Apple CEO Tim Cook teases ‘a few more exciting things’ coming soon

During Apple’s Q420 conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company is to bring out more products or services during the rest of 2020 than it has so far announced.

Apple’s MacBook

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

He didn’t specify any product or service, but typically Apple avoids saying even as much as he has now.

“Without giving away too much, I can tell you that this year has a few more exciting things in store,” he said.

It’s most likely that he was alluding to forthcoming Apple Silicon Macs, but he may also have meant the expected “AirTags.”

MacDailyNews Take: Pipeline! Of course, we all know at least some of what’s coming because Apple told us back in June, “Apple plans to ship the first Mac with Apple silicon by the end of the year.” Hopefully, we’ll finally get AirTags alongside, too.


  1. ….and maybe a new app, iRiot?

    Post meetup sites, videos of all the ‘peaceful’ reparations shopping, photos of targeted buildings before and after. Lyrics to chants and sign decorations, portal for rich agitators to contribute…

    Good times!

    1. I know you’re upset that the Proud Bois app is only available on Android, but try not to take it out on those of us who are equally repelled by violence from both sides.

      1. Violence from both sides? You must have pulled that from the Biden book of delusions. I can’t fathom the idea of that senile fool or his leftist female chrony trying to deal with the shenanigans of someone like Xi Jinping. Then again, I imagine they’d be happy to accommodate him, for a price.

          1. Snide mocking drive by quip, noted. If what you say is true, they are not being used.

            President Trump has been the toughest with sanctions and meeting with North Korean leaders to achieve peace than any other president in history. Facts you neglected to mention.

            Certainly if Trump needs to deal with it in the future, he will. Same as he dealt with terrorist general in Iran, bombing military forces in Syria and dismantling ISIS.

            Contrast with Biden Obama team that were all words and NO action. Keep redrawing the red line, bribe Iran terrorists with billions of US tax dollars (no effect) and allowed ISIS to grow and flourish with military stand down orders.

            Let’s not forget the historic Mideast Peace Deal earned Trump a Noble Peace Prize nomination because of results! Not reported on the front page of US newspapers and the leftist organization — surprise no win. What was reported on front page newspapers worldwide was Obama winning the prize for showing up for work nine months after being sworn in. What a joke.

            You believe Biden to be better than Trump?…🤣

          2. Absolutely not KingMe!

            President Trump held a rally in Butler, PA on Saturday. The Secret Service estimated the massive crowd at 57,000 plus.

            No rioting, no burning of buildings or police cars, no assaults from black hoodies — just peace and love for a great president that cares for all of us.

            Even snide DISRESPECTFUL detractors like YOU, included…

        1. Considering that Trump was a total fool on Foreign Relations and a total suck up to Dictators the GOP can say little in the way of their “skills”. Personally I’d vote for a Cocker Spaniel before Trump. At least you could trust the dog to show loyalty to the Americans and our true international friends.

          And, BTW, it’s Trump that is after the cash/benefits. He sells us out pretty cheap as long as the cash/benefits go to his, or his family’s pockets.

        2. Female “chrony”? She doesn’t tell time…

          Since when did being a leftist or female equate to a derogatory term? It is foolish to categorize and dismiss people in that fashion. Very foolish. It makes everything you say suspect because it shows that you have a weak mind.

          As far as the violence goes, who are the ones bringing in guns and such from outside of the city and even the state into a protest area and using vehicles to threaten people? I am not saying that there wasn’t any violence and looting from the protestors. But I am saying that Trump and his supporters encouraged and instigated violence in protest areas in an attempt to turn the general public against BLM and related social protest activities. The federal team of unbadged personnel in unmarked vehicles cobbled together from DHS and CBP and OGAs was a criminal police state enterprise run by…whom? Let’s investigate that and prosecute those responsible for violating the law and the Constitution.

            1. As I pointed out the last two times you posted this same hit piece, 17 of the 26 were themselves “leftists,” mostly killed by the police or vigilantes. One was a security guard killed by a Boogaloo white nationalist. At least half of the remaining eight were the victims of ordinary street crimes. In only four of the twenty-six is there even an allegation that the killer was associated with the BLM movement. All those facts are in the article itself, if you read it past the headlines.

            2. Another leftist swamp think tank article claiming collection of data, analyzing and conclusions Is accurate — this one has more holes than Swiss cheese. Not surprised it tops TxDeception list of one sided disinformation from so called DC experts he relies on.

              Right off the top my guess, as good as theirs, is 95% of the destruction from rioters (word banned in all biased MSM reporting) come from a combination of Antifa, BLM and recruits and converts in the
              mobs on the spot. A minuscule percentage is from right wing extremists.

              Obvious tip-off the top photo bias of white men with mean looking guns standing peacefully in line. Note the big guy in front wearing a confederate flag head covering, nice touch lefties.

              Photo sets the tone for the story (Bias 101) and certainly not reality on the ground. The overwhelming majority of what we see on newscasts everyday for months in half dozen cities clearly show black youths hurling bricks at police, burning squad cars, assaulting peaceful protesters, burning and looting businesses with much dancing and clapping.

              Second tip off: the introduction on top of story second sentence: “In October 2020, the FBI arrested Adam Fox, Barry Croft, and several other accomplices in a plot to kidnap and potentially execute Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.” Goes on several more sentences on the same topic impugning the right while totally ignoring Antifa and BLM in opening arguments setting the tone for the rest.

              It is IMPOSSIBLE to collect bulletproof honest data on every rioter in every city for months, same as a sampling, to form a credible conclusion. Certainly that will not stop the pinhead researchers with a mossion.

              A tedious volume of fiction and extrapolated biased outcomes, the article is pure baloney and not worth the time to struggle to the end, IMHO…

            3. So pointing out that a bunch of white nationalist crazies were arrested for a plot to murder two American governors is “impugning the right?” I suppose you think they should get a prize, too.

              When I have a choice between your off-the-top guess and research by respected social scientists, I choose to believe them. It seems pretty obvious, like believing scientists rather than gut feelings about epidemiology and climatology.

            4. “So pointing out that a bunch of white nationalist crazies were arrested for a plot to murder two American governors is “impugning the right?”

              Not a surprIse TxRacist. In your case constantly denigrating whites in a racist fashion and to answer your question — a RESOUNDING, RIGHT!

              “When I have a choice between your off-the-top guess and research by respected social scientists”

              Oh well, excuse me Professor who has such a superior pedigree than a common white boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

              Respected by whom, Libtards? Scientists are BIASED and the gold standard is cooking the books (figures) in the Global Warming exposed e-mail scandal.

              Spare us the high and mighty proclamations that scientists are beyond scrutiny and shielded from accountability…

          1. BULLSHIT, that has the same credibility a CNN but you are too gullible to know it.

            Who is burning down our cities right now, you idiot?

            The next civil war will be fought between Americans and democrats. Yup, the war that the democrats started.

        1. Actually what it says is about his usual modus operandi.

          Dilute the reality of 90% of the last few weeks, months, years or decades of violence by those on the left with the small amount of violence coming from those who lean to the right.

          In this way it makes them appear equally at fault, which is his aim.
          Violence for any political reason is unacceptable, but throughout America’s history there has been bombings, assassinations, kidnappings and organized machines to run cities.

          What makes the recent past stand out from these other times, the worst since the late 60s (when they actually HAD something to protest about other than bad media reporting and social media post…) is the encouragement by one of the major political parties.

          So no, voting TxAbuser down for making excuses about his acceptance of violence is not a strange occurrence.

          1. I’m not sure how you can turn a statement that I am equally repulsed by violence on both sides into evidence of my acceptance of violence. To repeat, I do not accept violence, whether it is executed by rioters, militias, or out-of-control state actors. Can you say the same?

            1. Great example or reasonable political discourse. Since you won’t condemn violence against Americans who don’t share your views, I have to assume you endorse it. Thanks for making that perfectly clear by using an obscenity that literally glorifies sexual violence.

          2. TxDeflect as I posted above the fake biased article you are clinging to is FALSE leftist baloney and pure rubbish!

            It’s not 50-50 culpability that is an obvious LIE, it’s more like 95-5. But since when are you concerned about facts when TT put it best, “win at all costs” I find despicable…

            1. Even if it were 95-5, I have condemned violence on both sides. You haven’t. As far as we can tell from your public comments, you are just fine with unreasonable police and domestic terrorist violence… so long as the victims aren’t from your tribe.

            2. Well TxDeceiver, now that you called me a racist, sorry implied your normal communication style — I have no obligation to answer your questions or act civil.

              Pay attention — Go f*ck yourself!!!…

        1. GoeB, you reached “nuff said” in your posts about five years ago. You portray yourself as a savant of politics and history. But you are not erudite. You base your terribly flawed opinions on data that is either fictitious/fabricated, taken wildly out of context, or manipulated with ill intent.

          Have you considered that 2020 Republican candidates like Trump are predominantly the ones who are altering videos and photos to either promote their own agendas or unfairly disparage Democrats? You used photos of riots from other countries! You used photos from many years ago and acted like they happened just recently. You even steal artist’s copyrighted musical works on a regular basis.

          The Trump campaign won’t even pay its bills! From four years ago!

          1. My personal favorite is this one:

            During unrest after police fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr. in his west Philadelphia neighborhood on Monday, the national Fraternal Order of Police used social media to share a tale of police rescuing a lost toddler from the protests there and described officers as “the only thing standing between order & anarchy” — echoing language it had used while backing Trump.

            In fact, police had seized the boy from his car seat after smashing the windows on his mother’s car and violently arresting her, the woman’s lawyer says. The lawyer said she drove inadvertently onto a street where police were confronting protesters.

            1. Walter Wallace Jr. had a long violent criminal history and the police were called four times the day he threatened police officers lives with a knife. He deserved what he spawned.

              “described officers as “the only thing standing between order & anarchy” — echoing language it had used while backing Trump.”

              Just kills you the law and order police support President Trump. That’s your problem.

              “In fact, police had seized the boy from his car seat after smashing the windows on his mother’s car and violently arresting her”

              So you are saying the police did not rescue the boy from a troubled mother that was irresponsible in bringing her child to the middle of a protest after the child’s bedtime?

              You are NEVER interested in the truth TxUsed. You are only interested in defending thugs, impugning police and denigrating President Trump…

            2. What would your reaction have been if armed police officers smashed your car and forcibly kidnapped your child because he missed his bedtime, then issued a press release taking credit for rescuing him from you?

              If they had executed the mother for the capital offense of “making a wrong turn while driving home with your child,” would you approve that, too?

              Of course that will never happen to you, for obvious reasons. You will never see a police officer as a thug because they will never see somebody who looks like you as a thug subject to summary “justice.”.

          2. OMG, i’m not “erudite” the horror of it all! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            “You base your terribly flawed opinions on data that is either fictitious/fabricated, taken wildly out of context, or manipulated with ill intent.”

            Gee Mel, exactly what the Democrats rely on DAILY. Just turn on CNN or pick up a copy of the woke newspapers run by kids like the NY Slimes or the Washed Post.

            I have seen no evidence of Republicans altering videos to produce a false message. Certainly I am not OK with the practice from either party.

            Better lie down now Mel, that leftist fever swamp temperature triggered by snob elitism is rising…

  2. How about fixing Safari 14 for Mac which is an absolute disaster? Better still, what about allowing us to downgrade to the previous version. Oh no, Apple can’t do that because then they’d be admitting to failure and the company puts out this image of cool products that improve the quality of our lives. Well, Safari is so unworkable it has had the opposite effect of my life.

    Just for the record it’s been three weeks since they quietly withdrew the update from the App Store and there hasn’t been a peep from the company since then.

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