Apple disabling ‘Sign in with Apple’ for Epic Games on September 11th

Following the termination of Epic Games’ developer account, Apple is also ending Epic’s access to other services, such as “Sign in with Apple.”

Sign in with Apple
Sign in with Apple

According to Epic Games, Apple will no longer let users sign in to Epic Games using “‌Sign in with Apple” as of September 11th:

MacDailyNews Take: Good. Apple should make Epic Games’ as miserable as possible.

On Tuesday, Apple countersued Fortnite-maker Epic Games asking for lost App Store fees and other damages while seeking an order to stop the game maker from operating its own in-app payment system.

Apple also this week released a statement maintaining that there’s no chance of the companies working together as things stand. Epic “repeatedly submit Fortnite updates designed to violate the guidelines of the App Store,” Apple said. “This is not fair to all other developers on the App Store and is putting customers in the middle of their fight.”

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Epic says that customers who use ‌Sign in with Apple‌ to access their Epic Games accounts should make sure their email and password are up to date…

Customers who do not update to a standard email address and password will not be able to log in to their accounts, but after September 11, those who did not transition from ‌Sign in with Apple‌ may be able to contact Epic Games to have their accounts recovered manually.

MacDailyNews Take: When you bite the hand that feeds you, you risk going hungry.


  1. Apple is going to drive developers away with this – particularly the larger ones. Remember that Apple can change their guidelines at any time in any way they like, and has no reason to care should a developer find it unfair.

    No one wants to have their investment in time an money so subject to the whims of another.

    1. “No one wants to have their investment in time an money so subject to the whims of another.”
      And what would you say Epic is doing? Apple has invested time and money into providing a very stable and secure store for developers to thrive in. If we’re talking fair, how is it fair that a tantrum (Epic’s) would be the right way to achieve change?

    2. Show me when or where Apple changed the guidelines just for Epic. You can’t. Therefore, it is Epic who insists to change Apple’s guidelines which means that “No one [such as Apple] wants to have their investment in time an[d] money so subject to the whims of another [Epic]. As I clearly demonstrated, you are ascribing to Apple what Epic is doing. That’s lazy thinking or maybe — and I am just guessing — you are dishonest.

    3. I call BS. Apple can, but hasn’t changed anything, and they won’t because its not good business – Apple is smart. Developers want money for the work they do, so they won’t leave Apple either, because that’s where the money is – Developers are smart. Epic is charged the exact same 30% by Sony, Microsoft, and Google, but only goes after Apple, WTF…and it’s Apple’s platform that was the biggest contributor to Epics’ growth – Epic is stupid. The phrase EPIC FAIL has a new poster child.

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