An October iPhone 12 launch is a big 5G win for Verizon

Time is of the essence for both Apple and Verizon. The lack of a September iPhone launch shortens Apple’s fiscal Q1 sales window, but it also buys the nation’s largest carrier more time to roll out its 5G network.

Alleged 'iPhone 12' molds reveal iPhone 4-like appearance. Source: Twitter @Jin_Store
Alleged ‘iPhone 12’ molds reveal iPhone 4-like appearance. Source: Twitter @Jin_Store

Eli Blumenthal for CNET:

Next week’s [Apple] event will be focused on the Apple Watch and iPad Air. Those wanting to learn more about the iPhone will likely need to wait until next month.

It’s a fortuitous outcome for Verizon, which is locked in a race with rivals AT&T and T-Mobile to cover more cities and neighborhoods with 5G. Much like with 4G, having those bragging rights is critical in an industry where network superiority is a huge factor for consumers. Had Apple launched its iPhone next week, Verizon would’ve likely not been ready with its network, opening it up to criticism from bombastic rival T-Mobile.

Verizon has said that plans to launch a nationwide low-band 5G network in the “second half of 2020,” even detailing last month that all plans — including older ones — will be able to use the low-band network so long as they have a compatible 5G phone. However, as the calendar slowly inches towards 2021, Verizon still has yet to detail when or where this new network will be active…

With the iPhone now seemingly locked into October, Verizon gets a little more time. But its clock is also now ticking a bit louder.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re considering switching carriers this year for the first time in many years (from Verizon to T-Mobile).


  1. Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile 16 months ago. Military discount family member provides us unlimited everything for only $20 a month per line.

    Initially, it was not the best phone talk signal. 4-6 months in, the signal rivaled Verizon.

    T-Mobile is not “everywhere” like Verizon is. However, if you are in a decently populous area 99% of your time (most of us are), then T-Mobile might be the play. Their low-end 5G is mercy incremental 4G, but it was probably the right play. It’s going to simply be faster and not a huge battery suck, with aggressive pricing.

    So glad the Feds did something right in not allowing ATT to buy out T-Mobile a few years ago!

  2. long term TMO user. live in Miami so up/down service is great, hotspot included. also appreciate their international roaming benefits, free flight wifi and free nextflix. hope you have similar experience.

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