Apple Maps delivers Look Around to four more American cities

Apple this week delivered Apple Maps’ Look Around feature to Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, giving users customized street level views within each city.

Look Around is an interactive way to visually explore a city with 3D imagery.
Apple Maps’ Look Around is an interactive way to visually explore a city with 3D imagery.

Apple is committed to keeping personal information safe and has built privacy into the core of Maps. With Maps, no sign-in is required and it is not connected to an Apple ID in any way. Personalized features, such as suggesting departure time to make the next appointment, are created using on-device intelligence. Any data collected by Maps while using the app, like search terms, navigation routing and traffic information, is associated with random identifiers that continually reset to ensure the best possible experience and to improve Maps. Maps goes even further to obscure a user’s location on Apple servers when searching for a location through a process called “fuzzing.” Maps converts the precise location where the search originated to a less-exact one after 24 hours and does not retain a history of what has been searched or where a user has been.


The new Look Around locations provide detailed imagery captured along major thoroughfares and side streets.

Released alongside iOS 13 last year, Look Around incorporates high quality photographs with smooth animations and native Maps integration to challenge Google’s Street View.

In October, Phoenix, Ariz., gained Look Around support following a debut in the UK and Ireland.

Look Around is available in [21] cities worldwide, most of which are located in the U.S.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Maps’ Look Around feature is currently available in:

• Boston, MA
• Chicago, IL
• Denver, CO
• Detroit, MI
• Dublin, Ireland
• Edinburgh, Scotland
• Fort Lauderdale, FL
• Houston, TX
• Las Vegas, NV
• London, United Kingdom
• Los Angeles, CA
• Miami, FL
• Nagoya, Japan
• New York, NY
• Oahu, HI
• Osaka, Japan
• Philadelphia, PA
• San Francisco Bay Area, CA
• Seattle, WA
• Tokyo, Japan
• Washington, DC


    1. Exactly.

      Gang bangers and deserted houses in Detroit, shootings in Chicago and dangerous neighborhoods, homeless in tent cities on sidewalks in L.A., feces piles and druggies shooting up on the streets of San Francisco, pot shops and druggies roaming and driving in Denver, yeah sounds wonderful. /s

      The list of blue cities run by Democrats and Liberals is selective for a reason. Meanwhile, back in the REAL WORLD outside partisan Apple’s boutique selections and use that term loosely — the whole world is available from Google “street view” and remarkable “Bird’s Eye” view from Bing — RIGHT NOW.

      So far, another unrealized Apple hobby…

  1. One feature which Apple doesn’t seem to have publicised is that they are the first online map service featuring individual house names in England.

    Simply type HouseName, VillageNane, CountyName and it will highlight the exact house.

    The reason for house names is that when houses were originally built, there was no need for numbers and when postal services came along, numbering was introduced, but many houses have been built since then in the gaps between older houses. Therefore in small villages, houses are only known by a name rather than a number. A Postcode ( Zip Code ) covers about 40 houses, so when they are spaced out, finding a specific house can be very tricky – until Apple solved that problem.

  2. How about rolling out 3D to the US, at the very least to all cities in the US, and keep it current, that means when a building or an entire city block is demolished that you don’t leave them still in the map. Even worse when there’s 8 floor building standing on the spot…

    Apple’s Maps is like a fancy garden where they’re planting exotic plants in few spots but don’t hire enough people to water and weed the garden.

  3. Only 14 US cities? And not even the top 14 markets either… At the rate Apple is rolling out additional cities, it’ll be 2024 by the time they finish up, and everything will be out out date needing to be updated…

    Bottom line, everything with mapping requires constant updating, but Apple is moving far too slowly in the “street view / look around” category to be relevant. I wish they would so speed this up as I have tried to use it many times only to discover – nope. Not here. Or well, now I know, not anywhere but these few random cities…

      1. Dump the greatest and most comprehensive mapping service in history for another Apple fashion hobby?

        You were always so smart making the right decisions based on hate, bias and stereotyping. Congrats!…

        1. The decision made by Apple to make maps, came about because parasitic Google wanted more access on iOS than Apple was willing to give, anything to reduce Google and Facebook to a web address/bookmark on Safari and nothing else. (No screen button, and no apps on iOS). The Justice dept. and the E.U. may give Apple that choice.

          Apple doesn’t need either of those companies to sell anything. (But they need Apple).

          Don’t pretend you care it doesn’t suit you…

    1. Biden and his son could be proven treasonous in a court of law now that his son is under federal investigation with China and other countries. You forgot to mention that part, eyes wide closed Democrat…

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