Nearly half of U.S. Apple Retail Stores have switched to Express storefronts

Amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Apple Stores are continuing to adapt to a unique holiday shopping season. Following the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping weekend, 9to5Mac reports that nearly half of all Apple Stores in the U.S. have added Express storefronts.

Apple Retail Store Express Pickup Storefront (photo: Twitter page Marci Harris @marcidale)
Apple Retail Store Express Pickup Storefront (photo: Twitter page Marci Harris @marcidale)

Michael Steeber for 9to5Mac:

Express storefronts are a temporary way for Apple to efficiently serve customers in regions where in-store sales and support are unsafe due to local COVID-19 conditions. Apple SVP Deirdre O’Brien noted ahead of the iPhone 12 launch that 50 locations worldwide would add Express storefronts by the end of October.

Worsening infection rates throughout fall have compelled the company to gradually retrofit 125 of its 270 stores in the US alone as of November 30.

Twelve Express locations have temporarily reclosed entirely.

MacDailyNews Take: Check out the list of Apple Express Storefronts in the U.S. here.


  1. “Worsening infection rates throughout fall have compelled the company to gradually retrofit 125 of its 270 stores in the US alone as of November 30.”

    Now, that is news that is pure malware. Fraud pretending to be news. How would anyone know if the “infection rate” was worsening?? Please explain. Per the New York Times and many other sources, the COVID test has a “false positive rate” over 90%. It is not a test – it is a pure lie used to panic stupid Americans forever over nothing and also a way for hospitals to get rich treating “cases” where the “case” has no symptoms and no real health threat. But, the hospitals get huge federal payments out of our treasury which has zero funds and trillions in IOUs. Still, the virtual money is good and so the hospitals play along with the scam along with the news media which has less journalistic skill than the Weekly Reader or Highlights Magazine writers.

    America is now officially stupider as a nation than Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

      1. Please explain that Total US Deaths By All Causes is almost exactly the same as a year ago, according to the CDC. Please explain how over 90% of 90 year olds who supposedly contract COVID survive with no long term effects. Maybe you should stick with converting non-believers to Jesus Christ, which would be a good use of time.

        1. Some folks are so deep in the coils of the Father of Lies as to be immune from accepting the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Those who sit callously by in denial as dead Americans pile up in refrigerator trucks probably fall into that category.

            1. I have never, on this forum or anyplace else in my entire life “cheered on abortion.” You are lying about that, just as you are lying here about the pandemic and have lied on nearly every other subject

            2. You lie.
              The CDC says no such thing…

              In the medical world, it is a long held belief (so much so it is considered to be an irrefutable truism) that a fully functioning health system is the backbone upon which a nation is built. The economy, social cohesion, working lives, good governance and world relevance, ‘everything’ you perceive as important is impossible without said health system. It is the source of everyday confidence that ‘cat follows mouse’ predictability of a healthy life into the future.
              If you consider – in my case, working seven days straight, averaging 17hrs per, failing to prevent and witnessing 105 (as of this morning) of those ‘excess’ deaths, being perpetually exhausted but still having to make life or death decisions and lead an ICU Covid team – it’s not even my specialty, because of severe staff shortages, taking responsibility for the actions of largely untrained support staff, having to turn away patients in genuine need because admitting them would only make their lives worse, living in perpetual fear of infection since medical facilities are the very epicenter of intensified Covid viruses – which means permanent seclusion from friends and family, living in a bubble of coworkers who are all suffering the same…
              …as a well functioning health system?
              Well thanks but no thanks.
              Willful denial from you as consolation for everything that we do for you?
              Dangerous and deranged? Troll?
              Either way you are not the solution to anything.
              Tell me. What is it you are doing in the face of this emergency?

          1. So, you claim that you denounce abortion, the killing of unborn babies and those about to be born? You denounce the political party that has made Abortion its religious sacrament and a requirement for all its elected officials?? You denounce the Democrat Party? The party that celebrates abortion? I think you lie whenever you speak or write.

            1. You are putting words in my mouth again.

              Perhaps you aren’t lying, but are just delusional. Jail prisoners and National Guardsmen are piling up the dead like cordwood in several American cities while you insist everything is hunky-dory.

            2. Then you put the words out. Denounce abortion and denounce all the people who advocate killing babies. DO IT or stop this holier than thou Christian BS.

            3. TXUSER – so I can understand your qualifications to argue, how many “genders” are there in the human species, or dog or cat or monkey? Be exact.

  2. You know what is WAAAY more deadly than COVID?? Abortion. It kills 100% of those who test positive. And they die immediately and it is a brutal and painful death, that occurs right near the very start of their lives, when all is hope and potential, unlike COVID, which kills mostly the very aged who are suffering from many other deadly diseases. Yes, abortion is horrific and evil, which you certainly know as a pastor. And oddly, abortion clinics are allowed to remain open even now.

  3. All I know is that going to an Apple store right now is next to useless—at least in our location.
    No inventory,
    You can’t look at inventory if they do happen to have it,
    They put you in a holding pen while you’re waiting to be helped.
    They go psychotic if you take off your mask in their outdoor cattle stall, even if no one is around.

    For now, don’t expect to drop by an Apple store to browse the merchandise.
    Just order online and stay home.

    1. Regrettably, that is true. What was incredibly useful about the Apple store was that you could launch apps and see what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. You could find out before buying if a given work flow was actually realistic – not just technically possible. That will come back in a few months, I hope.

    2. useless is more useful than my experience at the christiana mall store. while standing in front of the store and using that location as my preferred store it kept telling me inventory for a store in maryland. if this is going to go on for a while they need a few geniuses out front providing app assistance. the security guards are the less than stellar personalities and have one line they keep repeating over and over

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