‘Wolfwalkers’ is Apple TV+’s first great animated film

Stephen Silver writes for AppleInsider, “Debuting on Friday, ‘Wolfwalkers’ is a visually gorgeous adventure story, and is a major animation triumph for Apple TV+.”

Wolfwalkers arrives on Apple TV+

Stephen Silver for AppleInsider:

The plot and characterization in “Wolfwalkers,” would not be out of place in a film from Disney, Pixar or any other established animation studio. However, its animation is startlingly different from those.

“Wolfwalkers” features a plucky young heroine, magic, adventures, cute pets, and many other familiar touchstones of this sort of animated film. But the animation is hand drawn in a process that’s long been abandoned by mass-production animation factories.

The film is full of animated compositions that are absolutely awe-inspiring, some of which resemble watercolor paintings, instead of fleeting movie frames… The film’s visual style and color palette differs wildly depending on the scene, and it offers an image that the filmmakers call “wolf vision,” which represents the wolves visualizing smell.

It’s an aesthetic success, but it also succeeds in conveying significant poignancy, in making us care deeply about these characters and the relationships between them.

MacDailyNews Take: As we expected, based on the gorgeous – highly recommended“The Secret of Kells”:

Looks great, as we expect from from the animators of the great film “The Secret of Kells”. Another winner for Apple TV+!MacDailyNews, September 8, 2020

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