Yahoo Finance reviews Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro: ‘Exceptionally impressive’

One of the first products to get Apple’s new M1 System on a Chip is also one of the company’s most important: the MacBook Pro 13-inch. A workhorse for photo and video editors who need a powerful machine on the go, the Pro is an essential proving ground for the M1 chip’s capabilities.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 delivers game-changing performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac.
The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 delivers game-changing performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac.

Daniel Howley for Yahoo Finance:

The M1-powered Pro I’ve been working with has proven to be an exceptionally impressive example of what Apple’s new chip brings to its machines. And one of the rare first-generation products I’m confident in recommending.

Unlike Intel’s chips, the M1 is built using a 5-nanometer process, meaning its transistors measure just 5 nanometers in size. Intel, meanwhile, is stuck on a 10-nanometer process, and recently announced its 7-nm chips would be delayed. AMD, for its part, is working with 7-nm chips, meaning that Apple is already ahead of the curve.

The battery in my review unit seemed like it just wouldn’t quit. Even after a full day of use, I still had plenty of juice to keep using the Pro well into the night… Nearly every app I’ve been using since I started reviewing the new MacBook Pro 13-inch was built for Intel’s chip architecture including Chrome, Spotify, Slack, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider,” and Pixelmator. And I haven’t noticed any issues with any of them. The fact that this all works without the end user noticing can’t be oversold.

For professionals and consumers looking for a high-powered machine, the MacBook Pro 13-inch with the new M1 chip delivers in just about every way.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro is getting rave reviews, so hopefully Apple’s made enough of them to meet demand! Rosetta 2 is some kind of devilish magic, for sure.


  1. Starting to regret purchasing a 2019 Mac Pro. Adding insult to injury they were so late with a proper Mac Pro after the 2013 Mac Pro debacle it now butts up against a vastly superior architecture change. Thanks a lot Apple!

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