Apple blasts Google, Facebook in new privacy ad

Apple debuted a new TV spot Thursday spotlighting iPhone’s security and privacy features and laying out thinly-veiled criticisms of rivals Google and Facebook.

The 60-second spot features a number of scenarios showcasing how Apple says it keeps users’ data safe.

Daniel Howley for Yahoo Finance:

There’s a man who tells everyone on a bus that he browsed for eight divorce attorneys last night, a woman having a conversation with her friend at work saying that she hates one of her coworkers, another woman telling a waitress that she purchased a pregnancy test, and a man who continuously shouts his heart rate.

The thrust of the ad is that Apple’s technology keeps all of that data safe, while competitors’ don’t… Apple views itself as, and arguably is, more privacy-minded than other tech giants like Facebook, which has repeatedly been called out ever since the Cambridge Analytica data breach in 2018.

MacDailyNews Take: Brutally effective. Apple doesn’t even need to say “Google” or “Facebook” since everyone with a brain is thinking “Google” and “Facebook.”

As we wrote back in September 2015: People who value privacy and security use Apple products.

Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain English, and repeatedly. I’m an optimist; I believe people are smart, and some people want to share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of your asking them. Let them know precisely what you’re going to do with their data. — Steve Jobs, June 2010

The more people are educated about unchecked data collection and the more who value their privacy, the better Apple’s sales will be. Today, it’s literally Apple against the world.MacDailyNews, July 14, 2017

Smart people who are concerned with protecting their privacy use Apple products. Certainly not Google and/or Facebook. — MacDailyNews, September 26, 2018


  1. I just gotta laugh. Android’s mobile market share is about 74% and it will likely stay that way. I doubt most Android smartphone users are very concerned about privacy or security. The reason why Facebook is such a dominating force is because people seem to love to tell others about themselves. Facebook is bursting with personal data and Facebook’s subscriber numbers are rapidly growing on a daily basis. Apple is fighting a losing battle promoting privacy as most people simply don’t care. I believe most people happily give their personal data for the privilege of having “free” social media services. I would never put actual personal information on Facebook for people to see. All my Facebook data is fictional. I only have a Facebook account because it’s useful as a login for many websites. I haven’t checked my Facebook site in about five years. It must be filled with huge amounts of useless junk by now.

    Anyway, most of the people in the world aren’t very concerned about security or privacy. All they want is to get on with their daily lives and Android is secure enough for them. For most internet users in the world it’s definitely not worth paying extra money for Apple hardware. What gets me is that Apple is seen as the bad guy for hurting ad revenue of Facebook and Google just because users are given a choice of opting out of being tracked. Facebook could easily turn much of the internet against Apple because of how much power that platform has. To users in many countries, Facebook is THE internet. I suppose Apple has to try something to get more people to use iOS and iPhones, but I honestly believe the privacy strategy will be ignored by most consumers. If Apple can increase its worldwide mobile market share by even 4%, then I’ll admit I’m wrong.

    1. Why does Apple need more people to use iOS? They have the lion’s share of profits. Businesses are profit seeking endeavors. By that measure Apple has won.

  2. Amusing that they would be implying Facebook and Google as MDN claims, while still allowing FB on the App store for users to download and encouraging use of Google by agreeing to receive funds from them to make Google the default not only in Safari but as the backend SE for Siri. Someone at Apple marketing better get educated before this turns the Apple brand into a hypocrite.

  3. In fact, Facebook users are not very responsible about their own data. All users post personal photos, personal data, location, place of work, position and so on. In my opinion, this is not very good for your own safety. However, people do this by realizing that other people can use their data. Therefore, there is no question about data security in Android or Apple. We need to talk about user awareness.

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