Trump administration grants ByteDance 15-day extension on order to divest TikTok

The Trump administration granted ByteDance a 15-day extension of a divestiture order that had directed the Chinese company to sell its TikTok short video-sharing app by Thursday.

TikTik logoDavid Shepardson for Reuters:

TikTok first disclosed the extension earlier in a court filing, saying it now has until Nov. 27 to reach an agreement. Under pressure from the U.S. government, ByteDance has been in talks for a deal with Walmart Inc and Oracle Corp to shift TikTok’s U.S. assets into a new entity.

The Treasury Department said on Friday the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) granted the 15-day extension to “provide the parties and the committee additional time to resolve this case in a manner that complies with the Order.”

President Donald Trump in an Aug. 14 order had directed ByteDance to divest the app within 90 days. The Trump administration contends TikTok poses national security concerns, saying the personal data of U.S. users could be obtained by China’s government.

One big issue that has persisted is over the ownership structure of the new company, TikTok Global, which would own TikTok’s U.S. assets. In Tuesday’s court filing, ByteDance said it submitted a fourth proposal last Friday that contemplated addressing U.S. concerns “by creating a new entity, wholly owned by Oracle, Walmart and existing U.S. investors in ByteDance, that would be responsible for handling TikTok’s U.S. user data and content moderation.”

MacDailyNews Take: The saga continues.

TTK! Prost, everyone! 🍻


    1. Ok, I’ll mention Biden instead. Let’s see if he will stand up to China. There are some “rumors” about possible dirty business dealings between communist China and the President elect’s immediate family members. Biden can show us how much he supports the USA and what he thinks of communist China. Let’s keep an eye on his actions and policies, not just his words. Biden’s decisions and actions will speak for him.

      1. There is also firm evidence of iffy deals between China and immediate family members of the current President. Search engines return about a million links for “Ivanka AND trademark.”Let’s keep an eye on Mr. Trump, too. He only has two more months to monetize his position.

      2. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not going to be sworn in as president and vice-president.

        Of course, when the realization hits, the Dem/Lib/Progs will riot and burn and loot their shithole Dem-destroyed inner cities, wholly unlike Republicans who march in peace despite an obvious attempt by their opponents to steal one race in an GOP wave election.

        1. That’s cute. You are supremely delusional to the last like the misguided & misinformed soul you are. I hope you have mental health counseling set up when Biden and Harris ARE sworn in. You’re in a fragile snowflake state,

          1. Nope. Stopping The Steal is not “overturning” anything.

            Sidney Powell has joined President Trump’s legal team.

            On Friday, Powell told Lou Dobbs:

            “President Trump won this election in a landslide. It’s going to be irrefutable. Patriots are coming forward every day, all day, faster than we can collect their information.”

            “We’ve got statistical evidence of just hundreds of thousands of votes just being put in and replicated,” she added, before she called for a “massive criminal investigation,” she says will “affect millions of voters and elections.”

            “People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion Voting Systems because that’s what it was created to do,” she continued. “It was its sole original purpose, it has been used all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom.”

            Dobbs t asked Powell if she agrees the voter fraud that occurred in the presidential election was part of the continued string of failed attempts to overthrow Trump.

            “Oh, absolutely,” she replied. “It’s been organized and conducted with the help of Silicon Valley people, the big tech companies, the social media companies, and even the media companies. And I’m going to release the Kraken.”

            Release the Kraken!

            I sincerely hope that Sidney Powell has the best security money can buy.

        2. This bears repeating from another thread: Yesterday, while you sore losers were blocking a smooth transfer of power, 1321 Americans died of a disease that you fantasists refuse to acknowledge as serious. 69,455 Americans are currently hospitalized with that same disease. There are Americans in critical condition being transported hundreds of miles to the nearest hospital with the resources to treat them.

          That is just the beginning. Within the next two weeks, the hospitalizations will rocket up to reflect day after day of record highs in new diagnoses—163,473 yesterday alone. As the hospitals are overwhelmed, deaths (and not just from COVID-19) will spike, too.

          No, it did not go away the day after the election. It is getting worse and you lot are in denial of that and everything else. You and your President are making mass deaths inevitable by refusing to cooperate with the President-Elect and by refusing to comply with simple public health recommendations.

            1. No, you are… and the people like you who convinced tens of millions of Americans that the novel coronavirus was no big deal, so there was no need for them to take simple steps to protect themselves, their families, and the general public. The current spike was largely preventable with just a little support from folks like you and your Dear Leader. You didn’t give a damn about health care, so now our health care system is collapsing while you stand around bleating about the election and blocking a transfer of power during a national emergency.

        3. FT,
          Do you see how Trump is going to hurt, and hurt badly, many innocent people by pulling this crap just to feed his ego. The pandemic needs a response now, not later. atlas, the ‘Unqualified’ is saying things like Rise Up?
          Dragging it out just shows that not only was Trump a loser but that he is a multiple loser, the worst loser, the KING of all losers. If he could read, then he would see that history will not be kind to him.
          I understand that this is his only chance to stay out of jail. By this coming weekend, Republicans will start turning against him in droves. His family is being shunned like the swamp dwelling bottom feeders that they are.
          Perhaps you can join them? Birds of a feather…..

          1. Biden’s response to the pandemic will be: SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY FOR A YEAR.

            So how do shutdowns really help? Newsflash: They don’t. They cause more harm than good. Shit, we have power hungry governors subverting democracy by issuing unconstitutional mandates.

            And guess what? They are Democrats. Power hungry un Americans using the China virus to consolidate power like the mini dictators they are. And sheep falling in line behind them. If you listen to them you are a silly sheep, not an American willing to fight for democracy.

            It is beyond pats tic and the beginning of the end so quick, run out and hoard TP again cause you’ll be shitting your pants all the time.

            Me, I’m just armed and ready for them. They are coming.

            1. The same people who object to shutdowns have made them inevitable by refusing to mask up, social distance, or take any other reasonable public health precautions. If you don’t like any of those measures, what is your alternative? There is no more surplus capacity in the American health delivery system.

              This time it isn’t just a few hotspots where we could send surplus resources and underutilized health workers from a cool zone. Hospitals all over the country are filling up at the same time. Doctors and nurses all over the country are getting overwhelmed, burned out, and ill. With the hospitals full of COVID-19 patients, there is no room for patients with other emergency conditions, much less for those with chronic illnesses that require treatment. Many more people are dying from the pandemic than just those who catch the virus.

              It is ridiculous to claim that restrictions are unreasonable and call for the people to “rise up” against them while simultaneously engaging in behavior that is making the situation worse. Before much longer, this thing is going to have killed more Americans than the Axis Powers did during all of World War II. There was no end to the sacrifices that Americans were willing to make to win that war. Why is it an intolerable burden to wear a mask and not crowd shoulder to shoulder in poorly ventilated bars? If most Americans did that, lockdowns wouldn’t be on the table.

        1. And you think Trump is a paragon of virtues? THAT is truly brain dead insane and truly f’ing stupid, There are none more gullible, boneheaded and foolish than Trump supporters.

        2. Biden is not corrupt at all. He’s an honorable man with half a century of honorable service.

          trump is a con man and a criminal, and you consume his lies about Biden and everything else because you have been conned.

  1. But, I wonder if….

    It’ll make TXuser buthrt and foam

    1. WTF! He’s AT LEAST half senile. And he’s getting worse by the month.

      His blathering speeches are nearly all incessant repetitions of a few empty phrases: “It will be really tremendous”, “It’s very bad, very very bad”, “He/she/it is failing badly, so sad, complete loser”.
      He has produced NO proof of voter fraud.
      His single great accomplishment was to put a huge amount of money in the over-stuffed pockets of the ultra-rich.
      His depraved indifference has caused the unnecessary deaths of a massive number of US citizens. 4% of the world’s population… 25% of the world’s coronavirus deaths. Even if only very vaguely in the ballpark, those number are horrific — and inexcusable.
      He has crippled numerous democratic procedures.
      His supposed clearing the swamp is that he has installed pro-industry hacks in many top positions.
      The US — the supposed leader of the “free world” — is the laughing stock of the planet. Feared, yes… but only in the sense that other kids might fear a nasty, little, four-year-old bully.

      What a sick joke of a disgusting human being!
      But, of course, he would be a big nobody without the full-throated, gutless, immoral support of the hypocrites of the Republican Party.

    2. Yeah boy, Trump really tackled that pandemic head-on (pleading for people to social distance and wear masks) which is the chief cause of our economic and social problems today. Not to mention 250,000 deaths, He didn’t deny responsibility and now we are practically pandemic free!!

      Oh wait…

  2. Trump’s denial of the election loss is symptomatic of his whole presidency. There has been no real evidence of voter fraud, only hearsay, and the courts have thrown out almost all cases in record time. The BLOTUS’s presidency has been a cacophony of false claims designed to whip up hysteria in his rabid followers. This is how dictators exert their control. The problem is that this country is a democracy and he cannot ignore the will of the people. He is trying to fill the Pentagon with his henchmen but it is a bit too little too late.
    Thankfully we will be out of this nightmare in 2 months time.

    1. Perfectly said. Only the brainwashed and delusional who’ve long since become bereft of their objectivity see differently. This was never about politics but a mentally ill and incompetent leader. Of course that’s what many in Trump’s base have in common with him, including the ridiculous Trumpers here.

  3. In the cold and mercenary world of gambling I put $AUS1000 on Biden and I picked up $AUS580 in winnings. Cool! And it’s been paid out. Click me down if you wish but I’m crying all the way to the bank.

    Just for the record I do have political affiliations but I live in Australia so my views have little to do with the US. I’m a half American Australian who is married to an expat from Connecticut so I’ll leave the slugfest to you Yanks and luxuriate in the fact that our elections are a much more civilised affair.

      1. Time to consult Dr Google. I’ll check on the Australian figures and see what we wagered.

        My wife did a double-take when I told her but pretty quickly she uttered one word: “Good”. Now that was the real worry I had.

        When you bet you should always be prepared to lose and that initial “red mirage” had me worried but I researched the whole thing for three months prior to the election so I was prepared. Likewise I don’t bet on anything else, just politics.

      2. With a lot of digging and a bit of guesswork the figure is around $AUS200 million and most of the money went on Trump. And that’s why being a bookmaker is such a rewarding occupation. FWI I’m an economist NOT a bookmaker. Bummer!

    1. I love Aussies. I know hundreds, and they’re awesome.

      Personally, I can’t stand the Parliamentary system where the Party owns my vote and can effectively transfer it to other parties without my input. Hardly civilized in my view.

      1. I honestly believe one of the factors that makes our political system more secure is that voting is compulsory. This numerically minimises the influence of extremist views. I refer to it as the dictatorship of the centre.

        Also we have a federal Electoral Commission that runs the federal system and the state equivalents for the state elections.

        If there are issues it goes to the state supreme courts or the High Court/Full Bench of the of the Federal Court and they act as the Court of Disputed Returns.

        Appointments to these courts are largely free of politics. It’s very civilised and everyone accepts their determinations.

        The American system is a dog’s breakfast of politics and partisanship and ends being a technicolour dream where no-one is happy with the results. And that’s no way to run an electoral system. It just (doesn’t) work.

        1. Philosophically I oppose compulsory voting. It strikes me as authoritarian, though I do also understand the philosophy in favor of it as well. So I’m not adamant about it.

          Again, my perception of Parliamentary systems, all parliamentary systems are that the parties are too powerful, to the point where they have sovereignty over their voter once a ballot was cast.

          To pick a negative example… Here in the US we totally deserve Trump, and no non-democratic power or coalition should have been able to prevent it.

          This year the people corrected it.

          1. Where do I start? I can understand your philosophical opposition to compulsory voting but by getting everyone to vote it does minimise the influence of the extremists in the final voting outcome by a process of dilution. That is, the more people who vote the less the influence of extreme points of view. In Australia we have around 93 percent of the population voting in elections.

            I totally agree that political parties are too powerful but in the US people register to be members of parties and that contributes to the problem.

            In our federal senate and Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory (like D.C.) they have the Hare-Clark system where each parliamentary seat had five members. So that means you have less seats but a similar number of members.

            All things being equal you elect two members of each party and one other. That means you may end up with a green member from one seat and perhaps a right wing member in another seat. Effectively all sides of the political spectrum are potentially represented in the parliament or assembly.

            In our federal senate there are the two major parties, independents, the One Nation party (right wing) and the Green party (The Greens) and they hold the balance of power.

            The major parties would freak if this system was applied in the House of Representatives because they would have to form real coalitions.

            There are other forms of proportional representation and to encourage stability you have to establish a minimum percentage to win a seat.

            As for your contention that the US deserved Donald Trump, that presupposes two things. First that the United States is insane and second and because of that they deserved someone who is clinically insane.

            Now I don’t have a problem with people to the left or right of centre governing a country but a person who puts themselves ahead of the common good of the populace and is devoid of basic moral standards should never have been allowed to lead the USA. As a result one has to assume that there is a flaw in the system of government and that is an issue that America has to deal with.

            1. You are truly enlightened, cordial, and intelligent. How refreshing!

              I do believe the ultimate responsibility is upon the voter. And to quote the Obaman obvious “Elections have consequences”. As they should.

              Seems that the Parliamentary system, as applied in Australia, is geared to consensus, which is useful, ours to stability. Both the enemies of recklessness, but also to change. Here in the US I feel we got caught in a trap of that stability, at least it showed us what needs to be fixed.

              I do like our direct voting of the President and the Congress separately, though the way we do it is archaic. Needs fixing.

              Trump received 47.3% of the popular vote. Almost half. Half of that was surveyed and believes that Trump actually won the election… without any evidence whatsoever. I will leave the insanity interpretation to the beholder. But at least 75% are not insane and that include Republicans.

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