TechCrunch: Apple Fitness+ will help you break a sweat

Apple Fitness+, the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch, is now available, bringing inclusive and welcoming studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so users can work out anytime, anywhere.

Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch
Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch

Fitness+ intelligently and seamlessly incorporates key workout metrics users love from Apple Watch directly to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV alongside inspiring workout content for an unparalleled, highly personalized, immersive experience, set to motivating music from the world’s top artists. Whether users are looking for a daily routine, want to try something new, know what they like to do, or are just getting started, Fitness+ offers workouts for everyone from a team of celebrated, charismatic, and passionate trainers who are specialists in their fields, and are inspired to coach all levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. All of the workouts also include a trainer demonstrating modifications, so there’s always someone to follow, no matter a user’s ability.

Brian Heater for TechCrunch:

Prior to the pandemic, I went to the gym five to seven days a week. When on a work trip, I would be the weirdo at the hotel gym… Since the pandemic, my options have been…limited.

Truth is, though, like many Americans (and non-Americans, no doubt), the cost-benefit analysis of going back to the gym still doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense for me. Given the space constraints of my New York City apartment, however, neither does a Peloton.

I do, however, have an Apple Watch. And a yoga mat. And just about enough space in my bedroom to make this work. I’ve been at this for a few days — doing a couple of workouts a day, ranging from about 10 to 20 minutes a piece… I’m going to opt not to call this a “review.” It’s not fair to the product and — more to the point — it’s not fair to you, the reader.

What I can say definitely, however, is that I do plan to continue using the service beyond these first few days… For $10 a month, you get whatever peace of mind comes with knowing that every Monday, Apple is going to drop a new crop of new workout videos for you every week.

The Apple Watch is required for the Fitness+ experience… The necessity for this particular piece of hardware makes sense when you consider how deeply integrated it is. The Watch really is the core of the Fitness+ experience. Honestly, the Apple Watch integration is probably the best-executed aspect of the entire undertaking — down to the way the wearable doubles as a start and stop button for the workout. It also ensures a more complete rundown of your workouts at the end of the day.

MacDailyNews Take: Have you give Apple Fitness+ a try, yet? If so, let us know what you think!


  1. Was already cycling but these workouts with intervals driving beat music and motivating instructors make it much easier and a better workout than on your own. Had tig ive up the YMCA pool with the pandemic.

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