Strategy Analytics: Apple TV holds 2% market share in streaming video platforms

The global population of TV and video streaming devices has now exceeded 1.1 billion, with Apple TV / tvOS holding 2% share, according to the latest market share analysis from Strategy Analytics’ TV Streaming Platforms service.

The research, which tracks quarterly deployments of TV and video streaming devices across 27 major countries, finds that Samsung is the leading brand, with 14% of devices in use, followed by Sony (12%), LG (8%), Hisense (5%), TCL (5%) and Amazon (5%). The analysis also shows that the Tizen platform is the leading player in TV streaming, accounting for 11% of deployed devices, followed by WebOS (7%), PlayStation (7%), Roku OS (5%), Fire OS (5%), Android TV (4%), and Xbox (4%). Apple’s tvOS, which powers Apple TV devices, has 2% of the global streaming market.

Strategy Analytics: Apple TV holds 2% market share in streaming video platforms

Streaming video is increasingly viewed on TV screens rather than mobile devices, particularly during the pandemic, and TV streaming platforms will become a dominant force in video streaming in many countries as demand for traditional pay TV, broadcast and home video platforms declines.

David Watkins, Director at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement: “Over-the-top TV and video streaming to the TV is a complex and evolving landscape compared to mobile devices, where only two platforms dominate. Content owners and developers need to consider carefully how to target their resources and strategy towards specific brands and platforms, since geographical deployment patterns vary enormously. Frequently updated, tactical tracking of platform deployments is a valuable tool in ensuring that services are reaching their highest potential audience.”

David Mercer, VP, Media and Intelligent Home, said in a statement, “As traditional television and video platforms continue to decline, TV streaming represents the future of television and video. Over the next decade or so we expect internet streaming to dominate consumption of television and video content across much of the world. This research reflects the early stages in the evolution of the platforms which will come to dominate this ecosystem for many years to come.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV / tvOS market share doesn’t much matter as the crux of the issue isn’t how Apple’s TV app gets delivered, only that it gets delivered as widely as possible. The Apple TV app is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV along with a wide variety of devices including Samsung TVs, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, LG TVs and, via AirPlay 2, on LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio TVs – with more coming soon. Full list of Apple TV app-compatible devices here.


  1. Yeah, but it’s not just about the Apple TV app. The Apple TV also has the capability to be a strong independent games platform in the living room as well. If we can get some quality games on there (and on the Apple Arcade platform), then it has the potential to compete with the other big name consoles. Or at least with Stadia.

  2. Apple doesn’t have to win market share, it just needs another value-add for its already-sticky ecosystem.

    To paraphrase His Steveness, for Apple to win, Netflix doesn’t have to lose.

  3. Good, just a few more % points are needed for monopoly complaints and lawsuits to start pouring in. Im sure EU commissioner Margrethe Vestager is ready to hit.

  4. The way this report defines streaming platforms is very odd. Samsung’s share is likely a combination of streaming via a TV and mobile devices. Sony’s must be mostly by TV / playstations Half of the devices are TV devices.
    The reality is that there are multiple ways to stream video and a myriad of services. It is really fractured at the moment and no platform covers all options.

  5. Is it because nobody wants a separate box that is that expensive? My latest 4k Sony tv has embedded andriod software in the TV, which negates the need for me using my appletv. You can make purchases through the google store, have netflix etc all from your tv. I dont use my apple tv anymore because of this, even though i have numerous apple products and I am not fond of google.

    In addition, apple tv + is an average value proposition vs netflix, amazon prime or disney plus. The quicker apple puts their software embedded into tvs the better – either through their own tvs or partner with tv manufacturers like they do with car manufacturers for carplay.

  6. How sad. My main streaming device is the top-model Nvidia Shield. It’s a great little device that can do practically everything. I also have some Fire TVs and Rokus but no AppleTV. I mostly use Apple products but the AppleTV just doesn’t cut it for me.

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