Spotify falls after Apple launches new Apple One bundle

Apple on Tuesday unveiled Apple One, the ultimate collection of Apple services for one low monthly price. Spotify, as usual, isn’t happy.

Apple One bundles up to six amazing Apple services into one easy subscription. Get a plan that’s right for you — or for your whole family. And all members have private access to each service, across all their devices.

Apple One plans
Apple One plans


Shares of Spotify Technology SA fell as much as 7% on Wednesday, after Apple Inc announced a bundled plan for all its services that lowered the cost of Apple Music subscriptions.

The Swedish company, whose 138 million paying subscribers dwarf Apple Music and Amazon Music, lashed out at the iPhone maker’s move that was announced on Tuesday.

Spotify said the Apple One bundle disadvantages streaming music rivals by favoring its own Apple Music service.

MacDailyNews Take: Whiners forever. Spotify’ll be bleating like sheep as they disappear into the ether.

“What Apple is attempting to do is sort of form an ecosystem, like what Amazon Prime has done, where they become a one stop shop, and certainly because of that competitors like Spotify do face some risk,” said Aadil Zaman, partner at Wall Street Alliance Group.

MacDailyNews Take: With the advent of Apple One, Spotify’s value proposition sucks even more today. Spotify can’t compete, so they litigate.


  1. Spotify is whining about Apple yet again with anti-trust threats. Spotify has a huge user base so I’m not sure why they’re so concerned about AppleMusic. Amazon has Amazon Music bundled with other services, so what is the big deal if Apple does it. Spotify is a nice music service so the quality of Spotify should hold most customers. I doubt users are going to jump ship just because of Apple’s service bundle. Each time Apple offers something new, there’s this cry of monopoly echoing around the internet. Spotify is lucky Apple doesn’t try to undercut them in price without the bundle. I honestly don’t understand this monopoly stuff. iOS doesn’t have even close to majority market share. Spotify has quite a few OS platforms to make money from. I just can’t imagine Apple is going to steal all of Spotify’s subscribers away.

  2. Spotify is in a tough spot. They are trying to sell something that other companies are happy to give away as a loss leader. Kind of like selling calculators when your insurance agent will give you one for free with some advertising printed on the back. Unfortunately for Spotify there is nothing in the law that says other companies can’t give your product away for free or bundled.

    1. I’d hate to imagine what you think about the MDN biz model: a thinly disguised political cherry picking WordPress site covered in Google ads and tracking, dedicated to biting the hand that feeds it (Google), cheerleading AAPL while bitching hypocritically about anything that CEO Cook does or says, beating its chest about Merica Great while ignoring that non democratic corporations like Apple don’t give a shit about nationalism or any country’s greatness—they are in it to make themselves rich by any means possible and that hasn’t included doling out good paying manufacturing jobs to ‘Mericans for decades. Neither flavor of rich fat guy rule, corporatocracy Cook style (globalist) nor oligarchy Putin/Trump style (isolationist) are good for Americans. But that doesn’t stop MDN from being a corner sign flipper for the fat cats.

  3. The Premier plan is a good deal for me. Already pay $19 for Apple Music, and small iCloud backups so for an extra $10 get everything. Fitness+ interests me and I will use News+ since it will be available.

  4. I switched from Spotify to Apple Music months ago, because I got an Apple Watch and it only support Apple Music streaming curently. I miss Spotify and I am looking forward to the Spotify integration on Apple Watch. Before than, I guess the only way to enjoy Spotify on the watch is draw help from some Audfree Spotify converter.

  5. Spotify can reach more devices than Apple Music. With my student plan, I only pays for $5. So I transfer all my Apple Music songs to Spotify with the help of TunesKit Audio Converter.

  6. Spotify is much more friendly to free users. I prefer Spotify and I would like to use AudKit Spotify Downloader to get my Spotify music downloads for offline listening.

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