Apple may unveil new sixth-generation Apple TV hardware, Fitness+ tomorrow

The rumors mill has been intimating that Apple will release an unannounced product on Tuesday, December 8th and leaker L0vetodream says the long-expected new sixth-generation Apple TV may be the headliner alongside the debut of Fitness+.

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

Zac Hall for 9to5Mac:

The hardware release could be timed with the release of Apple Fitness+, the new subscription exercise program also launching this month.

Master of cryptography and extremely specific Apple leaks @L0vetodream tweeted on Tuesday that perhaps “Cook himself didn’t know that Apple would release a new Apple TV this year” in a reference to the long-rumored update to the Apple TV 4K. The fifth-generation Apple TV hardware was the first to enable 4K video output, but the A10X Fusion isn’t the best fit for a streaming box in the age of Apple Arcade and the A12X and A14 processor.

Pair it with the report that Apple told its support team to prepare for a new product release on December 8 and we just might have a new Apple TV on our hands.

Apple is also expected to release iOS 14.3, tvOS 14.3, and more software updates any day now. Releasing a new Apple TV hardware box with Apple Fitness+ which is promised before the end of the year would be a great end of a busy Apple product release year.

MacDailyNews Take: Christmas surprise(s) loom!

Also, we can’t wait to finally try out Apple Fitness+ which is part of our Apple One subscriptions!


    1. The Apple TV helps me with my basement “projector room” with a 14′ screen. The projector does not support the Apple TV app to my knowledge. I think the hardware Apple TV also has some advantages in terms of HomePod stereo support, but not sure of this.

    2. The Apple TV does offer more options than a Smart TV with the other services it has, whether you want or need them is another question. The problem for Apple is as I see it, the box is over priced….

      Yeah, I know premium maker, or whatever they want to call it, when you can get 4K sticks for less than 1/2 of an ATV. It does seem like ATV could come down to $99 for a 32 and maybe $129 for a 64… And the original 4K while they last could be $79 and $99.. Probably a pipe dream to ever see this box sell new in the 2 digits in any flavor.

      Won’t even talk about the ridiculous price for that Magsafe Charger, what was the guy in marketing drinking that day when he came up with that price and the rest of them that approved it before the price was announced. And based on some reviews, may not even last long because of how its designed, they need to adjust that price and rebate anyone foolish enough to have bought one already..

    3. Yes, there is. First and foremost, the majority of my subscription streaming services were started before there was a TV app. I have been told by numerous sources – and tried it myself – that you can not log into your subscribe services in the APP. You need to cancel your existing service and start it back up if you wish to use the app. I have five services that are pre-App

      Plus, if you want to use HomePods as audio output from the TV, you need the box. Right now, you can not airplay from the app, only to the app,

  1. Bummed out…after 4 years, I pulled the trigger and purchased a new Apple TV. Figured that after Thanksgiving a new Apple TV would not be released. Just plain bad timing.

  2. We now own 3 AppleTVs and one Android-based one. If they announce a new one tomorrow, we will order it immediately to replace the Android device. I love the fact that the interface on all our AppleTVs stay exactly the same. We are cord cutters and while some household members can adapt to change, my husband cannot! He wants it to be visually identical. I also appreciate that the software knows what else we have installed and gives us great viewing suggesting across the various apps.

    I also appreciate being able to press one button to turn on and off all our devices. Siri is great for finding content also. We also own a HomePod and the recent software update turns it into a home theater style system. The speaker is always on and ready to deliver great sound.

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