Fortnite to return to iOS via Nvidia’s ‘GeForce Now’ cloud gaming service

Owners of Apple’s iOS devices will soon be able to play Epic Games‘ Fortnite again, via Nvidia’s GeForce cloud gaming service.

Epic Games' Fortnite
Epic Games’ Fortnite

Leo Kelion for BBC News:

Apple will not get a cut of virtual items sold within the battle royale fighting title when played this way.

Nvidia currently offers GeForce Now for Mac, Windows, Android and Chromebook computers.

It has not formally announced that it is bringing the service to iOS but is expected to do so before the winter holidays.

In theory, Apple mobile device owners will be able to play Fortnite via Nvidia’s service without charge.

Both the game and GeForce Now’s basic tier offer free access, although Nvidia limits these sessions to one hour.

It is unclear whether playing via the cloud will put players at a disadvantage.

MacDailyNews Take: Revel in the lag!


  1. I kinda wish for Fortnite to go under. Just can’t get over what a baby their CEO is acting like such a child..That guy doesn’t deserve to have a business..I wouldn’t be overjoyed either paying 30% to Apple as it is a bit steep however, everyone knows the score up front deal with it…..

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