Apple Maps fails to provide directions to Washington D.C. ahead of ‘March for Trump’ rally (update: issue fixed)

Many reports are surfacing on Twitter and elsewhere that Apple Maps is failing to provide directions to Washington D.C. one day ahead of January 6th, the date of the “March For Trump” rally.

When Washington D.C. is entered into Apple’s Map app’s Directions feature, it returns only, “Directions Not Available. Directions are not available at this time becauase of current road conditions.”

Apple Maps fails to provide driving directions to Washington D.C. one day ahead of March For Trump rally
Apple Maps fails to provide driving directions to Washington D.C. one day ahead of “March For Trump” rally

MacDailyNews Note: We tested Apple Maps and found the same “Directions are not available at this time because of current road conditions” statement when trying to generate driving directions to Washington D.C. at 4pm EDT.

We tested Google Maps and driving directions to Washington D.C. works as expected at 4:15pm EDT.

At 4:20pm EDT, Apple Maps still fails to provide directions to Washington D.C., however when typing “National Mall,” for example, the app provides driving directions as usual.

UPDATE, 1:36pm PST / 4:36pm EST: Apple Maps has within the last minute or so restored driving directions to “Washington D.C.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. 2 Republicans die and go to heaven.
    They ask God if he’d answer one question.
    “Of course,” God says.
    They ask how the Democrats rigged the election in 2020.
    “It wasn’t rigged,” God replied.
    Republicans look at one another and say, “This conspiracy goes higher than we thought!”

          1. What, as opposed to creepy rapist, racist and insurrectionist Trump and his Slovenian “ho” Melanoma (the first First Lady with naked pics on the Internet)?

      1. Lyin’ Donnie’s going out in true Trumpian style, like the whiny little bitch he is and always has been. I just want to slap him and tell him to grow a pair and take his loss like a man instead of throwing a childish tantrum and dragging the whole country into it with him. But no, he will always be the petulant, spoiled child, “WAAAHHH, it’s not fair, WAAAHHH, they cheated, WAAAHHH, everybody’s so mean to me, WAAAHHH.” I don’t get how anybody could view such a giant pussy as being a great leader.

          1. Sounds like you’re starting with the assumption that Lyin’ Donnie can’t possibly ever lose anything. EVER. It’s inconceivable to you, even in your wildest imagination. If that’s your belief, I can understand your position that there must be an explanation for his (humiliating, embarrassing) defeat. But to those of us who don’t worship the Chosen One, it’s inconceivable that anybody would ever fall for his BS in the first place. For all the lying he does, he’s really bad at it. Not to mention, his approval ratings never got higher than the low to mid 40s, the worst ever on record. Why would anybody be surprised the moron lost? Can you understand my position?

        1. “I don’t get how anybody could view such a giant pussy as being a great leader.”

          Neither does the 96% of the world’s population that isn’t American, Tony. We can’t figure out whether it’s a huge sick joke or some sort of mass insanity!

        2. You don’t like PRESIDENT Trump because he is a winner, a fighter & you have benefitted from him being President last 4 yrs. How have gas prices worked out for you?

          1. Seriously? Because of that loser’s handling of Coronavirus, trade between Canada and the Divided States of America is reduced and thus affecting BOTH countries. No, no one benefits you silly ignoramus (that is a synonym for twit you idiot).

      2. I don’t live in the US so have been watching both CNN and Fox News ever since election night. I have come to one conclusion. To steal or fix the election, there would have to be a conspiracy between 10s of thousands of people, dozens of US government agencies and the entire US justice system. A conspiracy that huge would unravel in hours, because the secrets just couldn’t be kept.

        Republicans can’t believe that Trump lost, so have bought into the conspiracy peddled by Trump himself, which started months before the election. If you repeat the lie that all mail in votes are fraudulent enough times, then it becomes true. Those were the tactics used by the Nazis. Trump knew he was going to lose the election, so set his back-up plan in action.

        The thing is, there didn’t need to be a massive conspiracy of voter fraud, for Biden to beat Trump. Donald Trump thoroughly fucked up managing the COVID crisis. Why would any sensible person politicise wearing masks? It is a matter of health, you wear a mask to protect yourself and other people. Why would a president actively discourage that? He totally disregarded the scientific and health advice he was given for the last nine months, has shown little regard for the 100s of thousands of dead people.

        Throughout his presidency, Trump has embraced far right (sometimes batshit insane) news sources from social media and rejected main stream media as fake news. I think the American people have finally gotten sick of Trumps antics and insanity. I know the rest of the world is sick of the dumbfuckery.

        I have seen many reports that the “Democrats” changed the voting rules to allow mail in voting as well as relaxing I.D verification and other tactics to ‘stuff the ballot box’. However, all this was done before the election.

        The rules were therefore the same for both Democrat and Republican voters. Yet Trump and his allies would have us believe only the Democrats cheated. Give me a break.

        The fact is, the American people have been conned, by a president that has been a bullshitter his entire business life. The rest world can see through him, it just boggles the mind that 50% of America can’t see him for who he is.

        Trump, could have been a great president. He had good economic policies, putting America first, standing up to China and being instrumental in creating jobs. He had the American economy absolutely humming. If he hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole of right wing conspiracy craziness and bungled the COVID crisis then he would have been re-elected. Trump did it to himself, no conspiracy necessary.

      3. You are a delusional inbred POS who gulps down the Trump koolaid with gusto. You and your ilk trying to use your ignorance and self-serving imagined conspiracies trying to steal an election are the greatest traitors to the U.S.. Your specious and disingenuous logic and beliefs an affront to Village Idiots everywhere.

        Please pack up your belongings and move to the nearest despotic nation of your choice. You’ll be much more comfortable there This last election essentially drop-kicked seditious a-holes (who don’t give a thought or have a conscience like your fearless leader to the implications and consequences of trying to storm and take over the greatest nation in the world) like you to the curb. You have serious mental health issues (like most Trump supporters) and suffer from similar sociopathic issues as your orange monster. That’s my right of center view.

        Make like a tree and leave. And take your traitorous pseudonyms with you. You are an abomination to the real patriotic values of the USA.

    1. Just you wait you imbecile democRATS and stupid “americans” who voted for that decrepit fool with dementia what’s coming in the next 4 years. COVID will be a walk in the park compare to what these radical criminals. Almost everyone agrees that he wont last long and will be replace with that disgusting creature who got chosen for her gender and color of skin no less. I here say that MOST who voted against Trump will regret it!

    1. If you look at the traffic sites for the DC area, you will see that Virginia and Maryland have partially closed several of the Potomac bridges for inspections and repairs. Due to the traffic tailbacks, Washington might actually have been inaccessible due to traffic conditions. Don’t blame the messenger. Apple might have been warning its users appropriately while Google was directing its users into impassible gridlock.

      1. This may be one area that differs between Apple Maps and Google Maps in giving directions. Google may say a direction is unavailable only if there is no possible path to the destination and note that traffic conditions are bad by coloring the trouble route areas, whereas Apple Maps may just not give you directions if traffic is deemed by their algorithm to be impassible. This could be due to Apple Maps possibly having less condition data than Google. Waze drivers may have made the difference here.

  2. I trust that most readers of Macdailynews, if they lost their phone, could use good old-fashioned navigational skills to find their way to Washington D.C . . . now, if a teenager losers their phone, you end up with that girl in the New York Hotel tackling the 14 year old boy — “That’s My iPhone!”

    1. Talk about the conspiracy-theory mindset. I suppose the assumption here is that some Antifa sympathizer at Apple thought that nobody in the entire United States of America was going to be looking up directions to our national capital except pro-Trump demonstrators, so he scrambled the directions to inconvenience them. “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.”

  3. Geez, Apple maps goes down for a few minutes and all the nutbars come out about how they are being repressed. Good thing google maps didn’t go down or any other navigational system. It kills all of us that are not from the US that you do not know where oyur capital is and how to get there. That there is no other means, other than Apple maps, on how to get there.
    What if a major road was suddenly blocked because of construction? Is that a plot by the Democrats to steal the election. Maybe the Apple shutdown is fake news?
    People people people, get a life. Do you not realize that people today will be getting hurt because of this nonsense….useless nonsense? DO YOU NOT CARE????

  4. Even from freakin Germany I am not shown the way to Washington DC !
    Timestamp: Wednesday 09:37 Washington Time, the rally already having begun.

    Apple is a huge piece of shit.

      1. Fake News. Don’t believe those democratic lies that there’s no Germany/America autobahn.

        Where else do you think we got the nazis that were frozen in 1949, and then reanimated in 2015 just in time to elect Fuhrer Trump.

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