Apple Watch saves life of police officer stabbed during an arrest

Apple Watch has been credited with helping the life of a police officer who was stabbed by a wanted felon in the Town of Superior, Arizona. Sergeant Sosa of the Superior Police Department was able to speak to his dispatcher using his Apple Watch after his radio was out of reach.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

On February 5, Sosa was stabbed near his femoral artery. A PCSO first responder in Dispatch persistently attempted to contact the sergeant while he was fighting for his life.

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Sosa was attempting to arrest a wanted felon, one that turned out badly for the sergeant.

After catching up with the suspect, Sosa was then confronted, and then struggled to bring the man to the ground. However, during the pursuit, Sosa’s microphone unplugged from the radio, which combined with holding the suspect on the ground, made it impossible to get back in contact with dispatcher Gloria Wheeler.

The only way I was able to communicate was through my Watch. When I was struggling with the suspect on the floor, I was able to hear my phone ringing, but I couldn’t grab it. And I could hear the radio calling, but I wasn’t able to reach it, so I was able to communicate with dispatch through my Apple Watch. The dispatch was calling me and I was able to hit the Talk button and that’s why I was able to continue fighting with the subject while talking to dispatch.

Somehow he was able to get his fingers into his pocket and slide out the pocket knife. — Sergeant S. Sosa

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch saves yet another life!


  1. Apple Watch doesn’t see or care about skin color. To Apple Watch, all lives matter.

    Support your police officers. 99.99% of them are brave people of all colors doing extremely difficult jobs, risking their lives for the rest of us.

    1. 99.99% of these “brave people” will not report a crooked cop. There are 1000’s “cops gone wild” videos on the web. And unlike the “mainstream media”, these videos show lots of whites getting their noggins cracked.

        1. That seems to be your only brain-dead contribution here – ad hominem attacks. You’ve made an online career out of holding your head firmly up your own derriere and plainly your brain cells have deteriorated back to1st grade.

          Get lost kid and let the adults talk here.

            1. Boris/Vlad/Hal, etc., etc., etc.

              The only thing I project on you and your many pseudonyms is the light of day and the adolescent fraud you are. I’ll bet you think you are real clever instead of the obvious transparent clumsy oaf and family embarassment you are. Take a long walk on a short plank.

          1. Hyperbolic absurdity…

            “happy to see police act as executioners”

            Who? What words stated here give you the authority/assurance to make such a statement?

            I’ve not meet one single human in life that shares in that pleasure. Maybe you find pleasure in inciting with such dreck?

          2. “We also have the problem that some here in the MDN peanut gallery are happy to see police act as executioners.”

            Based on what? It seems you’re talking out of the wrong orifice.

          3. Since you apparently don’t know how to use a search engine, how about Twitter? Here are five of the 140 cases between May 29 and June 4, 2020:

            Here are the first 20 cases:


            Here is a database of attacks on journalists that lists 812 so far in 2020:


            1. You’ve got to be kidding. My conclusion…

              Systemic police racism and systemic police targeting of journalists isn’t happening.

              Spouting there’s a parallel of substance is just sophistry fueled by your willingness to engage in and denial of any bias. “Deceptiveness” is again associated with your posts.

              The “fact-man” needs a fact checker.

            1. Use a search engine on “police violence against journalists” and you can find as many examples as you like. One source found 140 examples within four days at the height of the BLM protests.

              Since journalists tend to carry cameras and sound recorders (and tend to appear in groups at newsworthy events) most of these events are documented. As often as not, the police agency issues a press release that is incompatible with the recordings, because bad cops are not only violent but lie about it in official reports. In the LA case I cited first, they thought they could lie because they had smashed the journalist’s devices.

            2. “Yes, I can name more than one. I can name a couple of hundred. I’ve already told you where to find the list.”

              Just name one. Show me the list. You don’t because you can’t. You’re just another big blow-hard phony liberal nut-job.

          1. the Democrat Party advocates BLM which advocates killing cops. Democrats have been for racism since before the Civil War. Democrats defended slavery. Democrats implemented Jim Crow. Democrats implemented welfare to destroy urban black families. That worked. Democrats implemented affirmative action a government run racist program. Democrats, including their candidate for President, say if a black doesn’t vote for them, that person is not black. That is the definition of racism. Democrats just love racism and love inciting race wars. It is what they do every election season.

            1. Funny. When I click on that same link, the first incident is a reporter arrested in Kalamazoo, MI while livestreaming a report on a Proud Boys right-wing rally.

              The 800+ entries include all efforts by anybody to restrain reporters doing their constitutionally-protected jobs. If you had bothered to read, you would have seen that most of the incidents involve government action of one sort or another.


  2. Ironically, a portion of the money used to buy the Apple Watch was used to fund the Marxist organization ultimately responsible for shooting the cops.

    AAPL, stop sending money to BLM, so they can launder it for the DNC.

  3. “When I was struggling with the suspect on the floor, I was able to hear my phone ringing, but I couldn’t grab it. And I could hear the radio calling, but I wasn’t able to reach it,”…

    What?!? Yelling TIME-OUT so you could fix your gear didn’t work as well as it should according to all these defund the police idiot politicians and Whacko Yoko Loco protesters? Better send in the degreed Social Workers next time, and maybe they can use their college diploma as a shield against the next knife wielding maniac!

    Otherwise, you’ll have systemically stupid white girls and boys jumping on police cars protesting, like they are currently doing in Lancaster, PA, after retreating officer defended himself by shooting aggressive man coming after him with knife. BAM! – Black Actions Matter strikes again. Play Stupid games, win stupid prizes. However, nice to know the Leftist BLM morons are out in force on the street seeking justice for a person who, just last year, stabbed four people! Bravo, my fellow idiot countrymen, Bravo!

  4. So, the “stabber” was implementing the Democrat/BLM Platform, know as “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”. It’s part of the Democrat Tolerance and Unity initiative – peace through murdering police officers.

    1. Kent, as usual, makes a claim without any evidence.

      Go ahead and show us how you know the thug voted against your party. Facts on the table.

      If we find that the pro-union cops (overpaid big guvmint employees) have spent their whole lives voting for donkeys, what will you say, kenty?

      1. The stabbing is the implementation of the BLM agenda you idiot. BLM repeats the chant “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” at every BLM rally. BLM stood at the ER door and blocked the EMTS and chanted “We hope they die”. You are evil. You like evil. You are todays Democrat.

    2. The “stabber” was a wanted felon who used violence in an effort to escape arrest by the officer executing the warrants. The LA shooter is likely to be a gang member trying to earn some street cred. There is no evidence at all that the perpetrator in either case was a Democrat, a BLM supporter, or politically aware in any sense.

      The only elected official I have heard lately advocating murder (in the form of extrajudicial executions) is the President of the United States.

        1. I can’t imagine how sad it is when you think you have to defend lynch mob violence because your favorite political candidate does. It is telling that you assume that any one who speaks out for the Constitution and equal justice under law cannot belong to your own political party.

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