Apple: ‘We have always abided by the law in Ireland,’ as EU appeals tax grab loss

On Friday, Apple said it has always complied with Irish tax laws and that the issue which led to an EU tax order of 13 billion euros ($15 billion) was more a case of where it should pay taxes rather than the amount.

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition
Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition
Apple’s statements came after the European Commission said it would appeal a court ruling that rejected its tax grab attempt.


“The General Court categorically annulled the Commission’s case in July and the facts have not changed since then. This case has never been about how much tax we pay, rather where we are required to pay it,” Apple said in a statement.

“We will review the Commission’s appeal when we receive it, however it will not alter the factual conclusions of the General Court, which prove that we have always abided by the law in Ireland, as we do everywhere we operate,” it said.

MacDailyNews Take: The EU will lose in its attempt to save face by appealing a case it failed to prove in the first place.

A company’s business success, regardless of degree, doesn’t mean some quasi-governmental political confederation headed by a dingbat gets to retroactively grab whatever sum they want.MacDailyNews, July 15, 2020

The dunce Vestager is out of her depth.

Is Ireland its own country or merely a vassal state to a quasi-governmental political confederation that’s already been hit with one very significant defection?

The EU’s retroactive tax grab is a farce. — MacDailyNews, October 4, 2017

I think that Apple was targeted here. And I think that (anti-US sentiment) is one reason why we could have been targeted. People in leadership positions in several countries tell me that this is the agenda. I don’t know where that comes from. But what I feel strongly about is that this decision was politically based, of that I’m very confident. There is no reason for it in fact or in law… At a worldwide level, Apple pays income tax of 26.1 percent… I’d be the first to say that the tax system needs to be reformed and that it should be made simple and straightforward. But it should be talked about going forward, not in a way that retrofits the law to what others wish it was. It’s patently unfair and not what you expect from a developed country that has a history of rule and law.Apple CEO Tim Cook, September 1, 2016


    1. The lying has gone past a joke. Other than their litigation costs, the EU will not see one euro of that $15 billion if it wins. It will all go to Ireland, which is aligned with Apple because it would rather vindicate its tax policy than get the money. Under the formulas used to finance EU institutions, Ireland will pay the same whether it wins or loses, so the EU has no chance of receiving any part of the $15B. The issue for both the EU and Ireland is tax policy going forward. I don’t know why that seems so hard to understand, or why Americans are so inclined to see the EU as a boogieman.

      1. Whether the EU is a boogieman is a matter of opinion. Whether the Apple litigation constitutes a “tax grab” is not.

        The EU as an institution isn’t grabbing or trying to grab anything. It is trying to force Apple to pay taxes to Ireland that the Irish Government insists that it is not owed. Win, lose, or draw, the EU gets nothing. The EU’s funding sources will be unaffected, one way or the other.

        The EU will lose their legal costs if they lose the suit, but that is ALL that is at stake in a financial sense. This is a dispute about tax policy, not about unjust enrichment. If Apple wins, most if not all of the money will go to US rather than Irish taxes; Apple will keep very little of it. Nothing gets “grabbed,” one way or the other.

        1. “The EU as an institution isn’t grabbing or trying to grab anything. It is trying to force Apple to pay taxes to Ireland that the Irish Government insists that it is not owed.”

          Creative but thinly veiled “tax grab” in history by Big Brother EU forcing socialist standards on Ireland and disrespecting their ability to negotiate deals with Apple. As an AOC Democrat, certainly understand your support.

          BTW, both I and MDN disagree with you…

          1. That is the level of Goeb’s pathetic debating skills. If he can find anyone to share his biased opinion, he thinks he is correct. He doesn’t actually read the law, nor the court brief, nor any evidence actually presented in the trial. To seek data from the source is too much work, so Goeb spends his pathetic life using a biased google ad site to tell him what opinions to parrot.

            Apple got special treatment from Ireland. Period.

            You know damn well that if Pelosi Industries Inc got a special tax deal from Ireland, your preferred news outlets would all be screaming bloody murder.

            Can we not agree that worldwide business taxation must be transparent and fair, so no corruption exists to allow special deals to benefit one company more than another ?????

            If Ireland wants to woo business investment, it should offer the same tax rates to local Irish industry as it does foreign corporations. America too. Wisconsin just tried to bribe Foxconn with billions in tax benefits — with Wisconsin taxpayers shouldering the burden. How is that a good thing? You’re simply enriching a foreign company that is already so flush with cash they don’t need any support of any kind.

            1. “If Ireland wants to woo business investment, it should offer the same tax rates to local Irish industry as it does foreign corporations.”

              Spoken like a true socialist that wants to deliver and distribute high tax pain EQUALLY.

              As for the rest of your baloney, I am immune from sophistry…

            2. So you would approve a tax incentive program that offered millions of taxpayer-funded credits to a Chinese company that promised to build a plant in your home town when local American companies could not get the same benefits?

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