What’s the best email app for iPhone in 2020?

In 2020, the year of the rat’s ass (so far), what is the best email client for Apple’s iPhone? 9to5Mac takes a look at Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Spike, Airmail, Spark, Edison Mail, Twobird, and Hey.

What’s the best email app for iPhone in 2020?Bradley Chambers for 9to5Mac:

If you like the experience of Apple Mail, but want some additional features, Check out Outlook or Spark. Both of the apps do a fantastic job of making email less miserable.

If you want to check out an email app that is rebuilt for 2020, I would check out Spike or Twobird. I’ve been using Spike as my email app of choice since earlier this year, and I really like how it works. I treat my inbox as a to-do list and Spike has helped me stay on top of an inbox that grows by the hour.

I was equally impressed by Twobird, but until it adds support for my iCloud email, I can’t use it as my only email app.

MacDailyNews Take: Our experience with Mail would likely be better if we had average email Inboxes, but it’s devolved into a list of VIPs and a biweekly “Select All and Delete” resignation of defeat. Sigh.

Check out the full reviews of each app, including screenshots of each in Chambers’ full article.


  1. A sucsessfull day is when at 11 PM you have fewer unread emails than you had at 5 AM the morning of the same day.

    I prefer Apple Mail.

    I just wish they would get SMTP to work properly across all major SMTP mail servers. It works properly with some and not with others. This has been an ongoing issue with Apple Mail almost since day one, and Apple has never officially recognized the issue let alone fixed it.

    One major company with which I routinely work uses a popular mail package on its server used for the company’s mail. I have four devices I routinely use: Mac Pro desktop, MacBook Pro, and two iPhones (one current and one old beater). When I pull down mail from that company I have to go in and delete or mark read on each and every email on each and every device. Sometimes that is dozens of emails in a single day.

    If I’m using Apple mail for one of my Apple related accounts, e.g., “.me”, “.mac”, or other, what I do on one account is automatically carried over to all devices as SMTP should always be. Not so with some other popular mail server packages.

    Strangely if I use Outlook or some other mail softare on my devices SMTP works as it should across all devices for that company’s mail. I’ve thought about running two mail applications on my devices, but why should I? Apple should just fix mail. It’s broken and has been almost since day one.

  2. I use Apple mail for my iCloud mail account. I use Yahoo mail for my Yahoo mail accounts. I use Google mail for my Gmail mail accounts. I use Outlook mail for my Microsoft email accounts. Perhaps I’m complicated, but I have decided that each company knows how to navigate their own account security the best.

  3. Sort of related to this topic, using Mail on my iPad I’m surprised that Apple doesn’t appear to have included a way of adding clickable Hyperlinks within Mail. I’m aware of workarounds, but they are rather awkward. It’s been a standard feature in OSX Mail for years.

  4. Spike is no match with Spark email client. It’s the best email client than any other clients like outlook, mail, gmail. I was using outlook for more than 9 years and now moved to spark.

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