Dow drops nearly 425 points on Apple, Microsoft declines

Behind declines for shares of Apple Inc. and Microsoft, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is seeing a selloff Thursday afternoon.

U.S. stocks indexes riseMarketWatch:

Shares of Apple Inc. (-2.88%) and Microsoft (-2.48%) are contributing to the blue-chip gauge’s intraday decline, as the Dow (-1.21%) was most recently trading 420 points lower (-1.5%).

Apple Inc.’s shares are down $4.57, or 3.9%, while those of Microsoft have fallen $6.71, or 3.2%, combining for an approximately 74-point drag on the Dow.

MacDailyNews Take: Consider this a healthy bloodletting.


  1. Ok, you know the trump manipulation techniques by now. The only question is when to jump back in.
    trump is the sorriest person living. He knew this virus was worst than the flu but yet he lied about the effects of the virus. Many of you could have prevented yourself or parent or neighbor, or friend from getting this virus if trump only believed that Americans were not cowards like him. You that support trump, I know you are ashamed. trump lies, no getting around that. trump cares nothing for your life or the life of your family. trump uses you to benefit himself. trump is giving putin national secrets, the new nukes. trump has pitted American against American so you are occupied while he and his family and friends steal. trump got away with “grab them by the pussies”, so I’m sure you supporters of trump, after hearing trump’s own voice and own words, will blame somebody else by saying the media is out to get him. Keeping trump is going to kill a nation. On the other hand I get it, birds of a feather flock together, so, you don’t hear the lies. yes, sure, another trump bird, cloak in the feathers of lies, oh well, we will all be dead or dying cause of the lack of wearing a dollar mask around each other and keeping some distance between us.Oh hell!


    The buy signal is when trump tells the next lie to change the medias attention and your focus.

    As tump would say, “take one for the team”, of course it means your life not his.

  2. Yes Bob, you are correct about ONE thing.
    History will no doubt call you a DUMB ASS.

    Can’t wait for next week’s media charade that you will undoubtably fall for…just like the last 4 years worth.

    1. TowerTone how big a dumb ass are you. You don’t even believe your own ears. You are a big, BIG DUMB ASS. Even with truth kicking you in your dumb ass you don’t even admit the truth. Maybe if the truth kicks you in the face, you still won’t get it. Maybe it will take your death bed to realize you you put your trust in the world’s worst liar. You bird of a feather you.

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            1. Typical cliche unimaginative moronic conservative response since you have nothing intelligent to say nor any way to refute what’s going on in front of all of us clearly.

              Your poor choices & judgment in an extremely poor leader, who is an accident of history, will indeed not go down well in the history books. We will all pay the price for your un-American foolishness. Better get back to your square dancing, beer guzzling and target practicing Bubba.

    2. There are now many Republicans Against Trump groups out there – unprecedented in any previous election – and for good reason. But of course you will bury your head in the sand. While you’re at it do the rest of us a favor and bury the rest of you too.

    1. Who told you? Would it be the same guy who was telling Bob Woodward (in an on-the-record taped interview on Feb. 6) that he had known since late January that the novel coronavirus was a deadly threat, but continued telling the public that it wasn’t worth taking precautions against? The economy is screwed because of the virus, and the virus has screwed America more than anyplace else because of deception and mismanagement.

      If you don’t have a significant position in tech stocks, are you better off today than you were on January 19, 2017?

  3. So how do the Trump Muppets square this viscous circle self owning.
    Turns out EVERYTHING fat Donnie has said, done or not done ré Covid is a LIE.
    Since February the Trump Muppets have brown nosed his every stupidity from “Its just like flu” and “It’s a Democrat Hoax”, accusing any deviation from the Trump lies as “un-American” and branding common sense and truths as “lies”
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    But it’s all a lie, he admitted it. When organized panic was needed, he bottled it. He played golf. He overruled science, common sense and the response rule book. For what? …to protect his fragile ego? a cover for spineless inaction? a re-election gamble?
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    “You’re Welcome”

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