Leaker: New Apple Watch color coming; on sale September 15th

Reliable Apple leaker @L0vetodream has posted a series of tweets regarding what’s expected to be called Apple Watch Series 6, including a new color, date of availability, price, and more:

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5


For sale starting on day of unveiling, Septmeber 15th.

With quick charging capability!

At least $569 to start.

So, does L0vetodream just like avocados? Or will the new Apple Watch come in avocado green?

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll all know for sure tomorrow!


  1. New color is nice, I guess. But you know what would be really valuable? If some of the older Apple Watch models (mine is V4) had the “always on” feature via a software upgrade … even if it only lasts 12 hours (daytime). Tapping my phone with my nose because both hands are occupied is just weird.

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