Apple’s iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, AirTags special event said to be slated for October

According to a report from Japanese site Mac Otakara, Apple is planning to hold an event in the second half of October that will unveil iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 6, and long-rumored AirTags.

Apple AirTag
Apple’s tag image asset in iOS 13 code
Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Citing rumors from “Chinese suppliers,” Mac Otakara suggests that Apple initially planned to release the ‌AirTags‌ around the same time that the 2020 iPhone SE was launched, but it was delayed.

The iPhone unveiling event normally takes place in the first or second week of September, and it’s not clear if Apple will hold the event in its usual timeframe and then delay the launch of the iPhones until October, or wait until October for the unveiling.

Mac Otakara‘s information contradicts information shared by leaker Jon Prosser, who has suggested Apple plans to unveil the ‌Apple Watch‌ and new iPads via press release in September and then hold an event in October for the iPhones. Apple has never decoupled ‌iPhone‌ and ‌Apple Watch‌ launches, so there has been some skepticism about this prediction.

MacDailyNews Take: Everything we’ve heard and continue to hear about AirTags indicate a 2020 launch.


  1. AirTags Questions:

    How do you charge them? Do they use cell data — if so, do I pay my provider more per? How do I attach them (I see no obvious attachment point — is it by glue)? How long does a charge last? How do I find out the charge is getting low? What about privacy (What if someone AirTags my car to track me? or puts one in my child’s backpack to track them? How big are they IRL? Will 3rd-party companies release AirTags cases so I don’t have to look at the apple logo all day on my car keys? How much will they cost? Will other companies have competing products that are better in any way? Are they just for locating lost things or is there some other use-case that is really compelling?

    Disturbing answers to any of the above may make people reticent to purchase these. I’m skeptical but interested to hear more.

  2. iPhone 12 better be able to hold its own agains the Microsoft Duo. I watched this YouTube in 2x speed and could tell within 30 seconds that this device is killer. Like really powerful. The guy looks like a deer in headlights. But the Duo? I’m honestly a little worried about it.

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