Apple in talks to acquire two John Lasseter-produced animated films

Apple has been in prolonged conversations to acquire two John Lasseter-produced titles from Skydance Animation, “Luck” and “Spellbound,” Variety reports, citing “multiple insiders with knowledge of the discussions.”

John Lasseter
John Lasseter
Matt Donnelly and Brent Lang for Variety:

The two films would anchor what sources called a larger agreement between David Ellison’s animation division and the streamer, which has yet to be reached. WME is also said to be involved in the negotiations, which also includes a theatrical release component.

The handful of executives who screened footage of “Luck” called it “vintage Lasseter,” citing the dazzling production value and commercial appeal the producer is known for, said insiders.

[“Luck”] is directed by Peggy Holmes, and follows the unluckiest girl in the world… “Spellbound” is a musical fantasy set in a world of magic where a young girl sets out to break the spell that has split her kingdom in two…

MacDailyNews Take: So these Skydance Animation Lasseter-produced features are very likely to be top-notch (perfect for iPhone 😬) films. Hopefully, Apple gets them for Apple TV+ as they’ll certainly be very big draws. David Ellison is also producing “Foundation,” the highly anticipated, necessarily very ambitious Apple Original drama series for Apple TV+, that’s based on the award-winning Isaac Asimov novel series of the same name.


    1. There is nothing wrong with girls as the focus of films. It’s the “all men are evil” vibe that is the problem. Also heroines like Ray and Captain Marvel that are born perfect set a terrible example for girls. They don’t show the hard work that goes into developing skills in real life, so when real girls try something and fail the first time, they blame others or give up on themselves instead of learning and trying again.

      1. Not to get into a debate over fictional characters, but “Carol Danvers” was a kick-ass combat pilot before being transformed into a superhero, and “Rey” was pretty kick-ass herself even before mastering the force. Neither was “born perfect,” and are pretty great role models for girls.

    2. Animated films with girls as the focus has been such a failure for Disney. Tim Cook is probably giggling at making a ton of money while you are hanging around with your buds spending money on beer.

    1. No, John was a little too loose with his hands, that’s all. Not sure it was worth ending an amazing career over, but after literally eons of men subjugating women, it’s not surprising that there were some over-corrections at the height of the “MeToo” movement. (For example, there is a WORLD of difference between the actions of rapists like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R. Kelley and Roger Ailes and apparent minor offenders including Lasseter, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keillor, Al Franken and others.)

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