.

        Did you ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
        Please look this up before you dismiss this.

        AND if you do read the book, come back and let me know if you see any parallels in 2021?

        1. You used a lot of words me made no point at all other than I might have a political bias. I do, I have a severe Constitutional bias, and Trump has been roping it since day one.

          1. HighTech is well in the Orwellian territory…. Alarmingly So. They happen to be on the left….but Orwellian is not a partisan concept!

            “Orwellian” is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, disinformation, denial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson”—a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments”

            and here is the HUGE concern:

            The Line between Government and Corporations is getting ever more blurry! Corporations that trample constitution and take the law in their own hands based on their own idiosyncratic interpretations or priorities and act on their own whim MANIPULATING WHOLE POPULATIONS, including you, THROUGH CONTROL OF INFORMATION!

            Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, not worried about this… is not seeing things past their nose!.

            If you have “Severe Constitutional Bias..” you have been worrying about the wrong thing/entity!

            1. All the more reason for people to be responsible in doing their own research and not just taking things at face value. If you think the fact checkers checking what the President says are wrong, cite evidence to the contrary.

      3. “ Each and every unsubstantiated, invalidated, unproven, and flat out wrong post in social media is a burden in society.”

        It is only a burden to the intellectually lazy – to those that are too stupid or lazy to think for themselves. No one is forcing you, or anyone else, to view or listen to those posts. Enough with your false sense of virtue signalling.

        1. The intellectually lazt make up a significant portion to society. By my metric 35%-40%, so when a gold digging trophy wife seduces a teenage boy to kill her husband, there is something much more than intellectual laziness at play.

          1. I would put that number of intellectually lazy as high as 80-90% evenly spilt on both sides. It’s difficult to constantly maintain an open mind and objectively consider new information. It much easy to selective choose information based on what you already believe.

            The trauma of discovering that Santa Claus wasn’t real has effected my mental openness snd emotional trust since I was 23 years old. 🙂

      4. Yeah those darn dangerous antivaxxers who are the parents of vaccine injured and dead children, they are the bad guys, not the liability free legally proven fraudulent companies that make the vaccines or the politicians on the dole from pharma who force families into submission. get a clue!

      5. Seriously? The “private company” ploy? No, it’s not about private company. A private company was just kicked off of platforms for not doing anything wrong. And not only that, the bullies responsible for the de-platforming then went after them and tried to stop them from finding a new home. Active persecution. And those bullies have commited RICO crimes, and will be held accountable.

        1. To commit a RICO crime, you have to be part of a racketeer influenced and corrupt organization engaged in a conspiracy to violate one or more specific criminal statutes. Please name what law is violated when Amazon Web Services chooses not to do business with Parler because it is worried about civil and criminal liability for Parler’s use of AWS’s resources to facilitate the attack on the US Capitol and possible follow-on events. Be specific.

      6. I am Australian and live in Australia. I cant believe that your system and some of your political class are actively and consciously trying to destroy the leader of your country. I follow American politics closely. I watch left- and right-wing media and have come to the conclusion if your country does not stop destroying political leaders you will no longer be the standard bearer of democracy in the world. In Australia we have a saying “White anting” This means eating yourself from the inside. If you don’t go back to the big picture your founders envisage one day you will wake up and see so much decline you will be unable to came back from it, China’s influence in your political system will be so absolute and complete you will have absolutely no faith in your government or the systems that support you or it. By then it will be too late and then China is not in the ascendance it has risen and is all powerful, the second Moa Zedung great leap forward will begin and the USA will pay the highest cost of any western country. China’s intent to surpass the USA is not fear it’s a fact. Many empires and countries power has risen and fallen, not so long ago the British empire declined. There are many examples throughout history where peoples though they were so powerful they could not be touched and had no vulnerabilities. Do not think it cannot happen to the USA. What you are doing to your politicians is only a reflection of the turmoil inside. Stop being angry, let the other side have their say and stop using the excuses to suffocate opinion because you think it hurts or in your opinion its violent. I have been to the USA and loved it. You know how to do things big and surprising. Surprise me again and move forward, look beyond your distaste of the other. Stop disliking each other and seeing fear around and under everything. People say crappy thing all the time, attaching your emotions to what someone else has said does you little good. Burning down your cities, destroying someone else’s livelihood will come back and haunt your nation for years much like the oppression of the past. Feeling oppressed, disliking what someone has said does not mean you have to burn down your community. During your summer, some news organizations said the demonstrations/rioting was because the oppressed are not being heard and are angry, unfortunately there is more anger and more anger. No matter who spoke it only caused more rioting. Both your political parties had an explanation for what was happening around your country, so who was right? Maybe there was truth on both sides but the problem was very few of the angry wanted to listen and the violence continued. I did not hear much from the moderates and the independents didn’t even get the time of day much less a voice in the media. Australians have freedom of expression in our constitution and does not have freedom of speech in our constitution like you do in the USA but It seems to be way more safer in Australia to communicate. Obviously, all this is only my opinion but I am open to have it changed. Surprise me.

      7. “Each and every unsubstantiated, invalidated, unproven, and flat out wrong post in social media is a burden in society. Not because of free speech, but because of utter absence of responsibility of that speech.”

        The steel dossier comes to mind. Was beat to death many times over by the MSM and yet, it was pretty much BS>

    2. It’s funny to see these lines trotted out. In almost every way, Trump is a classic politician. The most basic evidence I would point to is the talking points and slogans. People think Trump is the origin of them (such a stable genius!) though Trump has on a number of occasions admitted that these were the result of the usual political machinery, brought to you by poll-testing different positions and slogans. If you didn’t know that and attributed some degree of authenticity or genius to the man when in fact it came from politics as usual, imagine what else you’re missing.

      1. “Trump is a classic politician”

        I disagree. Trump is a lousy politician. Good politicians know how to change what they say based on the audience. Trump has always been his worse enemy. If he would have hide his true thoughts he could have fooled more people. Instead of playing his cards close to his chest, Trump tweets to everyone what he was thinking (stupid). How many times did he piss off people in administration because he tweeted bluntly what he was thinking before even discussing the policy with his administration.

        Biden is a great classic politician, he is always on script. Everyone in his administration is in lock step. He controls the questions the media can ask based on what he is willing to answer. Biden is a pro. I bet there will be zero leaks and no traders. Biden has absolute control over the media and culture. He will get things done.

        It would be great to watch Biden and his team work behind the scenes. It would be amazing to see what they really think and listen to the logic that creates the narrative.

        I imagine trumps meetings are just like his twitter account. He may be a racist but Trump dose not know the art of deception. Any real leader knows you have to “lie” to the people.

        You cant handle the truth is so true. But unlike trump at least we can trust Biden to make the best decisions for us. Everyone needs to claim down and trust Biden. he will take us to the promise land. It will be boring to watch Biden, we will never know what Biden and his team are doing but at least he isn’t so dangerous.

    3. TO BE FAIR, those people are not really “left”, they are corporate liberals. They could not care less for actual left policies such as universal healthcare or unions, they mostly hate it all.

    4. Is it any wonder:

      “As of Sunday morning, Amazon book sales showed that the top-selling book is the dystopian novel published by George Orwell more than 70 years ago. The classic novel, published in 1949, depicts how government Thought Police eavesdrop on citizens in their own homes, searching for heresy of any kind. Anyone whose beliefs deviate from the official norm are declared “unpersons” who never existed. ”

      “Class protection” now is no protection at all. Cycles happen and so does the end of the stick one holds.

      1. Sales of 1984 might also have been boosted by the sight of a mob whipped up by Big Brother at a Two Minute Hate that went into overtime, directed to march on the Capitol, and then roaming through the building, searching for heresy of any kind and declaring those who deviate from the official norm unpersons not entitled to hold public office or even their lives.

    5. “If one were looking for evidence to demonstrate that these tech behemoths are, in fact, monopolies that engage in anti-competitive behavior in violation of antitrust laws, and will obliterate any attempt to compete with them in the marketplace, it would be difficult to imagine anything more compelling than how they just used their unconstrained power to utterly destroy a rising competitor.”

      Glenn Greenwald

  2. I am now done with Apple, no more of my money will be used to purchase any Apple products from now on. The competition has been catching up and now provides more utility and usability at far less cost. This is from a previously die hard Apple promoter and apologist, and have been recommending Apple purchases for the past 14 years. Likely about 50K in products as a result. Sorry Apple, you are done.

    1. Anddddd goodby!
      People need to open their eyes. So you’re moving to a non Apple or non Android? What else is there? Both Apple and Google are your options.

      Parler Was asked to watch content and they refused. If people want to continue in the direction that people can act without consequences then they’re truly lost.

      Please move to your fisher price phone and move aside, you will not be missed.

          1. To repeat a question I have been asking for days: since you think the First Amendment requires Apple to help spread a message they find repugnant, would you agree to demands by the Young Communists for Compulsory Abortion that you retweet their messages on your personal Twitter account?

        1. Just like the bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, Apple and Google refused to publish an app for Parler, they aren’t coming back unless they fundamentally change the service and that’s for the best.

      1. Anddddd, here I thought it was ‘Annnnnd’.

        Your spelling makes it sound like that babbling, stammering, stuttering old fool Joe Biden having his usual brain fart. Dddddd…

      2. Mike Parson (R) “You know, everybody has to be responsible for the decisions they make, good or bad, indifferent. That’s what I’ll say.”

        If only more conservatives said it.

    2. “undeniable double standard“
      Always funny to read conservatives complain about double-standards. With conservatives, if they do it, it’s right. If a liberal does the same thing (like, win an election) it’s wrong.

      Apple’s far from being done, sorry you won’t be able to enjoy any of their products. But, I guess you’ll still come here to read about all the stuff you’re not going to buy.

    3. Same here. The walled garden is becoming a capture and control system. Been w Apple from the beginning and it was a great ride. Didn’t know it was carrying us to dystopia

  3. Well I’m not pleased with Apple doing this, but I don’t like MOST tech companies for one reason or another. Apple is simply the least evil.

    I have a roadmap for the next year-
    Just ordered a maxed out Mini to replace my still capable but not upgradable (to Hung Sir or whatever it’s called…) 8 year old iMac.

    When Apple releases the new TV I will buy it the first day….maybe.

    In September I am replacing what will be by then my 9 year old MacBook Pro with a maxed RAM Air (I like the sound of that!).

    In November I will replace my iPhone 11, possibly with the next Mini as I really don’t need the size of the 11.

    And December will be a new watch IF it offers anything substantial over my

    1. Uh, series 6.

      Guess I hit the wrong keystroke
      (-what she said….)

      Also all items will be passed down to kids or grandkids.
      Apple is the gift that you can keep on giving.

    1. Yeah, they’re in good company with another darling of the right, the dailystormer. I think they’ll fit in juuuuuust fine!

      Just a tip, when you look around you and the folks that agree with and support you are Nazi’s… you’re the baddies.

  4. Every time I hear that ‘I am done with Apple products’ I laugh at the hypocrisy. Of course that is a lie….you already have and are using Apple products. Are you just going to toss them out? I guess the new trend (over the past four years anyway) is that some groups are overly comfortable about lying. We all know that you will continue to use them and will buy new ones when they get old in a few years. By then things will have settled down and…well…you know…maybe you will keep them.
    Effin bullshitters….

      1. Politics aside, do you really think I was lying? You and I both know it is true except that I am honest about it. Something you have yet to learn. As for your leg, I must apologize. I thought it was a fire hydrant…..sorry about that. I am sure it won’t stain.

        Oh, and please use a spell checker in the future.

    1. You are right. I am NOT going to throw them all out. I have a home and office full of Apple products from routers, to computers, to iPhones, and AirPods. We subscribe to Apple services. I am not going to throw them out or cancel them today. However, I also used to have a home and office full of PC products. I just slowly migrated away from them. From here on out, neither am I going to support Apple like I used to. For example, I was looking forward to AirTags, but will not even consider them now. I will buy used when I need products to maintain continuity, but will look for alternatives also. I will cut back on use of services until I can do without them — as we used to without a problem. The main thing Apple has lost is the trust of millions. I think it was their biggest asset. We will see.

      1. Yes, some services are needed, at least for now, but they can be cut back, which we are doing. We are also looking for alternatives. Just a few years ago, we all thought DVDs and CDs were great. We used Dropbox to transfer files. Frankly, that is all still available and works fine. Plex and other services are a good alternatives. I am not going to sell my soul for access to a few TV programs. I don’t need to access social media apps on my iPhone, especially after this. I was going to buy a new M series iMac for our business, now I will simply upgrade our 2017 with SSD and maybe a faster processor. After that, we will buy used. The design software we use also runs great on Windows. Just loaded Ubuntu on an older iMac we had around. Really like it. Makes older hardware run like new.

        I am a mainstream conservative who appreciated Parler. Like all the conservatives I know, I oppose violence and never personally saw any advocacy of it on Parler. However, Twitter is a cesspool of hate, bigotry, and advocacy of violence against conservatives. Yet, Apple boots Parler and embraces Twitter? What kind of hypocrisy is this? Bottom line is that after Parler-gate, we are not going back to trusting Apple to be our sole provider for anything. They have taught me never to invest solely in one brand.

        Tech tyranny is real. You know who taught us that? Apple in its 1984 commercial. Now Apple is Big Brother on the screen. Thinking different gets you banned. I respected Tim Cook. Now? Not so much. So, so sad for all of us.

  5. As an Apple fan and shareholder I do not support Apple action this time. I feel bad and sad reading hundreds of comments from people saying they will never buy an Apple devices ever again and move to Samsung. Tim Cook (who I respect) had a chance to solve it in a smarter way and no be a member of a racket.
    I will not leave Apple ecosystem and will not sell my shares, but I may consider getting a first Android tablet where I can load custom apk´s just for running apps which Apple and Google bans.

    I used to be a strong advocate of closed and controlled ecosystem but I am now starting having doubts as I know more than well that this model wont work in a socialist system. I don’t want to be part of this system and its tools.

    1. What if I told you that you and like minded individuals are beneficiaries of Socialism (the way Rightwingers define it) yet do not renounce it, only complain weekly about it existence?

      1. Almost 25% of my nation for sent to GULAG for NO REASON, I never saw my grand dad because he was veteran of my country’s Independence War having fought successfully in winning battles and the war against both Soviet Russia and Germany in 1918-1920 and was an active member in Wounded Veteran Organization. Tortured in the basements of NKVD (later KGB) and died in Gulag. While he was tortured my grandma (his wife) baked him pies (with love), only to know that the pies never reached her husband, but were eaten by his tortures who stabbed needles under his fingernails. I can continue for long with other examples and my family history and how these events affected my family and me. It is absolutely disgusting to read your comment that I benefited from it somehow. If at all, the befit is I know socialism. And I really hope you and your children will not see it.

    1. Is it my understanding that apps outside of Google Play can be loaded onto an Android device.

      I’m dismayed by Apple’s decision to ban Parler and not Twitter. Twitter has been used to spew violence by the left, child pornogrpahy and religious bigotry but the app still stands while Parler does not.

      To me, it seems like a twisted double standard. Apply both standards equally and I think these companies would find happier users.

      But like so many things these days, people tend to demonize the other party while anointing to sainthood those of their own.

      1. Consider the size of twitter and how much content they have to moderate, now consider the size of Parler and how much less content they refuse to moderate.

        Twitter at least moderates the content and makes an effort, Parler does nothing of the sort, and that’s what violated the app store guidelines.

        Sure, there’s a lot of questionable content on Twitter, but it gets removed… on Parler you’d literally have death threats that never even get touched.

      2. Again, how many people are complaining about FaceBook or Twitter for “censorship” because their questionable messages got deleted or labeled? Lots.

        How many are making similar complaints about Parler? None.

        Obviously, Parler is exercising far less supervision than the MSM. You might regard that as a good thing or a bad thing. You are entitled to your opinion about that. So is Apple. If it chooses not to do business with what appears to be a largely unmoderated service, they are entitled to that, too.

  6. Apple’s letter claimed 98 incidences of inciting violence. Yet Apple will not state what their policy and wording is that declares any given speech as qualifying for “Inciting violence” nor will they release what those 98 incidents were.

    Go to Twitter and see posts – still up – on “Hang Mike Pence!” and promoting the removal and/or enslavement of the Uighur people of China.

    Apple does NOTHING about taking down Twitter.

    Apple also claimed the resolutions of Parler were deemed not fast enough of sufficient? Apple has yet to release their policy of time to removable? What is it Apple? Twitter clearly violates your supposed too-slow-to-remove policy on a daily basis when it is hate or incitement of violence from the left – it’s left alone.

    What is completely obvious to anyone left or right or middle:

    The big tech players, once they were about 99% sure Trump was out of election challenges, and would be leaving office, moved to eliminate any platform to which he could quickly communicate to the American people and beyond. This is targeting and it’s illegal.
    The big tech players also removed hundreds, if not thousands, of Conservative posters.
    Next will be pressure on ISP’s to block domains. Just watch.

    Basically, anything not left, and any idealism of Constitutional Conservatism is and will be systematically banned.

    This should not only freak out Republican’s and Conservatives in general, but should worry the left who might cheer this initially, but understand what this leads too – the systematic ending of liberty and freedom. It ultimately delivers violence and death to anyone who opposes the state and does not go along with statist (and tech) brainwashing… I mean look at history people and learn how this works. This is a very, very, scary time for America of any political stripe, if you are one who values liberties and freedoms above all political endeavors…

    1. So your solution is for the Government to force Apple, etc. to promote freedom—as defined by the Government—against their will. Not quite my definition of liberty or freedom.

    2. It’s funny how many folks that rail against the word “socialism” are stridently in support of socialistic political ideas like the government controlling businesses.

      And, really, Parler practices the same thing. Something I didn’t know, the Parler CEO said that they took down a post from Lin Wood calling for Mike Pence’s execution. And, as a business, they have a right to because free speech in the Constitution does not apply to private entities.

    3. how many incidents are from different people 98 ? one person could account for half that.

      But 98 out of 2 million users is statistical not that many. Apple should just let it pass.

      Heck Apple’s number one trading state CCP China as 3 million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps but we hear that’s not really many out of 1.3 billion people. Apple shouldn’t have a double standard. If they give the CCP a pass for a little bad behavior then they should give Parler a pass too.

  7. Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 1:23 am ‘original post by First Then’
    The left did not try to destroy Parler because they had anything to do with fomenting political violence.

    The left — including Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos — are not concerned over conspiracy theories any more than they were concerned over the wellbeing of American citizens who were being destroyed by Democrat governors’ unconstitutional, idiotic, and endless politically-motivated COVID-19 lockdowns while Pelosi and the Democrats in the House held up stimulus relief for 8 months an an attempt to damage an opponent prior to an election.

    They would do anything to remove a president who is not bought and paid for by the donor class, including cheating by mass-mailing unsolicited ballots that lacked a chain of custody and were not prescribed by state legislatures in clear violation of the Constitution.

    Whatever it took to get a U.S. President that they and China could control, because he’s provably corrupt and therefore beholden to them, is what they did.

    Fools lap up the Democrat-MSM pablum precisely because they are fools.

    The left’s motivation is clear: They do not want conservatives to express their views on platforms they do not control.

    The would-be leftist censors will fail spectacularly.

    Fuck you, misguided social engineers Cook, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos. You lose.

    'this post was so good, it deserved a reprint' :)

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