Move over Peloton, Apple could become a fitness powerhouse with Fitness+

Apple Fitness+, the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch, delivers inclusive and welcoming studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so users can work out anytime, anywhere.

Apple Fitness+ users can work out anywhere and at anytime with the screen that best suits them across iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.
Apple Fitness+ users can work out anywhere and at anytime with the screen that best suits them across iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Fitness+ intelligently and seamlessly incorporates key workout metrics users love from Apple Watch directly to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV alongside inspiring workout content for an unparalleled, highly personalized, immersive experience, set to motivating music from the world’s top artists. Whether users are looking for a daily routine, want to try something new, know what they like to do, or are just getting started, Fitness+ offers workouts for everyone from a team of celebrated, charismatic, and passionate trainers who are specialists in their fields, and are inspired to coach all levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. All of the workouts also include a trainer demonstrating modifications, so there’s always someone to follow, no matter a user’s ability.

Daniel Howley for Yahoo Finance:

In my experience, Apple Fitness+ is a legitimate at-home workout option for Apple Watch owners who are either looking to get into shape or want a challenge beyond their usual exercise regimen. And with coronavirus vaccines only now being shipped, it’s a great alternative if you’re not quite ready to go to a crowded gym.

I chose the “30-minute treadmill with Sam” routine… What’s impressive is that the setup doesn’t require you to have a specific treadmill, or bike or rowing machine for that matter. Instead, you get cues in the workout telling you to change your machine to a certain setting.

At $7.99 a month or $79.99 per year, Apple Fitness+ is less expensive than the $12.99 per month for the Peloton app or gyms like Planet Fitness that cost $10 per month… If you’re trying to get into shape and need the motivation to get started, or just that extra boost of confidence while working out, Apple’s lineup of trainers does that job extremely well.

The only downside is that classes are added weekly, and you’re not going to get the kind of live classes Peloton offers. But outside of that, Fitness+ is a fantastic workout app that will help you get the blood pumping, and actually enjoy exercising.

MacDailyNews Take: If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher, give Apple Fitness+ a try!


  1. Yeah, right. Peloton stock went from around $18 to $170 in less than a year’s time. I doubt Apple Fitness+ will give Apple stock 1/10 of that sort of boost. Maybe Apple should start designing its own fitness equipment to go along with AppleWatch. Peloton doesn’t even have the best equipment. Precor fitness equipment is better although rather expensive (in my opinion). Peloton was able to acquire Precor without breaking a sweat for $400 million and now analysts are saying Peloton can double its share price. It’s seriously easy for companies to pull investors with promises of instant wealth. I wonder how long the fitness boom will last after the CoViD-19 era ends. Are the world’s citizens really getting more fit over the past year?

    1. The size and value of Peloton is a tiny percentage of Apple’s size and value, so the direct impact of a Peloton-like service on Apple barely moves the needle, and isn’t supposed to.

      It’s more about adding attractive services in order to attract and retain more customers in the ecosystem.

  2. I use iFit which has both live and recorded studio and outdoors workouts. Machine is controlled by the program so no fumbling around with controls. I hope Apple integrates such controls into equipment ala iFit and takes over the market.

  3. I did upgrade the wife’s watch but really disappointed that her year old iPad pro is “too out of date” nowhere does any of the info state which iPads are or are not supported

  4. I’m an Apple guy, a Peloton user and an iFit user as well. I own the bike and am purchasing the new cheaper Tread possibly early next year. Out of all 3, Peloton has the best developed eco system, but iFit is slowly starting to get a bit better. iFit should have been ahead of all of these but they had really poor development on the App side for years.

    Much like Apple, the Peloton system is very appealing, their trainers are very good and it makes you want to return. The variety of both live and on-demand workouts is huge, their Artist Series Runs and Rides and so on are really well done.

    I was eager to try Apple Fitness+ and did as soon as it came out. I did a few runs but kept having issues with my new Series 6 Watch disconnecting from my Apple TV. When that happens Fitness+ just ends the workout, you can’t resume it or anything, so I found that very frustrating.

    And these disconnects happened 8 or 9 minutes in so you’re already pretty invested in the workout. I’m sure it’s a bug but it really surprised me. Usually these things are working well before a release like that. After having that happen 3 times I’m going to wait awhile before I try it again.

    The interface though when it’s working is better than anything out there because it is totally connected to you, it’s great.

    As for the trainers, these are all super positive people, but to me on the workouts I did they just aren’t as good as the Peloton trainers, didn’t seem as genuine.

    As for compatibility, my iPad Pro form ;east year is totally compatible with Fitness+ so not sure why she have had issues with relatively recent purchases.

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