Austin Mann reviews iPhone 12 Pro camera

Professional photographer Austin Mann hit Glacier National Park in Montana with an new Apple iPhone 12 Pro to test out Apple’s second-best camera capabilities. (His iPhone 12 Pro Max camera review is coming soon!)

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four stainless steel finishes, including graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.
iPhone 12 Pro camera

Austin Mann:

I’ve been exploring this area, based out of our Airstream, testing the camera of the new iPhone 12 Pro in all kinds of conditions from bright and sunny to dark and snowy.

The iPhone 12 Pro’s upgrades really rely on software, whereas the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets all the software upgrades and a major hardware upgrade. With the iPhone 12 Pro in hand this week, a lot of my focus has been on Ultra Wide Night mode, LiDAR autofocus, and exploring new capabilities in the software…

We now have true exposure adjustment that doesn’t revert back to auto mode every time a pictured is captured.

This adjustment remains even when you switch between .5x, 1x, and 2x lenses, or when switching modes. Even if you lock your iPhone and come back to it later, it still remembers your exposure settings. This is much more like working with a traditional manual camera and I love it…

Note: This is different than the tap-and-hold AE/AF lock that we’ve had for years. This is exposure adjustment only and doesn’t lock focus.

To toggle this setting, go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings > Exposure Adjustment. (I leave mine ON.)

The iPhone 12 Pro is a solid camera, and thanks to a bunch of new digital tech I found it to be slightly stronger than the already great iPhone 11 Pro — but if you are serious about photography with your iPhone, wait for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It looks to be the most significant jump in iPhone camera hardware we’ve experienced in years, and it’s only three weeks away.

MacDailyNews Take: Hurry over to Austin Mann’s site for much more, including all of his iPhone 12 Pro photos!

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