Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNews!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNewsDear MacDailyNews readers and commenters,

Amidst the Christmas news slowdown, we can all look forward to 2021 which promises to bring more new Apple Silicon-powered Macs, new 5G-capable iPads, new Apple Watches, a new Apple TV box, tons of new Apple TV+ content, and so much more, including the continuation of the multi-year Mother of All iPhone Super Cycles™, as Apple is set up for the company’s most successful year ever!

As we enjoy spending time with family and friends, we want to thank you so much for visiting MacDailyNews throughout the year and for making us a part of your day. We really appreciate it!

An extra special thanks to all of of those who contributor to our operations, and those who regularly send us links to interesting articles – you know who you are – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



    1. On Christmas posted positive sentiments to ALL and within a couple hours had a perfect five star rating with 12 votes. About the same as all others here averaging roughly 7-10 votes with near perfect ratings.

      A few minutes ago noticed an unusually high 32 votes at a two star rating. First Then post high of 72 votes at a 1.5 star rating. So what does that say honestly, politics and personal feelings aside?

      What it says to me since the beginning of MDN star voting is unfortunate. The process is FRAUDULENT, DISHONEST and POLITICALLY motivated. Shame, especially on a holiday when we should all come together for the greater good.

      All the proof is here daily if you keep your eyes and mind open. Conservative voices are consistently down voted and liberal voices are consistently up voted. Dishonest manipulation totally SKEWS reality, exactly the outcome the bad actors work towards.

      Well, I have a message for the dishonest bad actor(s). Your FAKE efforts and guessing huge waste of time jumping from one computer and device to another, read carefully, mean NOTHING to me! Pitiful rigged voting does not intimidate my voice and freedom of speech one molecule — not NOW, not EVER!!! Got it A-holes?

      While I am on the topic, I don’t want to hear future lectures from my loyal detractors KingMe, GotNothing and Busted that somehow my downvotes are CREDIBLE. They are not and only an idiot would say so.

      That said, to everyone and even those we disagree — Happy Holidaze!…🍻🥂

  1. Marry secular Christmas. Pelosi was so silly to negotiate the $1200 all the way down to $600 with so much pride as if it were a great accomplishement only to be outflanked from the Left by Donald’s $2000 proposal. Jimmy Dore said it was an instance of how gutless, feckless Democrats negotiate badly.

    1. What is a secular mass of Jesus Christ?

      ‘Christmas’ is self-evident as an acknowledgment of a celebration of a man born a couple thousand years ago whose birth, life, and resurrection fit the prophets’ words written thousands of years prior to that, which then carries with it a historical following of believers.

      When one says ‘Merry Christmas’ one acknowledges that people now celebrate a believed miraculous event and because of its good will reflected in its followers who are common and many, one wishes them and anyone else a merry Christmas. And other suitable occasions of relevant nature. (Such as ‘Happy Boxing Day to a Canadian) Additionally, you can choose other holidays, or say ‘Happy Holidays.’ Might not be as useful in Iran, so one would probably not use it there.

      But there is no Secular Christmas. there are however people who live unbelieving lives that may share in its good will.

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