Apple TV+ in bidding war with Netflix for James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ film

It’s rumored that the new, long-delayed James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’ is being wooed by streaming platforms for insane amounts of money, with Apple TV+ and Netflix engaged in a bidding war.

Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars


Top streamers with deep pockets have proposed to buy the much awaited movie, and are offering monstrous sums of money to host the film on their respective platforms. Netflix and Apple TV Plus are two streaming platforms that are said to be at the forefront of the offers.

Word is also out that MGM, the film studio that owns the Bond franchise, is under tremendous pressure to sell the film to the highest bidder, given that the theatre scenario is not likely to normalize completely any time soon.

No Time To Die is a highly anticipated film due to several reasons. It is the 25th film of the super successful James Bond franchise, which certainly makes it a special film. It is also the last time Daniel Craig returns on screen as the suave James Bond.

MacDailyNews Take: Big name feature films move the needle. James Bond certianly fits the bill. Tom Hanks’ World War II procedural ‘Greyhound’ gave Apple TV+ its first bona fide blockbuster hit. Since then, Apple TV+ executives have been looking to double down on feature films because, reportedly, some 30% of those who watched ‘Greyhound’ were new Apple TV+ subscribers.


  1. Whoever wins the bidding war will ultimately lose. It’s not going to be popular. It’s no longer James Bond, but Woke Bond. More subversion. Just like they did with Luke Skywalker.

    1. LOL! “Woke Bond.” Good one. The article says that he’s suave. No; Not a Craig personality at all. He’s rather dour, another brooding, over-muscular hero. We have seen many such before. A swave actor would have been Clive Owen who starred in King Arthur and, besides, has won many awards. Good presence.

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