Nomad developing accessories for Apple yet-to-be-released ‘AirTags’

As evidenced by the leak of two concept products designed for Apple’s widely-expected AirTags tracking tags, accessory makers like Nomad are starting to prepare for the launch of Apple’s trackers.

Nomad's "AirTags KeyChain"
Nomad’s “AirTags KeyChain”

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

“AirTags” are expected to be small tracking accessories that users can attach to items like bags or glasses. Though most rumors indicate that they’ll use Ultra Wideband and augmented reality for item locating, their price, release date, and final design are still unclear.

That lack of clarity hasn’t stopped Nomad from preparing for an eventual launch. Serial leaker Evan Blass on Thursday released two leaked concept renders of potential Nomad accessories for “AirTags.”

One of those accessories is a small leather keychain designed to hold an “AirTag” and provide an attachment point. Another accessory is a strap for a pair of glasses that also features a tensioner that doubles as an “AirTag” holder.

Blass notes that because these accessories are on Nomad’s 2021 roadmap, the company expects them to debut during the year.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, we’d expect to see AirTags arrive by the end of Q1 if not sooner, but the more people (with Apple devices) out and about, the better AirTags will work, so Apple has to deal with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions affecting AirTags’ performance which may delay launch.

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