Apple stock rallies as it holds above 50-day moving average

Shares of Apple rose 2.99% in Monday trading, with the stock continuing to hold above the widely watched 50-day moving average (DMA), which many on Wall Street view as a intermediate-term trend tracker.

Image: Apple logoTomi Kilgore for MarketWatch:

The stock closed just 2.98% above the 50-DMA on Friday, the narrowest spread since April 28. The last time it closed below the 50-DMA, which is currently at $109.21, was April 21.

On Monday, Apple’s 50-DMA was rising by 0.42%, compared with Friday’s 0.39% rise, which was the slightest gain since the 0.37% rise on July 29.

The 50-DMA first started declining post-COVID-19 on Feb. 27, but has been rising every day since it May 6. The post-COVID-19 closing low was on March 23. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq 100’s NDX, 1.72% 50-DMA is also still rising, but the 0.13% on Monday is the smallest rise since May 15; the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 50-DMA rose Monday by 0.16%, and has been rising every day since May 21.

MacDailyNews Take: As Jim Cramer says, “Don’t trade Apple. Own it.”


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      Its funny Warren Buffet who is very anti Trump and very Pro Obama, The same Warren Buffet who was so vocal in 2012, 2016 is remain silent this election cycle.

      don’t hate the messenger. Im not choosing sides in the moral argument of Biden vs Trump. Im here for all the people invested heavily in AAPL, just keep you eye on the ball, this great ride can’t continue forever, all good things come to an end. If Trump is elected we will break 200, If biden is elected we will live below 100 until will see where his mind is at 🙂

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