Thanksgiving box office set for worst ticket sales in decades

The week of Thanksgiving in the U.S. is typically a blockbuster period at the box office, but this year the COVID-19 shutdowns have crippled the film industry, leaving little doubt that this Thanksgiving the box office set for its worst ticket sales in decades.

Thanksgiving box office set for worst ticket sales in decades. Image: dumpster fire

Sarah Whitten for CNBC:

“The pandemic has negatively impacted every traditionally important box office holiday from Memorial weekend to Fourth of July, and even sidelined the almighty summer movie season, so it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving would be impacted as well,” [Comscore analyst Paul] Dergarabedian said.

Already, the yearly box office is a fraction of what it was last year, dropping more than 77% to $2.18 billion. Since August, when major theater chains reopened, through Nov. 22, the box office has only collected $279 million. During the same period last year, the box office brought in $2.86 billion.

In recent weeks, the number of coronavirus cases has reached historic highs and the number of theaters open to the public has shrunk. The national seven-day average of daily new cases stands at 174,225 as of Tuesday, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data. With cases on the rise, the fear is that people will shy away from public forms of entertainment, despite investments from cinema owners to increase safety measures in auditoriums.

Two weeks ago, there were 2,800 theaters open in the U.S. This most recent weekend, around 2,100 theaters open. It’s unclear how many theaters will be open for Thanksgiving weekend, but if that number shrinks again, so too does the potential box office haul.

This Thanksgiving box office won’t surpass the $46.8 million that was rung up during the five-day holiday period in 1984, which is as far back as Comscore’s data goes. That would make it the worst Thanksgiving box office in decades.

MacDailyNews Take: According to the report, the hope is “that once a vaccine is widely distributed and blockbuster movies are more regularly released to the public, that these trends will reverse,” but the possibility that behaviors have been changed should not be discounted.

Let’s see:

A) $19.99 for a first-run movie in the comfort of your own house on a large screen, with controllable audio volume (even closed captioning if you desire), with the entire family and your own all-you-can-eat popcorn, candy, and drinks for under $10 total for everyone


B) At least $80.00 for a family of four with criminally-overpriced often-stale popcorn, candy, and drinks at a potentially COVID-encrusted theater packed with uncouth idiots from who-knows-where talking, eating, coughing, sneezing, crunching bags, looking their phones, getting up to go to the bathroom, etc.

It’s such a difficult choice!

The $10 bucket of 10-cents worth of popcorn and the $6 cup of 6-cents worth of soda are obvious clues that theatre owners don’t have a sustainable business model.

Bottom line: It took a global pandemic to wake up Hollywood and drag it kicking and screaming into the new millennium at least a decade late. We’re sure Steve Jobs was telling Hollywood honchos this would happen long ago.MacDailyNews, April 28, 2020


  1. COVID-19 has actually had no significant impact on U.S. deaths.

    The data shows that the total decrease in deaths by other causes nearly exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. Clearly, deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia have, for some reason, been mis-categorized as being due to COVID-19.

    The “COVID-19 death toll” in the United States is misleading because deaths from other diseases have been and continue to be categorized as COVID-19 deaths. Patients who never tested positive for the disease had COVID-19 listed as the cause of death.

    For some reason, the CDC classified all deaths that could have any possible relation to COVID-19 simply as COVID-19 deaths. Even patients who died from other underlying diseases but who were infected with COVID-19 were counted as COVID-19 deaths.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19, The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, November 22, 2020

    Why is my link to The Wayback Machine copy of the JHU Newslatter? Because on Thursday, Johns Hopkins University deleted the article on the study because they claimed it “was being used to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic.”

    Tellingly, JHU did not challenge the accuracy of the data or its conclusions.

    In other words, the article was deleted because it didn’t fit the proper COVID-19 narrative.

    For how long are you slack-jawed pawns going to sit there and be duped?

    1. If I have a terminal disease, say cancer of some sort, with an expected 3 months to live, and someone comes along and shoots me, is this not a homicide because I was going to die anyway?

      1. Of course it is! These folks do not seem to grasp the concept of causation. COVID is the cause of death if the person would still be alive but for becoming infected. A contributing condition is not the cause if the person would not have died of it absent the coronavirus.

        1. There have been numerous reports of hospitals testing patients for corona that recently died of: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etcetera, even though they had zero corona symptoms, and if it came back positive, they slapped “corona” as cause of death because they get more money.

          So those fridge trucks are full of cancer and heart disease, diabetes patients that were “fraudulently” labeled.

          1. People died with Covid (perhaps from an auto accident, heart attack, etc) or with Covid symptoms, but not FROM Covid, are still counted.
            Also, how many people have committed suicide, been abused, missed chemo, avoided the ER, etc. and died? Not from Covid, but because of Covid.

            1. I hate it that I have to keep repeating this: death certificates are prepared by professionals with years of experience following protocols that have been carefully evolved over a century or more. They aren’t just slapped together to satisfy some sort of political correctness. When COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death, it is because the professional who signed the certificate concluded that the person would not have died if he did not have a coronavirus infection.

              Yes, most COVID-19 death certificates also list other conditions and comorbidities, but that is true of almost EVERY death certificate filed in the last forty years (the period where I have personal knowledge). It is not something new. The professionals who do this work know how to distinguish between causes and other conditions. It does not undermine these particular death certificates, which are being handled like any other.

        1. Right, because shooting someone is different than killing 1300 someones in one day by intentionally ignoring medical advice on how to protect them from infection.
          Different in detail, but pretty much the same morally.

          1. TxUser, I’m concerned for you. Do friends have your phone #?
            Repeatedly spousing false equivalencies is harmful to one’s health.

            Stretching is normally a recommended activity, but in your case, it is likely to cause mental contortions that can remain.

    2. So, to be clear: you said that they took this article down because people were using it to “ support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic“ after you used it to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic?

      So, having shared this, what do you think should change in how the health of your nation is handled?

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself. Over a quarter of a million people in the US have died because of this pandemic and you are still peddling lies about this tragedy.
    Go back to your hole. Your master lost the election because people are sick of the crap spewing out of his mouth and morons like you.

    1. “First Then” has presented verifiable data sourced from reputable institutions (JHU and CDC) with links.

      You have not.

      So, who’s really peddling lies about COVID-19?

      Hint: It’s not “First Then.”

      Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    2. Nope. I’m not ashamed of myself for not swallowing the COVID-19 narrative and instead presenting facts instead of baseless fear.

      According to CDC figures, 241,906 people in the U.S. have died, as the vast majority of them would have anyway, but theses deaths were largely mis-classified as “COVID-19” deaths when a huge percentage of those deaths were actually due to heart disease, influenza, pneumonia, etc. The data bears this out.

      I have no master because I’m an American citizen.

      When all of the legal votes are counted, we’ll find out who really won the election.

      Dem/Lib/Progs who lack religion often latch onto secular “religions” such as “Global Warming,” “Orange Man Bad,” “COVID-19 Fear-mongering,” etc. in order to compensate for the void in their souls.

      1. On the other hand, many Christians who possess both faith and routine human empathy consider your callous disregard for human life as an argument for why divine justice might require eternal damnation.

        1. I do not have “callous disregard for human life.” There are simply X number of annual deaths. There is no stopping these deaths. Death happens. The deaths due to heart disease, influenza, etc. have decreased because they have been misclassified as COVID-19 deaths.

          You cannot handle this clear, data-backed fact because Dem/Lib/Progs who lack religion often latch onto secular “religions” such as “Global Warming,” “Orange Man Bad,” “COVID-19 Fear-mongering,” etc. in order to compensate for the void in their souls.

          1. I did not spend four years obtaining a seminary degree so that pseudo-Christian bigots could accuse me of lacking religion because I will not burn incense at the altar of the Great God Trump. I do not have a void in my soul. Perhaps you wouldn’t if you stopped letting Trump suck your soul dry of human compassion.

            1. Obtaining a four-year “seminary degree” does not mean you are a believer nor does it disprove that you haven’t “latch[ed] onto secular ‘religions’ such as ‘Global Warming,’ ‘Orange Man Bad,’ ‘COVID-19 Fear-mongering,’ etc. in order to compensate for the void in [your] soul.”

            2. The self righteous liberal just had a BREAKDOWN by misinterpreting and projecting false memes to a perfectly logical post.

              I was waiting for this day when you dropped the false facade and acted like every other Libtard around here.

              I enjoyed it, sorry…

          2. I really try to stay civil, but when you sociopathic a-holes attack my religious faith, that is just too much. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I believe. I am a citizen of a country that prizes religious freedom including the freedom to worship Jesus rather than a failed robber baron. If that bothers you, tough s—t.

            1. “Jesus said “I am the Truth.” He called Satan “the Father of Lies.” Telling the truth and confronting lies sounds extremely Christian to me.”

              Sources please, otherwise it’s bullshlt.

            2. The New Testament of the Christian Bible, Gospel According to John, Chapter 14, verse 6.

              John, Chapter 8, verse 44.

              If you are a biblical illiterate who can’t look up verses for himself, don’t criticize my religious commitment.

        2. “…callous disregard for human life…

          Spoken by someone who supports murdering children in the womb. So f’ing stupid that you don’t even know what an ignorant hypocrite you are. Typical libturd.

          1. And you are fairly typical of those who are apparently happy with letting them die of disease and starvation once they are born. That’s why 80 million Americans voted against your ilk. Your efforts to overthrow the republic cannot disguise your utter contempt for the principles on which it stands. Go back to Russia, where sycophants to oligarchy are still welcome.

            1. If you think 80 million people cast legal votes for Joe Biden, you have no understanding of historical vote patterns, voter fraud convictions (especially in the cities in question), or an even basic working knowledge of statistics.

              80 million people did not cast legal votes for Joe Biden.

            2. “Go back to Russia, where sycophants to oligarchy are still welcome.”

              Wow!!! You really had a liberal BREAKDOWN for all to read.

              Three words: Russian Collusion FALSE!

              Can’t believe you are still pushing that FALSE meme…

            3. “That’s why 80 million Americans voted against your ilk.”

              Last time I checked several lawsuits are ongoing as well as recounts continue. So your number could turn out to be FALSE.

              Obvious you have never heard of Dominion voting systems prone to fraud in several states and the myriad chicanery that has gone on this election.

              Obviously you don’t care about a legitimate election same as you not once acknowledged President Trump’s remarkable economic accomplishments in his first three years.

              You are nothing more than a Democrat DISINFORMATION specialist, and after several irrational meltdowns here, you can no longer hide behind the false facade of conservative Republican…

            4. Interesting “logic.” “Happy with letting them die of disease and starvation once they are born”. I guess better to kill, “just in case.”

              Have more than 80 million died because of the other “ilk” that chooses to kill in order to protect from disease and starvation?

              Was this type of “protection” advocated in your Seminary study? Was suicide advocated as well, for those living in unhealthy environs, or those destined for poverty? Perhaps the infamous slums in the world should have “clinic” with a high capacity to save the not-yet-born from likely disease and poverty?

              What are the laws, so far–not what’s flowing around in your head–that are actually being broken as an active attempt to overthrow the Republic? Are the officials that are hearing and making rulings under duress and ruling because of a take over? Are the judges hearing and making judgements controlled by something other than the law?

              If the judges are abiding by the law itself, why are you so agitated and accusatory of those working within the structure of the law? Assuming judges aren’t under duress, or oppressed in any ways, it seems like your posture and manner seems more Russian and oligarghic than the people you attempt to shame.

            5. Confused, I did not defend abortion. In fact, I would not defend abortion. “hal” simply assumed that I supported it when I had said nothing on the subject. He obviously thinks that all Democrats are baby-killers. Not only is that untrue, but I’m not even a Democrat. I am an anti-Trump Republican like millions of other followers of the Grand Old Party and its historic principles.

              What I was pointing out in my reply is the utter hypocrisy of people who claim to be “pro-life,” even though they promote death in many forms, just because they oppose abortion. As Justice Coney Barrett has pointed out, “pro-life,” to Catholics and many other persons of conscience, means “the consistent promotion of life from conception to natural death.” The last several Popes have spoken of a “consistently pro-life stance,” which not only includes opposition to abortion, but also to child abuse and neglect, economic oppression, health system inequities, offensive war, political tyranny, the death penalty, and euthanasia (among other things). In a law review article, the Justice raised the issue whether a Catholic judge could, in good conscience, follow the laws imposing capital punishment.

              Most other mainstream Christian denominations, including mine, take a similar position. We do not single out people who take pre-born lives as worse than those who connive at taking post-born lives. As a loyal member of my faith, I agree with that. I do not recite my prayers with my fingers crossed or try to fill a void in my soul by worshiping an idol, whether it be Gaia or Donald Trump.

              Specifically, I cannot take anybody seriously as being pro-life when he is promoting policies that killed 2300 Americans on Thanksgiving Eve alone, with the daily toll rising more rapidly every day. Those who refuse to follow public health guidance themselves and urge others to do the same are terminating no fewer lives than any abortionist. Those who tell lies about the pandemic are facilitating its spread and murdering thousands more Americans than any “libtard” ever did.

              I feel the same way about those who are trying to divert public attention from the virus by attacking our (little-r) republican form of government. As a retired attorney, I recognize that the American justice system depends on citizens who take seriously its claims to impartially administer justice. The people who have filed something like three dozen frivolous lawsuits that have been poured out within days of filing are showing their contempt for that system. They are not “working within the structure of the law.” They are asking unelected federal judges to exercise naked political power.

              That is profoundly unAmerican. To quote the Third Circuit, “In America, lawyers do not choose the President. Voters do.” These suits are nonsense, based on hearsay accounts of rumors and flat misstatements of established legal authority. They are harming our unity as a people. They are not only wrong, but a distraction from our real public enemy, the novel coronavirus.

        3. Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight…


          Deflection… torments my heart
          Deflection… keeps us apart
          Deflection… why torture me

          Parody on lyrics from “Suspicion” by the King Elvis to accompany TxDeflection post…

    3. The difference between a Republican and a Democrat are starkly illustrated above.

      The Republican “First Then” offers logic and data. The Democrat “DogGoneToo” offers nothing but invective and baseless, illogical claptrap.

    4. Trump won the election while your stinking addled, hiding, bumbling fool with an idiot son lackey running down his share of foreign provided wealth marinating in crack is also hid out. You are nothing but yellow belly cowards backing a machine that has poisoned our election system. This study, the commenter First Then and the regret that a bunch of people have died from Xi Wuhan Chinese Kungflu are ALL SPOT ON. And the infection and death rates are HIGHER in the EU, you fake crocodile tears whining lefty.

      1. As of November 27, 2020, the death rate in the US has been 80.74 per 100,000 population. That is higher than all but four countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, and the UK) out of 31 in the European Economic Area. It is higher than all but five countries in Latin America. It is higher than any country in Africa, Asia, or the Pacific.

        The US ranks #12 out of 217 countries in reported cases per capita (behind places like Andorra, San Marino, and French Polynesia). The only sizable countries with a higher case rate are Belgium, Montenegro, Czech Republic, and Armenia.

        The USA has by far the highest absolute number of cases, almost as high as the next two (India and Brazil) combined. That is also true for total deaths and new deaths. In current active cases, we are “outperforming” the next nine countries put together. For serious/critical cases, we are about as high as the next four combined.

        But please don’t let facts interfere with your lefty-bashing.

  3. You people are absolutely delusional. People on this site and in the real world have been debunking these distortions for almost a year now. While you and your Dear Leader have been minimizing the threat and holding superspreader events, 263,000 people have died. 2300 people died Wednesday alone. All those refrigerator trucks parked outside the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office are not filled with turkeys, but with the victims of your homicidal fantasy.

    1. “All those refrigerator trucks parked outside the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office are not filled with turkeys, but with the victims of your homicidal fantasy.”

      Stuff turkeys, NOT ballot boxes!

  4. “In recent weeks, the number of coronavirus cases has reached historic highs . . .”

    This is a pure lie. “Historic highs”??? When does that history begin? Is the case count higher than the Bubonic Plague? In the Bubonic Plague, a “case” most often meant someone died. In our current pathetic, wimpy, metrosexual Democrat induced “pandemic”, a “case” means that somebody, with zero symptoms, and no awareness of any problem, is forced to take a test and the test comes back “positive”. That is a case. Elon Musk had two cases in one single day. He also had two negative tests, all administered by the same nurse with the same process and the same testing organization. The New York Times reports that 94% of positive test results are actually “false positives”. So, almost all this “hysteric highs in cases” are “false cases, and the ones that aren’t are people who are sick for a few days and then get better. This is the kind of lying hysterical mass deception that our national news media now produces. It is all pure BS. If a major network, or the major social media platforms are pushing a story, it is guaranteed to be a lie. They actually have censors who are busy weeding out the truth, because the Facebooks, Twitters and Google all hate the truth. That is the truth of 2020.

    1. Again, are you under the impression that all those refrigerator trucks in El Paso are full of Thanksgiving turkeys and not some of the thousand El Pasoans who have died—35 of them yesterday alone? The COVID deaths represent over 0.1% of the total county population at the beginning of the outbreak.

      1. I am under the impression that the refrigerator trucks were bringing voters into NY paid for by Governor Cuomo. They were dug up out of cemeteries so they could be ready to attend Biden rallies, learn about his quotes from the Book of Palms, and then vote for him.

  5. Had Donald told McConnell to introduce M4A at the very beginning of his pandemic spread, he would have beat Joe, and by a large margin, because M4A is THE winning platform because there are enough Left-wingers and Righwingers to support it because they see right through McConnel’s and Pelosi’s lies. Yes, Pelosi too; She absolutely refused to invite an M4A representative at the Obamacare negation table which was stacked with big insurance. And there would have been no need for Donald now to heroically fast track the vaccine to make him look like a savior. But sociopaths and bullies like he act this way.

    But I am not taking that experimental anti-COVID-19 vaccine when it’s released, experimental because long term side effects will not be known for a long time. Let the naive take it. By the way, Donald gave $2 Billion in Socialist money to Pfizer to motivate it which inadvertently demonstrated that Socialism works.

  6. Well, I for one am thankful that the Hollywood movie industry is drying up thanks to a “pandemic” that the hollywood actors and such are pushing onto the public. You are getting exactly what you asked for. HAHAHAHA Screw these liberal elitest hypocrites!

  7. There is NOTHING to ‘go to the movies’ for. Hollywood has become a putrid cesspool of woke incontinent babies wallowing in social justice, BLM, political correctness, hatred of our heritage and contempt for ‘whiteness’. They are inept at acting, inept and movie production and just pile on the makeup of more fakey graphics, blue screen fakery, and gamer special effects. They spew their politics instead of serving their consumers, and slap at least 50% of the USA in the face with their infantile I-can’t-cope attacks.

    They have nothing I am remotely interested in buying.

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