Apple announces ‘One more thing’ special event on Nov. 10th

Apple today invited everyone to join the company for a special Apple Event from Apple Park.

The world can watch Apple’s special event online at on Tuesday, November 10th at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Here’s the invitation graphic:

Apple announces 'One more thing' special event on Nov. 10th

MacDailyNews Take: Say hello to Apple silicon-powered Mac(s)!


  1. iGlasses or something like the Homepod with a 4k projector in it. Imagine hometheatre in a box. set the thing down in front of a flat surface…the lidar/sensor automitacly detects focal distance etc..and sets projector automaticly…

  2. My first thought on seeing the graphic were AirTags. The “lighthouse beacon” screams “See Me”. Further, it made me think that besides an alert sound perhaps the AirTags also have a light source for quicker acquisition, and finally the rainbow of colors might be the various shades of the tiles.

  3. my guess is that it’s a new mac/s with apple silicon; faster processors with less power draw at a lower price point. Intel has become an expensive and outdated middle man. Apple will design a better CPU and TSMC will fab a better chip and the end user will pay less.

    … Maybe Apple will include the new AMD gpus (also made by TSMC) and maybe the new macs could give the Mac Pro a run for its money at a much lower price. But I doubt the new GPUs

    1. There is no guessing involved here, Tim Cook said new Apple Silicon-powered Macs would start to arrive this year, this is it. You don’t hold an event for airtags or any of the other bs being suggested here.

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