Fitness+ may be the most important product Apple unveiled this week

Apple this week unveiled Fitness+, the first fitness experience built for Apple Watch, arriving later this year. The new service intelligently incorporates metrics from Apple Watch for users to visualize right on their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, offering a first-of-its-kind personalized workout experience.

Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built for Apple Watch and will be available later this year.
Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built for Apple Watch and will be available later this year.

Everyone from beginners to committed exercisers can access studio-style workouts delivered by inspiring world-class trainers and underscored by motivating music from renowned artists, making it easier and more rewarding for customers to exercise, whenever and wherever they like.

Adam Levy for The Motley Fool:

Fitness+ is strongly tied to the Apple Watch (it’s essential hardware), and it currently requires an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to stream workouts as well. The Apple Fitness+ app could be another on-ramp for hardware sales and produce stronger customer retention.

Apple already has a massive iPhone user base to sell Fitness+ to, and it could be the first service to drive hardware sales beyond the iPhone. And when subscribers are looking to buy home workout equipment, they may be inclined to purchase a bike or treadmill that licenses Apple GymKit software, to further improve the experience.

There’s potential for Apple Fitness+ to reach several million subscribers in short order. That could make it an important factor in driving Apple’s services revenue going forward, particularly as part of the Apple One bundle. The service will also play a role in boosting Apple’s other products category, which includes the Apple Watch and Apple TV. A few million Fitness+ subscribers could have a much broader effect than just the subscription revenue it brings in directly…

MacDailyNews Take: Fitness+ is a huge lure for Apple One Premier. Here are the Apple One plans:

Apple One plans
Apple One plans

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  1. For $25/month, I already subscribe to Apple Music and 2TB iCloud storage (plus free year of Apple TV+, I probably wouldn’t have renewed when trial is up). Apple One is a total no brainer for me. Four more services for another $5/month. Brilliant move Apple, because I will also make sure that anybody in my house who wants to use Fitness+ has an Apple Watch. I’m a total sucker.

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