Apple CEO Cook calls Jacob Blake ‘another Emmett Till’

Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted a statement via Twitter regarding Jacob Blake Jr., a black man shot by a white Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer on August 23, 2020. Cook called Blake “another Emmett Till.”

Jacob Blake (Credit: Facebook)
Jacob Blake (Credit: Facebook)

Emmett Till on Christmas Day, 1954. (Photo: Mamie Till Bradley)
Emmett Till on Christmas Day, 1954. (Photo: Mamie Till Bradley)
Cook compared Blake to Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African American who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955, after being accused of offending a white woman in her family’s grocery store.

The Wisconsin state attorney general said on Wednesday that a knife belonging to Blake was found at the scene of the confrontation. Attorney General Josh Kaul said the knife was recovered from the driver-side front floorboard of the car Blake was leaning into when he was shot. Kaul also told a news conference that Blake, during the course of the investigation, had “admitted that he had a knife in his possession.”

Two police officers deployed tasers in failed attempts to stop Blake, who was not following police instructions, before one of the officers shot him multiple times in the back with a gun as he reached into his vehicle’s driver’s side area, the Wisconsin Department of Justice said on Friday.

“According to the record, Blake has an arrest warrant filed against him on July 7, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin for an incident involving domestic abuse that happened on May 3. The offenses listed are criminal trespass to dwelling, third-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct,” Reuters reported on Thursday.

The three responding officers have been placed on administrative leave.

The incident sparked three nights of civil unrest that has included a wave of arson, widespread vandalism and a separate shooting that claimed two lives in Kenosha, a city of about 100,000 residents on Lake Michigan, 40 miles (60 km) south of Milwaukee.


Kenosha city police confronted Blake when they were called to the home of a woman who reported that her boyfriend was present “and was not supposed to be on the premises.”

The location he gave for the residence corresponds with the address of the woman identified in media reports as Blake’s fiance, Laquisha Booker.

During the incident, Kaul said, police tried to arrest Blake, using a Taser stun gun in a failed attempt to subdue him.

Blake, according to the attorney general, then walked around his vehicle, opened the driver-side door and leaned forward, as officer Sheskey, clutching Blake’s shirt, fired his weapon seven times at Blake’s back…

Blake was struck by four of the seven gunshot rounds fired at him on Sunday. Bullets shattered some of his vertebrae, leaving Blake paralyzed from the waist down, possibly permanently, his lawyers said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statement:

We stand with those who refuse to accept the status quo. The WNBA, NBA, and all of those who will not tolerate another Jacob Blake. Another Emmett Till. We must do better — lives depend on it.

MacDailyNews Take: Why didn’t the tasers work to stop him before this escalated so tragically? They both missed? Malfunctioned?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice: “After the initial attempt to arrest Mr. Blake, Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey deployed a taser to attempt to stop Mr. Blake. When that attempt failed, Kenosha Police Officer Vincent Arenas also deployed his taser, however that taser was also not successful in stopping Mr. Blake.”


  1. Cook has lost what was left of his addled SJW mind.

    I’m willing to bet that 14-year-old Emmett Till did not have an outstanding arrest warrant for domestic abuse, criminal trespass, third-degree sexual assault, and disorderly conduct.

    I’d also wager that Emmett Till was smart enough to listen to police and not instead try to grab his knife (or act as if he was about to grab any weapon unknown to the police officers).

    Cook is a fool who makes Apple look foolish with his personal politics and wrongheaded, easily disproven, political sanctimony.

    1. Emmett was killed because a whte women lied…..there was no chance to listen to police.
      Emmett was killed much the same way cops get away with murder….they lie. Cops are just as criminal as the “thugs” they shoot in the back running/walking away from them

      “Given the key role that Carolyn Bryant’s lurid account of Emmett’s supposed sexual advances played in letting the murderers avoid justice, the revelations in the 2017 book were incendiary. In it, Bryant is quoted by author Timothy Tyson as saying “That part’s not true”, referring to her allegation that the boy had sexually accosted her.

      Carolyn Bryant’s apparent recantation, her admission that she had lied to the court during the only trial ever to take place over the murder, was so significant it sparked the FBI’s current investigation. The Guardian has learned that as soon as the FBI began reinvestigating the Till case three years ago, following the publication of Tyson’s book, the author handed over all his manuscripts and notes on the murder to detectives.”


        Also, Tim Cook comparing Jacob to Emmett Till? That’s DISGUSTING!!!! Emmett Till was brutally tortured and murdered. Jacob Blake is a RAPIST. Does anyone understand the arrest warrant he was / is wanted for? He broke into a woman’s home, and sexually assaulted her while one of her children were in the bed sleeping next to her! Jacob Blake is a piece of human trash. So the next question is WHY is the entire entertainment industry standing up for him and comparing him to someone as pure as Emmett Till? Answer: because there’s an election in Nov 2020.

        These people are SICK.

        1. However like the usual mdn trolls you have no problem supporting a personal friend of Epstein’s, a guy who bragged on tape about his casual habit of sexual assault, a guy with a long history of infidelity against his siliconed imported trophy wives with younger plastic porn performers, who literally bought his way into the beauty pageant biz so he could see all the models between costume changes.

          We should agree that all sexual predators, white and black, should pay the appropriate penalty for their crimes. Perhaps the real problem is you can’t see how far astray from proper procedure the US justice system has strayed. Do you actually believe killing suspects will create a peaceful society?

          From what I can read from many here, there are too many right wingers who believe a white criminal should get repeated chances, and a poor black man should be sentenced to death without a trial if the police feel like using all their expensive military gear and combat training.

          I think thugs who are guilty of sexual assault or drugs should pay back society with hard labor, not going theough the revolving door of a profit-seeking corporate jail system. Dirty Cops and rich kingpins should have dramatically harsher sentences. But no, the rich buy their way out.

          Maybe now First The Idiot will whip out tweets from right wing blowhards that do everything possible to suggest that imperfect people, such as those with drug problems, deserve to die.
          Well golly, let’s list the druggies First has forgiven without hesitation: Dick Cheney, drunk driving. Dubya Bush: cocaine and drunk driving. Limbaugh: Oxycontin and Scotch. JFK: blondes and painkillers. Hell, let’s even toss in Pure Americans like Johnny Cash (amphetamines and beer) and half your favorite conservative entertainers on pep pills or worse. They have money and are white so they never even get a hard slap on the wrist when they break laws. But in Central Park, some racist lady calls 911 when a person of the wrong color skin makes eye contact.

          Again, back to the BLM movement. Does a blue uniform entitle one to lynch a criminal suspect? Things haven’t changed as much since 1865 as you pretend to believe, but you can’t see it because you live in a rich white bubble fed with slant from Faux and even lesser sources.

          If you try really hard maybe you can understand that the justice system in the US has systematic problems that will continue to stoke civil unrest until reforms happen. The protesters, not unlike the Boston Tea Party, are pushing back against an unjust establishment. 95% of these are peaceful, the thugs of course cause the expensive damage to everyone else. Perhaps instead of being a hypocrite supporting a corrupt president, you should advocate reforms that will fix the source of the problems and save you a ton of taxpayer money too. If the US had a real leader, he would be working to find common ground and solve problems. Instead tweeter in chief whips up paranoias.

            1. Wow! Earth-shattering news: defense lawyer offers a defense for his client’s indefensible conduct. Yes, some police agencies allow the knee on the neck. Others (probably a majority) prohibit any form of choke hold. No agency tells their officers to continue compressing the major neck vessels for minutes after the subject loses consciousness and even for almost a minute after the officer is told that the subject has no radial pulse. At best, doing so constitutes recklessness (i.e. manslaughter). It isn’t a stretch to infer an intent to cause death or at least knowledge that the conduct will cause serious injury (i.e. murder).

      2. Did that lying white women ever face justice? Do those lying white women ever face justice. trump is right, white women lie all the time. He tells us they keep lying on him. Hell what’s new.

        This man had a warrant that has been vacated. Now what! He was an innocent man. No court has found him guilty of jack crap.

        You butt-holes own up to your racism. Hell you deserve trump, he’s a liar, thief, racist, rapist, stupid as hell, cheating, traitorous jackass. The best thing is we will all suffer and die together, you silly asses. FINE!

      3. Jacob Blake’s sexual assault was him forcibly sticking his finger inside a women’s vagina, smelling it, and quipping”Smells like you’ve be with other men. Toxicology not released yet, pick your heroes carefully.

        1. I have not heard anybody suggest that Jacob Blake is a hero. He seems to be a nasty man and may be a horrible criminal, but he has not been convicted of that particular offense (any more than Donald Trump has been convicted of any of the 25 alleged sexual assaults of which he has been accused). Even if either of them had been convicted, however, that offense does not carry a death sentence. In fact, Wisconsin abolished the death penalty entirely in 1853.

          In the states that retain the death penalty, it is supposed to be inflicted by a designated executioner acting pursuant to unanimous jury verdicts on guilt and punishment upheld through multiple rounds of appeals. It is not inflicted by an individual who decides on the spot that somebody else needs killing.

          Blake’s character and criminality, or lack thereof, is therefore entirely irrelevant to the only moral and legal issue presented: whether the use of deadly force by the officer was legally justified because Blake presented an imminent danger. If the force was unjustified, it was illegal, no matter how wicked Jacob Blake might be. Labeling him a victim of excessive force has nothing to do with justifying his conduct or picking him as a hero.

          The main problem that the protesters are highlighting is selective enforcement. Blake was nearly killed while trying to leave an alleged crime scene while Rittenhouse was allowed to leave his alleged crime scene. Did their race and presumed political views play a part in the different treatment? If so, that is a problem.

          1. “I have not heard anybody suggest that Jacob Blake is a hero. He seems to be a nasty man and may be a horrible criminal”

            May be, you don’t know? Course not and here comes the strawman SETUP because this article has ZERO to do with President Trump.

            “but he has not been convicted of that particular offense (any more than Donald Trump has been convicted of any of the 25 alleged sexual assaults of which he has been accused).”

            As a prosecutor did you use off topic political deflections in court and guilt by association without facts. Certainly you did not, because you are a FAKE prosecutor same as a FAKE conservative.

            We all know your daily unhinged HATRED for President Trump not ONCE giving him a bread crumb of credit for the best economy in your lifetime before Covid.

            A new low TxUser to inject your hate filled 2020 election politics in a serious discussion of Jacob Blake. As my grandmother used to say when I was growing up, shame on you!…

            1. My point was that Jacob Blake has been accused of a sexual assault, but not convicted. As I recall, you were the loudest voice here pointing out that distinction in the case of Bill Cosby, who had by then actually admitted in a deposition that he had drugged women for sex. You and your cohorts have been defending Donald Trump on exactly that same basis (with the twist that you also insist that Trump’s accusers cannot be allowed to prove their allegations in court until he leaves office). Either the Fifth Amendment presumption of innocence applies to Jacob Blake or it protects no one.

              Jacob Blake’s guilt must be proven in court. It may not simply be assumed by the commenters here… or by a peace officer executing an arrest warrant. Summary executions were illegal in America even before independence. Bad men have exactly the same right to due process and equal protection as good ones. That’s what having “a government of laws, not of men” means.

            2. All of us who pay attention already know the details of the Jacob Blake case and certainly don’t need a pious rehash lecture from you.

              Your guilt by association deflection posts are indeed troubling and undermines the seriousness of Blake’s fate.

              Trash Trump elsewhere and stick to the topic on hand…

  2. Tim Cook is working on becoming a stellar combination of STUPID AND EVIL. Jacob Blake is a criminal thug who disobey police orders and threatened their lives. He is a reprobate and in the twisted world of Tim Cook, a reprobate who threatens the lives of several cops is a hero. Tim Cook is more disgusting every time he opens his mouth about any social issue. And by the way, George Floyd’s death is now documented fully as a death by drug overdose and the prosecutors knew that from Day 1 and hid the information from the public. More evil Democrats. Today’s DEMOCRATS are left of Stalin and more violent and more degenerate as well.

    1. George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe” for 7 minutes and then died from asphyxia while still being knelt upon. Jacob Blake was shot 7 times. These are excesses. The devaluing of black- and brown-skinned people is what enables white officers to indulge in these excesses. Citizen Cook has every right to resist such a status quo.

      1. You lie. Or you’re perfectly ill-informed. MSDNCNN viewer, I assume.

        George Floyd was a criminal who died of a self-induced fatal level of fentanyl. He did not die from a by-the-book neck restraint. (See all of the links below.)

        Through all of the rioting, looting, and burning, the prosecution has kept secret its knowledge that George Floyd died as the result of a self-administered overdose of fentanyl.

        #FentanylFloyd literally drowned himself.

        Release the persecuted cops now. Throw Keith Ellison in jail instead.

        CNN’s going to run the retraction report on the real cause of George Floyd’s death as soon as their Chyron operator replaces “fentanyl” with “hydroxychloroquine.”

        1. Not so fast. The Armed Forces medical examiner and the Hennepin County medical examiner’s final conclusion: Floyd’s death was a homicide. “His death was caused by the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine and fentanyl intoxication,” the Armed Forces medical examiner found, according to FOX 9.

            1. Ok, First. When did you conduct an autopsy and why do your findings differ from the three sets of Board-qualified forensic pathologists who actually did see the body?

            2. And yes, I did read each of the articles you linked to and they simply do not support the conclusions you are drawing from them. The drug use made Floyd more susceptible to being killed by the knee on his neck, as did his heart condition, but the qualified experts who actually examined him unanimously signed off on homicide as the manner of death. It wasn’t even close enough for an “undetermined” finding.

      2. He said he couldn’t breathe ten minutes before he was even on the ground, a fact you would know if you actually tried to learn the truth. Fentanyl overdoses totally wreck the respiratory system which causes a sense of being suffocated. It is called excited delirium and cops deal with it all the time because of the number of idiots who overdose on Fentanyl every day. All this is factual and easily researched except by people in lynch mobs who want to incite rioters to burn down cities and steal and loot and maim. By the way, how does arson and mass looting and mayhem help George Floyd? Of course, arson looting and mayhem are exactly what the Democrats want which is why the Democrat Mayors told the police to “stand down” and allow the massive destruction of their own cities and the massive destruction of private businesses that had no connection with any of this. Pure evil. Another fact, BLM was started by Marxists for Marxist purposes and the founders describe this explicitly on the BLM website.

        1. So it’s just a weird coincidence that George Floyd died of a drug overdose 7 minutes after an officer of the law began kneeling on his neck? Dude, you’re stretching incredulity.

          1. “So it’s just a weird coincidence that George Floyd died of a drug overdose 7 minutes after an officer of the law began kneeling on his neck?”


            The autopsy bears this out. The officers – all of them – are innocent. The court cases will ultimately bear this out, if there’s any justice left in this Democrat-destroyed country.

            1. Once again… the autopsies (all three of them) do not bear this out. Even with the benefit of the toxicology reports, they all list the manner of death as homicide. Whether the homicide was justified or otherwise non-criminal is a different question.

          2. Not a coincidence at all. In part of the video you can see a tablet in his mouth. He put it in his mouth when cops had him get out of his car . Fentanyl tabs melt away and are very strong. Based on his tox levels he already had a large amount of fentanyl in his system. Taking more and having your heart rate increase due to the circumstances was a fatal combination .
            I still disagree with him being knelt on after being subdued . He also should have been having breathing/pulse checks .
            Another question is if he would have survived had narcan been administered by the cops .

        1. The various autopsies describe the cause of death using different terms, but they all agree that the cause of death was compression of the neck cutting off oxygen to the brain. The medical examiner agreed with that finding but was pointing out that there was no physical evidence that the chokehold cut off oxygen to the lungs. In this case, there was more than just the physical evidence from the body. There was the undisputed fact of the neck compression. Without that additional evidence, the examiners might have reached a different conclusion, such as a drug overdose, but they in fact did have the evidence to reach a firm conclusion that this was a homicide.

    2. It is simply false that George Floyd died by drug overdose. He was examined by at least two independent pathology teams. Every medical professional who actually saw the body agreed that he died from asphyxia due to neck compression, yielding homicide as the manner of death. He had arterial disease and drug intoxication that were listed as “other conditions.”

      Almost every death certificate I read in thirty years as a prosecutor listed such causes. They are legally irrelevant. For example, a stabbing victim might have “hemophilia” listed as a condition, but if they had not been stabbed they would not have died, so that is the cause and the manner of death is homicide. If George Floyd would not have died but for the police action, that is the manner of death here, too. It simply does not matter—factually, legally, or morally—that he had other conditions that might have caused his death eventually if the chokehold had not killed him first.

      If the pathologists had “documented” the drugs as the cause of death, they would have said so. If they were even in significant doubt, they would have listed both the cause and manner of death as “undetermined.” They did not do so. I am not aware of any evidence that the professionals did not take into account. Are you?

      1. You lie.

        Like a good little BLM/Dem/Lib/Prog.

        Dr. Andrew Baker conceded that the fentanyl overdose “can cause pulmonary edema,” a frothy fluid build-up in the lungs that was evidenced by the finding at autopsy that Floyd’s lungs weighed two to three times normal weight.

        This is consistent with Officer Kueng’s observation at the scene that Floyd was foaming at the mouth and, as found at autopsy, that his lungs were “diffusely congested and edematous.”

        Dr. Baker said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death.

        In other words, like a drowned man, Floyd’s lungs were filled with fluid. And that was the obvious and inescapable reason why Floyd kept shouting over and over again that he couldn’t breathe even when he was upright and mobile.

        This whole thing has been a farce since May 31, 2020. Charges should be dropped against the officers and they should sue the hell out of the state, county, and MSDNCNN.

        Stop lying. You and your ilk have already destroyed and killed more than enough with your lies.

        1. George Floyd was not found at home (or anywhere else) with no contributing factors. He was found in the street after being strangled for nearly nine minutes. Three separate teams of qualified forensic pathologists concluded that the strangling caused his death. Whether drugs and his heart condition might have killed him under completely different circumstances is both speculative and irrelevant.

          1. He wasn’t strangled and the autopsy said there was no asphyxiation. The knee on on the neck is a technique the police are trained to use on people in the death grip of excited delirium caused by fentanyl overdose which puts them into severe respiratory seizure. That training is exactly why the police, with body cams recording their actions, and many police on the scene, calmly did what they did as they knew they were being recorded. They were trying to save the man’s life, per their training. You idiots who like trained seals must find fault with every police action and know nothing of the facts disgust me. You deserve the hellholes that our once fine cities are becoming run completely for decades by Democrats put there by idiots like you and Tim Cook. Now, no police, human shit everywhere, closed businesses, and infantile assholes in black masks running rampant. Your utopia. Enjoy it you fools. But stay out of my backyard or you will pay.

            1. The knee on the neck is used by some police agencies and banned by others as too dangerous. Even in agencies that do allow it, none even vaguely suggest that the neck compression should be continued for several minutes after the subject has lost consciousness and even for a minute or so after the subject no longer has a pulse. Any fool knows that doing so can cause permanent and possibly fatal brain damage.

            1. Again I won’t bother reposting my response to the first and second times you posted this same video. Defense lawyer defends his client’s indefensible conduct. What a shock!

      2. TXUser, forgive me, but ever since that July 6th day, when Charlottesville was a topic here, you blatantly lied, didn’t acknowledge the lie, nor offered any explanation for your lie…when you attributed to the President, that “some Nazis are very good people,” your credibility in EVERYTHING you write becomes questionable. Am I wrong in being affected in such a way?

        It makes it especially challenging because over the years, you’ve confidently heralded yourself as being a truth detector for those here that need your guidance with the realities they encounter. 1st, I find that quite a badge to bestow upon oneself, but more importantly, I have a hard time reconciling lying with being a truth-detector. Can you help me to reconcile the challenge I’m experiencing?

        Like this statement…”Every medical professional who actually saw the body agreed that he died….” Is that really true, “every medical professional,” or, are you fudging a bit? Please, don’t let this last question distract you…it’s not on the same level as insinuating another’s a Nazi, I noted just as an example where I question if your lips were just moving/fingers typing…just because it suits your “truth”.

        I’m really most concerned with understanding how lying and being a truth-detector can actually exist? Please remember my pet peeve, I’m not a fan of conflation, deflection, or exaggeration. I’m just a simple mind looking for the truth.

        1. Ronner,
          Charlottesville was invaded by a bunch of self-identified white nationalists who held a Nuremberg-style torchlight parade chanting Nazi slogans like “Blood and Soil,” and “Jews will not replace us!” Mostly local citizens gathered to counter-protest the Nazis. After one of the Nazis drove into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one of them, the President of the United States blamed both sides equally for the violence, but allowed as how “there were good people on both sides.” That is how I described the event, and it was not a lie.

          For many years, right-wing domestic extremists have killed and injured far more victims than left-wing domestic terrorists (jihadists are neither right nor left in American domestic political terms). That is an indisputable fact.

          Yet the Trump Administration has minimized the threat from the right and emphasized the threat from the left. That has only increased during 2020. The bias has extended down into local law enforcement. Compare the treatment of the peaceful protesters forcibly driven from Lafayette Square in advance of an announced curfew with the armed protesters allowed into state Capitols so they could intimidate sitting legislatures. Compare the treatment of Blake (even if justified) with the treatment of Rittenhouse, who was waved through police lines openly carrying a (figuratively) smoking gun after shooting three people.

          Do you honestly expect me to remain silent when people post things here that are simply untrue as a matter of easily verifiable fact? I worked with death investigators for thirty years. I advised them and even taught state-level classes for them. I read several autopsy reports almost every week from 1981 to 2011. They have a highly standardized structure, so they are easy to read if you are familiar with the process. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you can jump to false conclusions.

          The Floyd autopsies (plural) are quite unambiguous in attributing the cause of death to the police. When people post stuff here saying otherwise, they are simply mistaken. I see no upside to letting them spread incorrect information without a correction. People are certainly entitled to disagree with the findings, but they are not entitled to misrepresent them.

          If you have trouble grasping that concept, perhaps you should consider cutting back your consumption of “alternative facts” from the President.

          1. TXUser: What follows here is a fuller portion of YOUR copied writing on the date mentioned (my bold added):

            “It wasn’t a Democrat tweeting this morning that NASCAR is ruining its image by banning the traitors’ flag. That would be the same guy who is objecting to the millions of Americans who have peacefully protested for the 14th-Amendment notion that black lives matter.


            That would be the guy who keeps using the term “our heritage,” which every Southerner recognizes as code for “white supremacy.”

            Are you schizophrenic, unable to make up your mind, or deceptively posting info while dismissing the possibility one may call you out on deceiving readers on MDN?

            The President very clearly denounced what was erroneously reported on the news (& repeated here by you) as a racist statement linked to him. His denunciation of the quote was clear and without doubt to a reasoned mind. Regardless of one’s steeped hatred for a person, no human deserves such a false & defamatory claim.

            Why in response, you have the habitual (and seemingly pathological) need to go on and on about this, that and the other, as if disproving the claim I made above, just shows a person scurrying to obfuscate, distract and conflate. My observations and questions focused on a simple and singular topic, that have nothing to do with your own “alternate facts.”

            Please, put your courtroom acting antics back in the attic, step down off your high horse; Hubris, focus and just tell the f’g truth. Can you do that?

            1. Perhaps your native language does not use “both” in the same way as English. In English, when we say that both Nazis and non-Nazis share the blame for community violence, but there are good people on both sides, that is a statement that there are both good non-Nazis and good Nazis. It draws a moral equivalence between racists and non-racists. It cannot mean anything else without twisting the English past recognition.

              Donald Trump knew exactly what he was saying, and the wink and nod it offered to those who think that peaceful demonstrations for racial equality constitute a greater threat to “law and order” than the armed gangs that have attacked the demonstrators.

              In recent days, the President hasn’t even bothered to speak in code. When he calls on armed militias to cross state lines to invade communities that do not welcome them and suppress whatever the militias consider unseemly, he is openly inviting civic violence that he will then twist to his political advantage.

              His opponent has expressly condemned violence on both sides and has invited the President to do the same. I have not heard that he has done so. To the contrary, as recently as an hour ago he was calling on Biden to condemn left-wing violence, which Biden has repeatedly done, while refusing to acknowledge that right-wing violence even exists.

              When a government official praises militia groups as patriots for disrupting opposition political activity, anybody who cannot see the parallels to Russia, Belarus, and the Weimar Republic is being willfully blind.

  3. A 14-year-old innocent in the time of Jim Crow bears no resemblance whatsoever to a 29-year-old criminal thug who’s too stupid to listen to police.

    Enjoy your wheelchair, degenerate. You’re lucky you’re not dead.

    Cook: Shut up and get back to riding Steve Jobs’ gravy train.

    1. He was no criminal. He was an innocent man. And, I know Good and Damn well you are not Black.
      I doubt if you are a women either. You are probably just a Jackass like trump.

      The warrant was vacated. But, the hell with the truth, hey. Vindictive lovers, suggestion, keep legs closed. Wait for marriage. Oh, well, don’t follow the lying, cheating, raping, racist, traitorous, Donald dumb butt trump example in life.

      Even the trump’s sister knows he is not worth a damn. You want to argue, argue with his sister. I bet she knows him better than you.

      Hey Proud, you know that the taxpayer will be paying for those dumb ass cops mistake to the tune of millions. Hell I hope you live in that city.

  4. Just mentioning the WNBA, not to mention listing the WNBA first, tells you all you need to know about Tim Cook, virtue-signaler extraordinaire and laughable joke.

  5. Cook claims to be a sports fan, yet he lists the WNBA (first, no less) in his latest self-righteous tweet.

    That’s like listing Ripple (by the looks of him, Jacob Blake’s fave), ahead of Dom Pérignon (not that the NBA is much better than Ripple nowadays, either).

  6. It’s common practice by the Enlightened to list groups that are most devalued first in any listing. So, “women and men,” or “TBLG,” or “WNBA, NBA.” It’s an honorary ranking meant to give attention and value to that which is traditionally lesser valued.

  7. BTW, Timmy: In President Trump’s first 3 years, the number of unarmed blacks killed by police officers dropped 40% compared to Obama’s last 3 miserable years in office.

    1. “Three cops failed to control ONE unarmed man…”

      It looks like that ONE unarmed man was unable to control himself as well!

      MUCH MORE training is needed for the citizenry before they are allowed to go out in public if they do not know how to act and behave while out in public!

    2. What else is ridiculous is he went over to the women’s house who he sexual assaulted and violated a restraining order. More specifically he broke into the home of this woman and sexually assaulted her and stole her car.

      Who in there right mind has a warrant out for there arrest and restraining order goes over too that person house. When the police shows up and try to arrest him he fights out of a head lock, resist 2 tasers, pulls out or gose for a knife refuses to follow police orders for 3 minutes … when police have drawn guns… and why would he bring his kids … what about the mother of his kids, why is he abusing this women and her kid when he has another women with his own kids.

      He is living like a gangster on TV but he has the responsibility of a mother with kids of his own.

      Yea- that’s ridiculous

      And What happened to the me too movement.
      she was asleep in bed with one of her children when Blake came into the room around 6 a.m. and allegedly said “I want my sh-t,” the record states.

      She told cops Blake then used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,”

      The alleged victim said Blake “penetrating her digitally caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent” and she was “very humiliated and upset by the sexual assault,” the record states.

      She told police she “was upset but collected herself” and then allegedly ran out the front door after Blake, the complaint says. She then realized her car was missing, checked her purse and saw the keys were missing and then “immediately called 911,” the complaint alleges.

      The alleged victim told cops she has known him for eight years and claims that he physically assaults her “around twice a year when he drinks heavily.”

      Police filed charges against him for felony sexual assault, trespassing and domestic abuse in July when a warrant was issued for his arrest.
      The real victim is the woman and her child and the abuse they have endured. He physically and sexually assaulted a mother in front of a child. Imagine if the police where not there. Who would protect people from stuff like this…

      Defund the police are you ridiculous, sounds like this women needs her own security detail like the politicians that allow this madness to continue.

      To many people are ignoring the truth for politics and agenda.

      Tim Cook is feeling left out of the woke club so he needed a little social affirmation. Sometimes it’s better to not say anything then to be ridiculous

  8. Well Tim, instead of BLM, I invite you to join my group, BAM! – Black Actions Matter! Regardless of color, if you do not know how to act when out amongst your fellow countrymen, then just stay home! If you punch someone in front of the Police – BAM! Don’t be surprised when you get chased down. If you have a warrant and the Police attempt an arrest, don’t go to your car where you have a weapon, because BAM!, the Police want to go home to their families. When you pass counterfeit money, BAM! You summon the Police! When you sell loose cigarettes without paying taxes in front of a store that sells them and pays taxes, BAM! You summon the Police! When you backtrack around a house to mixed martial arts some white Hispanic dude who’s curious about you and you don’t see if they’re armed. BAM! If you are elected POTUS by the reverse racism of the country, then without knowing the facts, side with your black professor puke over a white police officer who answered the call to investigate suspicious activity. BAM! You show your petulant ineptitude and have to hold a beer summit! Is there “Systemic Racism” in America’s Police forces? Or America itself? NO! There are some AH jerks to be sure but they can be found in all colors, races, religions, creed, socio-economic professions, geo-political, just trust me, there all over the place, but Systemic Racism, no. Systemic Stupidity, however? Yes! One only has to turn on the TV and watch the evening “news” to validate!

  9. What a fragile world full of snow flakes looking for a cause. You mess with police claim to have a knife Get faze red twice the. Continue to reach for something in your car and expect the police to know it’s not a gun your reaching for.

    Oh but wait he is black there is something we can Kline and be a part of .

    I just see another criminal with no brains falling for the Darwin effect.
    Stupid will die somehow and there is a lot of stupid with guns in the USA.
    Get over his colour he was stupid he created his own end.

  10. Tim ought to concentrate on running a corporation than trying to change society. In Tim’s and the Democrat’s SWJ world, they’d love it if we had no police. Well in reality we’re dealing with imperfect humans some of which are filled with evil. Without police, people would govern themselves according to the dictates of their own mind – doing what is right in their own eyes. I can assure the public at large that you don’t want to live in such a society. Our police forces deal with these evil people all the time. It is these individuals that we call when a situation gets out of hand and they don’t possess the tools necessary (mental or physical) to remedy the situation. One of the most dangerous situations police find themselves in is when they get a “domestic”. In some departments it is mandated that multiple officers respond to this event due to the fact that the situation at the scene can change dramatically without notice in a split second. Compounded further is when the perpetrator has a documented history of run ins with law enforcement.

    Folks for the most part don’t understand what is required of the police nor do most not understand why the police are given considerations the average citizen does not enjoy. The average citizen does not deal with evil and criminality when they go to work nor do they deal with it at home. Police are invested with authority to lay hold on the criminal and bring him to justice, not so for the average Joe. When an officer makes an arrest often the subject is uncooperative and a struggle takes place. Such is the case with many subjects Jacob Blake included. When a subject that has a known history of violence escapes from a struggle with police, refuses to adhere to commands and goes for an object inside of his vehicle, is it expected of police officer to wait until he produces a weapon and uses it against them? No, the officers are also people and they are also invested with authority to gain control of the subject and also defend themselves which often includes defending others at the same time – preventing a worsening of a situation.

    People are complaining about the number of times Black was shot. This is completely irrelevant when we’re talking about stopping the threat. You fire your weapon to stop the threat and it doesn’t matter if it takes 2 rounds or 7. The officer did not fire a single shot into Blake’s back and he collapsed and then the officer stood over him and pump 6 more into him. He fired in rapid succession missing a number of those shots and kept firing until the threat was stopped. What is the general public to do under the circumstances of a home invasion……limit themselves to 1 or 2 round of ammunition. Of course not, you fire to stop the threat and there are more than sufficient videos online to prove the fact that certain individuals need more than one to include at times several to stop the threat.

    Hopefully the system at the local level will clear the officer and if not, higher levels of the system will need to fill the gap in favor of law enforcement in this matter. Blake has already admitted to having a knife in the vehicle and during the course of the investigation this admission was proven to be fact. I don’t think any sane individual thinks that he was going to his vehicle for a drink of water. What is even more troubling in this situation is that Blake placed himself in a lethal force encounter with law enforcement in close proximity of his children.

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