Apple will modify executive bonuses based on social, environmental, other values

Apple said in its annual proxy filing on Tuesday that it will modify executive cash bonuses based on progress toward the company’s social, environmental, and other “Apple Values.”

Apple Values reflect our commitment to leave the world better than we found it and to create powerful tools for others to do the same. — Apple Inc.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Apple’s DEF 14A, Proxy Statement (definitive), Jan 05, 2021:

…2021 executive compensation program will reflect the following changes:

2021 Annual Cash Incentive: Beginning in 2021, an environmental, social, and governance modifier based on Apple Values and other key community initiatives will be incorporated into our annual cash incentive program. This change will further motivate Apple’s executive team to meet exceptionally high standards of values-driven leadership in addition to delivering strong financial results.

CEO Compensation: For the first time since he was promoted to the CEO role in 2011, Mr. Cook’s 2021 compensation will include a long-term equity award. This award will better align the structure of his time-based and performance-based equity incentives with the awards of our other named executive officers.

We believe that business, at its best, serves the public good, empowers people around the world, and binds us together as never before. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

MacDailyNews Note: Click the thumbnail below for Apple’s 2021 Proxy Statement “Apple Values.”
Apple Values


    1. Most companies say, “Comply with company policy and you will be rewarded. Defy company policy and you will be fired.” Apple’s values are no secret—they are posted online—and every employee was aware of them when he or she accepted the job. Linking one’s efforts in furthering corporate objectives to employee compensation is what most companies do. Since the two Steves founded the company, Apple has always seen technology as a tool for social progress, not as an end in itself. After all these years, nobody should find that shocking.

  1. I love it I LOOOVE IT! 🙂 And all the Trump supporters here are going to continue buying their products, giving them money to continue their leftist goals! Thanks Trump supporters! They could certainly do it without you, but it’s much more delicious knowing that if you buy ANOTHER Apple product, it’s very clear where your money’s going 🙂

    And, for a few, cue the videos of folks destroying devices they’ve already paid for. LOL

      1. I know that the elections plus this move from Apple’s getting you down, Hal. It’s hard being a fragile little conSnowflake in these times but… ah, but nothing. It’s just hard being a conSnowflake 🙂

    1. I love it! I LOOOVE IT. Everyone who knows you, knows you only voted for Biden because he said this was the FIRST mainstream African American who was articulate, bright and CLEAN.
      Systemic racism couldn’t exist without you.

    1. If you have them, they are your values. If Apple has them, they are Apple values. You don’t own democratic and humane values, and neither does Apple. They aren’t claiming otherwise. Not sure why Apple having democratic and humane values—just like you—makes you so angry.

  2. This “… change will further motivate Apple’s executive team to meet exceptionally high standards of values-driven leadership in addition to delivering strong financial results.” is already happening, right?

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