Epic Games tries again to get back into Apple’s App Store

Epic Games has made another appeal to a judge to block Apple from removing “Fortnite” from Apple’s App Store in what the game maker calls “retaliation” for offering in-app purchases through its own marketplace. Epic’s request for a court action last Friday comes after Epic was denied an order last month that would have temporarily stopped Apple from removing “Fortnite” from the App Store.

Epic Games' Fortnite
Epic Games’ Fortnite

Malathi Nayak for Bloomberg News:

Apple released a statement maintaining it isn’t backing down, adding that there’s no chance of the companies working together as things stand.

Epic “repeatedly submit Fortnite updates designed to violate the guidelines of the App Store,” Apple said. “This is not fair to all other developers on the App Store and is putting customers in the middle of their fight.”

Their simmering dispute intensified Aug. 13 when Epic told customers it would begin offering a discounted direct purchase plan for items in Fortnite. Apple then removed the app from its App Store…

Fortnite players have spent almost $1.2 billion through Apple’s App Store and nearly $9.7 million though Google Play on in-game purchases, according to mobile-app market data firm Sensor Tower. That generated revenue of about $354 million for Apple and $3 million for Google.

MacDailyNews Take: The Hee Haw demographic has rarely been lit so starkly.

In August, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued a mixed ruling following Epic’s initial face-off with Apple in her court. While she declined to order Apple to restore the Fortnite app, she agreed to temporarily block the iPhone maker from limiting Epic’s ability to provide Unreal Engine, key graphics technology for developers, for other apps.

MacDailyNews Take: Operative word in the headline: Apple’s.

Epic Games wants all of the benefits afforded to it by Apple’s App Store for free.


  1. I do not want my phone security compromised by having 3rd party systems being able to place apps on my phone.
    That is essentially the outcome of this trial if EPIC wins. There is no way that Apple can allow different fee levels on the Apple Store. Therefore, Apple will be forced to allow apps to be loaded outside of the App Store if the developer is not willing to pay the 30% fee.

    1. But Apple already cut a different fee level with Amazon which isn’t very fair to other developers. Believe me, I want Apple to completely control the App Store, but the courts aren’t going to allow it. There are plenty of anti-Apple groups out there although I’m not sure how effective they are. I’m thinking only the news media is mainly biased against Apple just to get clicks. The console app stores are locked on 30% fees, but yet Apple is getting flack for doing the same. I don’t get it. Any developer signing a contract and then violating it (after making plenty of money) just seems wrong. Then what’s the point of a legal contract?

      I would never want to set up a store and then have outsiders telling me how to run it. Those people should just go elsewhere if they’re unhappy.

      1. Ya! When there’s a Covid vaccine you can feel free to get it but don’t stop me and millions of other Americans from not getting it. After all millions of us not getting it has no effect whatsoever on you right? Freedom of choice is the most important thing!

        1. You can get me sick if you don’t, but insurance companies aren’t forced to insure you either, or they can charge you a million a month.

          Your kids could be homeschooled forever as well. They would have an idiot for a teacher though.

          1. “You can get me sick if you don’t”

            Ridiculous! My choice not to get the vaccine and lower my chance of getting the virus will have zero impact on you. I’ve heard you say that in these forums many many many times when it comes to the app store and iphones. Everyone knows no virus can spread beyond the single person or device it is contained in. You’re the one that taught us that.

            1. If you are unvaccinated you can infect others. Not that I expect you to understand that. That’s biology.

              Now name one example where a jailbroken iPhone infected other iPhones. One!

  2. If Epic isn’t happy with the App Store, why do they keep trying to get back in? Why don’t they just give up and go on with all the other available platforms. Apple was wrong to give Amazon a break which probably caused this whole mess. Now, I think the best solution would be for Apple to set up developer fee tiers. I only say this because I think the (world) courts are going to go against Apple. Apple shouldn’t allow the App Store to be compromised with other payment systems.

      1. There is no case, aside from Apple in house programs and a few (5,000 curated programs), Apple devices will sell just fine with 10,000 programs. Apple doesn’t need a App store with tons of garage programs.

        Most users, use Apple’s in house programs plus maybe a dozen third party programs beyond that.

        1. I agree. If the App Store were selling Apple property exclusively, with no third party programs.

          But even then, they still don’t own the devices.

          Most people don’t do calculus. Pffttt… who needs it.
          The earth is flat anyway.

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