Apple leads big tech stocks higher, nears all-time record

Shares of mega-cap tech companies rose on Monday, with the group extending strong 2020 advances. Apple gained as much as 3.6%, putting the company within striking distance of an intraday record, as well as on track for an all-time closing high ($137.98, set on September 2, 2020).

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Ryan Vlastelica for Bloomberg:

The stock has risen about 85% thus far this year, and it is poised to close out its second straight year with a gain above 80%.

The stock is up nearly 25% since the start of November, with recent gains coming on a report that Apple plans to build a self-driving car and is targeting 2024 to produce the vehicle. In a note published Dec. 27, Piper Sandler wrote that an electric-vehicle revenue stream “could add another leg of growth in addition to a higher multiple” for Apple.

The S&P 500 Information Technology Index rose 1.2% to touch an intraday record. The Nasdaq-100 Index rose 0.9% on Monday, roughly in line with an 0.8% gain of the S&P 500, which hit an all-time high. Broader markets got a boost after President Trump signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding package.

MacDailyNews Take: Onward, Cupertino soldiers!


  1. Got your numbers mixed up. AAPL’s last all-time closing high was September 1, 2020, at $134.18. It hit an intraday high on September 2 of $137.98, but it closed much lower, at $131.17 that day. Today’s close at $136.69 is indeed a new all-time high. The 38th of the year to date.

      1. President Trump has abdicated any form of “leadership” he may once have had, and that’s a truth that both sides can plainly see. But even so, I don’t think that is the reason that MDN got its numbers mixed up. A belated Merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

        1. Are you equally critical for the CCP leadership on handing of the Covid Virus coverup. In 2019 the CCP withheld and censored any information about a deadly virus for over 60 days. The WHO censored Taiwans daily warnings on December 29th 2019 of a deadly virus spreading person to person from China.

          The WHO lied and covered for the CCP telling the world’s governments there was no need to suspend international flights from China while CCP China itself stopped all domestic flights. Are you equal critical of the WHO leadership.

          What about Dr Fauci “leadership” Advising Trump Administration and telling the American public in March 2020, ” people should not be walking around wearing mask” Even after Taiwan in December 2019, who had dealt with a pandemic, gave warnings to “stop all travel with China” Wear mask and wash hands.

          Catalinaman are you just a dull willfully ignorant bigot or a puppet of the CCP? Do you care about fairness of blame or is your outrage political theater? Fairness and Truth is more important than Red team vs Blue Team. The election is over, now are able to focus blame and passion on the CCP government and its abdicated leadership, which is the root cause of the virus. Do you really care for the people that have died and have their finical lives destroyed or has Covid been a great opportunity to take political power.

          If the CCP would have been transparent back in November 2019 and would have shut off all outbound international travel like they shout down domestic travel then they could have spared millions of deaths and trillions in financial ruin. But I guess in your mind all that’s evil in all existence is TRUMPS FAULT. You are a very useful idiot or a lying marxist. Right and wrong is only measured by control, wealth and power, thus you are willing to lie to support your team. The greatest lie is the truth untold.

          1. If the Govenrnment of Taiwan knew there was a deadly virus spreading on the mainland as early as December 29, 2019, did it take drastic action such that they have only had 785 cases and 7 deaths in the past year?


            Did the United States Government have exactly the same information on the same date?

            Yes (if not more information). We know this from recorded presidential interviews in early February.

            Did it take drastic action such that it has had the same case and fatality rates as Taiwan in the past year: 11,263 cases and 100 deaths?

            No, there have been 19.3 million cases and 334,000 deaths.

            How is mainland China responsible for the entire difference?

            1. Mainland China is responsible period!

              WHO lied and in China’s pocket and NO the president did not have the same information. Instead he had various conflicting information from all sides for months to weigh and develop strategy.

              You have been repeating the same LIES over and over since the beginning of the year. Good news is your lies cannot change REALITY.

              You won’t stop which is obvious, the partisan Democrat mantra in you day after day is taking down the president. Everyone sees it so you fool no one and have no CREDIBILITY…

            1. John, all your posts are almost the same. Vitriol and name calling President Trump for four years.

              Know in advance if I asked you if Trump has done anything positive during his presidency what your response would be. Extreme politics 100% this side or the other is just wrong and idealistically immature.

              There is no “agree to disagree.”

              A statement like that is a sure sign of immaturity. Happens everyday and you can’t wish it away, it’s the American Way thanks to Catalinaman and millions of others.

              As you age, hopefully your hate will subside and see things differently…

  2. @GoeB…all your moron does is play golf while people die. Nero is fiddling and all you think is that this loser makes lovely music, great music, the best music. People are dying! People cannot make their rent, families getting evicted…ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas? Really?
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    1. “@GoeB…all your moron does is play golf while people die.”

      At CLUELESS LIBERAL LIAR you can’t change reality and totally irresponsible of you throwing out falsehoods, but then again, you are an IDIOT that has no credibility or conscience.

      “People are dying!” Happens every second of everyday worldwide, how dumb are you?

      “How can anyone with two functional brain cells support BLOTUS, his trophy wife, and his parasitic children who clearly don’t care about the average American.”

      Only takes two? What an asinine comment. Well, I only have one brain cell more than enough to support the greatest economic recovery president in my lifetime eclipsing Reagan economy and JFK tax cuts.

      No such thing as a “trophy wife” a liberal term of hate and condemnation. Trophies are either stuffed and hang on walls or engraved hardware on a shelf. 99% of straight males want to marry a beautiful woman. What a dumbass you have a problem with that.

      “parasitic children?” — name ONE! All successful business people in their own right and Jared remarkably worked on the historic Mideast Peace Deal you know nothing about.

      “don’t care about the average American?” Obvious you have never seen record numbers at historic Trump rallies attended by average Americans that don’t live in coastal blue cities and love the man.

      Let me guess to make yourself feel good as you have done in the past you are going to reply you got under my skin, another LIE.

      Idiot partisan liberals like you are TOTALLY INCAPABLE, not now, not EVER! Got it?

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      1. You remind me of that Iraqi Propaganda minister during the war. Now THAT was funny….unlike you, pathetic whiner. I will not waste my time rebutting your comments, the low number of stars you ALWAYS get speaks for me.
        I assume you will disappear like a puff of (methane) smoke on Jan 20th….hopefully you will not take a lesson from your Sore Loser-in-Chief and continue to whine after the loss….

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