IGN reviews Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso: ‘Pure, positivity-infused joy’

Following its breakout first season, excellent reviews, and early second season renewal, Apple TV+ has renewed “Ted Lasso” for a third season, ahead of its second season start of production in London early January.

A 10-episode second season for “Ted Lasso” is set to debut next year.
A 10-episode second season for “Ted Lasso” is set to debut next year, exclusively on Apple TV+.

“Ted Lasso” stars Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas who is hired to coach a professional soccer team in England despite having no experience coaching soccer. The series also stars Hannah Waddingham, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Juno Temple, Brett Goldstein, Phil Dunster and Nick Mohammed.

Alicia Lutes for IGN:

If 2020 needed anything, it was Ted Lasso. Apple TV Plus’s half-hour comedy series is the sort of pure, positivity-infused joy your heart has likely sought out in these dark times, but rarely found.

It is earnest and charmingly cast. It has Jason Sudeikis sporting a thrillingly robust mustache. It is the comfort-watch your body yearns for, whether you like soccer or not, and if you’ve been on the internet over the past couple of months, you’ve probably seen conversation and praise for the series growing as more and more people discover it.

We were late to the party (the show first premiered back in August, rolling out its 10 episodes weekly), but it’s safe to say that now we’ve caught up, we’re obsessed. There are simply not enough words for how utterly enjoyable and wholesomely delightful Ted Lasso is — it’s arguably the best thing the streamer has put forth since Apple TV+ launched in November 2019, and Apple seems to think so too, having already renewed Ted Lasso for a third season before production has even started on Season 2.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more uplifting way to spend 5 hours.

MacDailyNews Take: We wholeheartedly agree: Ted Lasso is a bullseye (Season 1, Episode 8: “The Diamond Dogs”)!


  1. It’s the best!

    It shows up AppleCynwanqnic for the cynically sad lozer that he is for h8ting all thing Apple with a passion.

    Ted Lasso is one of the greatest shows ever made, the polar opposite of the Wanqnic. They’ll never make a show about AppleCynwanqnic – until he appears of America’s Most Wanted, that is.

  2. Yes, Ted Lasso is wonderful entertainment. Regrettably, the language is much to coarse to children who would otherwise be influenced positively by the life lessons woven through the episodes. What’s wrong with writers who can’t create sentences without crude, inappropriate language?

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