Apple said to launch ‘HomePod mini’ next month at just $99

A Chinese Weibo user, “Kang,” this morning posted specs and pricing for every product, including all iPhone 12 models, set to be announced at Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event on October 13th, including the rumored smaller, less expensive “HomePod mini” smart speaker.

Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.
Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.

HomePod is built to bring out the best in Apple Music. With the intelligence of Siri and access to over 60 million songs, it learns what you like and helps you discover more music you’ll love. And that takes the listening experience to a whole new level.

Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

According to the leak, the the official name of the speaker is ‌HomePod‌ Mini, which will be priced at $99. The size of the speaker is said to be 3.3-inches high (the height of the original ‌HomePod‌ is 6.8-inches) and it is allegedly powered by an S5 processor, which is used in the Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE.

The ‌HomePod‌ Mini is said to go on sale on November 16-17. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested the new speaker could include two tweeters, rather than the current model’s seven, in order to drive down costs.

MacDailyNews Take: We love our HomePods and hope the new lower-priced “HomePod mini” will be able to bring that experience to many more users.


  1. I’d like to see a flying drone speaker that hovers around 5 feet above your head and follows you everywhere you go, playing music and responding to Siri inquiries. Could be the next big thing.

  2. It’s just sad now.. Apple has tried more than once to expand its ecosystem but failed. Remember the ipod HiFi? It lasted less than a year. and even with the “improved” Siri it’s STILL. years later! a complete waste of time with most questions telling you “what i found on the web”.. Apple misunderstands that GOOD ENOUGH is good enough. Listen to the Alexa Echo sometime.. from the next room.. while you are working, or having dinner or just relaxing.. It’s fine. Sounds great for the PURPOSE it serves. I dunno.. maybe there’s a large group of people out there who sit in their easy chair and spend 90 minutes just listening to their favorite music, focusing on the audio quality. That’s not how most music heard now. They now think by dropping the price, the size, the quality and because it’s part of the Apple Ecosystem they can keep their third place voice assistant relevant. No.

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