European shares slide as new COVID-19 lockdowns threaten economic recovery hopes

European stocks posted their sharpest weekly and monthly declines since the COVID-19 selloff in March, as a new round of COVID-19 lockdowns threatened hopes for a sustained economic recovery.


European stocksWith Spain, one of Europe’s worst COVID-19 hot spots, declaring a state of emergency until early May, and Germany and France reimposing tight restrictions this week, the STOXX 600 lost more than 5% on the week, pushing the monthly performance into negative territory.

Heading into the week of U.S. Presidential elections, a slide in Wall Street’s big tech stocks after earnings overnight also weighed on global sentiment, with Europe’s tech sector slipping 0.5%.

Apple suppliers ASM International, Dialog Semiconductor, and STMicroelectronics fell between 1.2% and 1.7% after the late launch of new 5G iPhones caused customers to put off buying new devices.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple suppliers will be just fine, thanks.


    1. Only in a world where losing money is a fate worse than death. Ask somebody from El Paso, Texas, if the virus is no big deal. Note: El Paso has a solidly Republican state government and a nonpartisan mayor and council, so you can’t blame the crisis there on Democrats.

      1. I’m not talking about “losing money,” simpleton.

        Future public health policy should take these four life-threatening unintended consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns into account.

        • Massive Spikes in Suicide Rates and Mental Health Crises
        • Increases in Drug Overdoses and Substance Abuse

        • Economic Devastation Leads to Hunger: Closing down businesses and schools might have limited the spread of COVID-19. But it’s also clear the economic consequences of the lockdowns caused mass malnutrition and even pushed many American families to the brink of starvation. (Globally, the COVID-19 lockdowns could push up to 100 million people into extreme poverty.)

        • Surge in Domestic Violence Under COVID-19 Lockdowns

      2. No one is saying Covid isn’t a big deal. As well, I’m not aware of ANYONE stating losing $$ is worth than death. Please modify your statement so what follows isn’t tainted by hyperbole.

        Btw, Europe is having trouble containing the running-ghost of sickness. It seems all humans are having issues with “containment,” regardless of strictness of facing covering and, or “shutdown.”

        I’m sure you’ll itch to conflate I believe masks are for the birds and social distancing is nutty. Please have control.

    2. So I’ll repeat myself…
      Well @Sarah@goeb@First@Kent, now that the White House has declared Trump has “Defeated the pandemic” – his top achievement no less, we can expect that ‘V’ recovery in like two weeks(forever same as like healthcare, infrastructure whatever)?
      When will there be full employment?
      When will people stop dying from the “defeated” pandemic?
      And since it’s “defeated” do you now not practice safe distancing, join huge crowds in bars – willingly? With no fear?
      And not ever wear a mask?
      Enquiring minds need to know.

  1. It seems to me that all that is needed is a co-ordinated worldwide maximum lockdown for two weeks. This would result in almost everyone who had the virus knowing they had it. Then we’d be able to mostly open up again, with just basic precautions for several months until it started spreading too far again.

    The reason we can’t do this, of course, is republicans. People who will spread deadly viruses out of spite are just evil. (My sister’s roommate is in the hospital with this and may die, BTW.)

    1. Yeah, that’s “all that is needed.” 🤣🤣🤣

      Typical Democrat: Completely unworkable pie-in-the-sky lunacy, very heavy on the totalitarianism, that causes normal people to just laugh and roll their eyes.

      So, one question: Are you trying to make Democrats sound even loonier than they already do?

      1. Follow-up question: Are you trying to make Republicans sound even more heartless than they already do? Some 230,000 Americans have died while a bunch of rich dudes have shrugged their shoulders (“It is what it is”) and expressed negligible sympathy or empathy for the mostly not-rich victims and their families. That may not be enough to turn voters against the GOP from the top to the bottom of the ballot, but it isn’t helping.

        1. This is a contagion. Unleashed by China (by mistake or on purpose, still TBD). It cannot be stopped. You cannot shutter people forever. It will wash thru the population no matter what you do.

          A tiny percentage of people who contract COVID-19 will die from it (especially if they have asthma, diabetes, COPD, are elderly, immune system compromised, etc.). Most people who contract COVID-19 will have a case of the sniffles, if that.

          Protect the susceptible, but don’t let the cure be worse than the disease.

          In the long run, more people will die from the lockdowns by missing cancers, etc. by not going to the doctor, or from suicide, drug abuse, etc. – all caused by irrational fear stoked by Democrats who are trying to get a weak old dementia patient elected so he can be a puppet for a group of idiotic socialists.

          1. When you add up all the people you suggest should be isolated (retired, asthma, diabetes, obesity, etc.), you are talking roughly 40% of the population. When you throw in all the other individuals in their households who would need to be isolated with them, you are talking a majority of the American people. How would placing all those people under an absolute quarantine not be worse for the economy than reasonable public health measures applied to everyone?

            1. Protect ≠ “absolute quarantine”

              And, no, I’m not talking 40% of the population, either. You invented that on your own, too, straw man.

              See you next Tuesday!

            2. Even allowing for overlap:

              Percentage of US adults with cardiovascular disease — 48%

              Percentage with obesity — 42%

              Percentage with diabetes — 10.5%

              Percentage with adult asthma — 8%

              Percentage with other lung disease — 16%

              Percentage over 65 — 17%

              Percentage with weakened immunity — 3%

              Size of average household — 2.52 persons

      2. Only a republican could call something we already did months ago “unworkable pie-in-the-sky lunacy”. We’ve done it before, and so has every other country. We know how to do it so it will be easier this time. And the results will be far better than Trump’s “pretend nothing is wrong” strategy.

        History will recall that while democrats did what needed to be done, republicans responded with excuses and paranoid delusion. I just hope we survive to see that future.

        1. It’s been noted it’s the Liberal/Democrat that has the greater level of intolerance for opinions other than their own. More Libs/Dems discontinue social media connections with those of differing opinions, compared to those considered R/Conservative.

          Buster, may I add you to the list…you seem to regularly support the stats consistent with the studies?

        1. I will not, in response to ‘Wrong again’, AND, typical Republican is always thinking about the poor, the crazy and the hungry….
          Why? Because it is not true. There are Republicans with heart and want to help their communities. They do exist. The issue here is not Republicans as they lost their party to the Trumpites. It is the latter that is self-serving, greedy, heartless.
          Thankfully after this election, Republicans will have 4 years to rebuilt their party free from those Trump lovers which will be tossed into jail where they all belong. Maybe put them in cages beside the 526 kids without parents…..’

  2. Meanwhile in Asia the virus is contained for now — except for India. In the west the individual attitude is the sickness. Self control is lacking. In Asia, overall, the good of the many outweighs the good of the one — you can hate your government, or love personal freedom, and still do what’s best for the country in this terrible moment in time. Western pessimism also dictates that life should not be contained because there might not be a tomorrow. Keep partying on as if nothing is wrong. In Asia tomorrow is simply what we will make it to be.

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