Apple’s App Store generated 2X as much revenue as Google’s Play Store in Q3 2020

Apple’s App Store generated nearly twice as as much revenue as Google’s Play Store in Q3 2020, despite Android holding 74.44% worldwide market share vs. Apple’s iOS holding 24.98% as of September 2020, according to StatCounter.

Worldwide consumer spending in mobile apps reached $29.3 billion and their installs climbed to 36.5 billion across Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the third quarter, preliminary Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates show.

Likely due to COVID-19 lockdowns, users spent 32 percent more than the $22.2 billion generated in 3Q19 and installs grew by 23.3 percent from 29.6 billion in the year-ago quarter. In comparison, spending increased 24 percent between 3Q18 and 3Q19 and installs grew by 9 percent in that period. The split in spending between the two platforms remained consistent when compared to 3Q19, with Apple’s App Store generating nearly twice the revenue earned on Google’s app store.

Apple's App Store generated 2X as much revenue as Google's Play Store in Q3 2020

Stephanie Chan for SensorTower:

Mobile game spending had previously surged in the second quarter as consumers around the globe sheltered in place and sought out more entertainment options. The third quarter also saw significant growth for the category, climbing 26.7 percent Y/Y to reach $20.9 billion in worldwide consumer spending on the App Store and Google Play. More than half of this revenue came from users on the App Store, which generated $12.4 billion from in-game spending, up 24 percent Y/Y from 3Q19. Games on Google’s platform generated $8.5 billion in gross revenue, reflecting 30.8 percent Y/Y growth.

MacDailyNews Take: Clearly the demographics of each platform are significantly different. Hee Haw!


  1. I believe that legislators and market regulators in the US and in Europe pursue Apple because they want a larger cut off of the top of Apple’s dominating market position. In their view, this could very well be an unfair advantage, even predatory, over corporations that make a smaller percentage. This must be their visceral core motivator to misuse their investigatory powers.
    A second motivation might be their outrage that Apple goes to extraordinary lengths to secure people’s private info on its devices because it makes tracking tougher by private and gov. spies and trackers.
    I wonder if there’s an app and add-on to Safari to permanently prevent the storage of cookies.

  2. It surprises me that Android has that kind of market share. Most people I run into own an iPhone (yes, I run into an occasional Android). I guess the marketshare must be bigger than 25 percent in the US?

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