Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrates 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment

The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the Constitution of the United States prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Initially introduced to Congress in 1878, several attempts to pass a women’s suffrage amendment failed until passing the House of Representatives on May 21, 1919, followed by the Senate on June 4, 1919. It was then submitted to the states for ratification. On August 18, 1920, Tennessee was the last of the necessary 36 ratifying states to secure adoption. The Nineteenth Amendment’s adoption was certified on August 26, 1920: the culmination of a decades-long movement for women’s suffrage led by activists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who was pardoned on August 18, 2020 by U.S. President Donald Trump for her arrest in 1872 after she voted, when it was still illegal for women to vote.

Today, on the 100th anniversary of The Nineteenth Amendment’s certification, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted:

100 years ago, the 19th Amendment brought America another step closer toward equality. Today and always, we must make sure that everyone can participate in our democracy to realize its full potential—ever striving toward a more perfect, equal union. – Tim Cook


      1. Fine, but couldn’t they find a pro-life speaker who does not want to repeal women’s right to vote? The saving grace last night was the last-minute cancelation of a speaker who has endorsed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as nonfraudulent. We did get the couple who threatened peaceful protesters with deadly force—hours before the double murder in Kenosha. Again, can’t they find a less controversial second amendment advocate?

        1. Political activity will tend to take away woman from proper sphere and highest duty, which is maternity.

          It will tend by the divisions which it will introduce to break up the harmony of the home.

          Women have not, as a sex, or a class, the calmness of temperament or the balance of mind, nor have they the training, necessary to qualify them to exercise a weighty judgment in political affairs.

          If the vote is granted, it is probable that a large number of women would not use it at all. But in emergencies or on occasions of emotional excitement. — Lord Curzon

          1. What is your evidence, apart from the couple’s speculation, that the particular individuals marching past their house were not peaceful protesters? I have no problem with the homeowners having guns for defense or even with their open display of the weapons as a deterrent, but it is—and should be—a criminal offense to point a loaded gun at a human being who does not individually represent an imminent threat of grievous harm to anyone.

            1. “I have no problem with the homeowners having guns for defense or even with their open display of the weapons as a deterrent”

              So you are saying display of weapons are not allowed to be pointed at trespassers and violent protestors threatening your life and property yelling aggressive insults that may or may not escalate? Got it.

              “—and should be—a criminal offense to point a loaded gun at a human being who does not individually represent an imminent threat of grievous harm to anyone.”

              What should be criminal offense is Libtards like you denigrating home defense and the Second Amendment. Pointing a gun is the same as pointing a banana peel, garden hose or a shrimp off the barbie. Nothing happened.

              This is not the first time TxUseless and the rest of his radical liberal ilk have denigrated the peaceful gun owners of America practicing their Second Amendment rights to protect their lives, family and property.

              TxUser you are a constitutional DISGRACE…

            1. And, by the way, George Floyd was a criminal who died of a self-induced fatal level of fentanyl.

              Through all of the rioting, looting, and burning, the prosecution has kept secret its knowledge that George Floyd died as the result of a self-administered overdose of fentanyl.

              #FentanylFloyd drowned himself. Release the persecuted cops now. Throw Keith Ellison in jail instead.


            2. CNN’s going to run the retraction report on the real cause of George Floyd’s death as soon as their Chyron operator replaces “fentanyl” with “hydroxychloroquine.”

            3. Who the heck is Lin Wood, and why do I care. Not only did he carry a weapon across state lines, he was seeking out opportunity to be a vigilante. And he’s not old enough.

              And all those cops with who he interacted are really the problem. They are culpable.

            4. Don’t tell others to shut up. What’s your problem?!?!?!

              Freedom of comments is what the USA is all about.

              How would you feel AC if I told you to shut up? Hmmm? Whenever you are ready…

          2. They WERE peaceful as they walked past her house. They were there to protest at the mayor’s house. The only reason anyone paid attention to them was because they were standing on their driveway like they were getting ready to audtion for Death Wish III.

          3. Where did you conduct your autopsy and where have you published your findings? George Floyd was autopsied by two separate teams of trained medical examiners, both of whom reached the essentially the same conclusion: that he was asphyxiated by the compression of his neck. That was the cause of death, although there were other factors such as arterial disease and drug use. Both examinations concluded that the manner of death, as distinct from the cause, was homicide.


            The process of determining cause and manner of death is established by firm protocols. All factors are listed, even those that were not a cause of the death. The protocols were followed in this case as they have been with Covid-19.

            As for “self defense,” a man who provokes an attack on himself cannot then use that as an excuse for homicide.

            1. Try to keep up with the facts. There were two, and only two, postmortem examinations of George Floyd. Both reached the same conclusion: cause of death asphyxia by neck compression; manner of death homicide.

              Yes, there was evidence of drug use, but that was listed under other factors, which means it was not the cause of death in the professional opinion of the only pathologists who actually saw the body. To say that they might have blamed the death on drugs if he had been otherwise uninjured is like saying that Marie Antoinette might have died of malnutrition if she had not been beheaded.

          4. Isn’t it funny that only criminals experience “police brutality?”

            What do George Floyd, Jacob Blake and Rayshard Brooks all have in common? They all refused to cooperate with law and order.

            If Blake stopped walking as instructed, and conformed when the police tugged on his shirt, then he would not be paralyzed today. If he cared about his children in the car, he wouldn’t have a police record of sexual assault and domestic violence. If he cared about his children then he wouldn’t risk being harmed by police in front of them. He would listen to them because the potential outcome isn’t worth putting your children through.

            But he’s a criminal, so not too bright.

            Had 46-year-old, George Floyd not been on Fentanyl, it is arguable that he would not be dead today. Had he not used counterfeit money, the police wouldn’t have been there at all.

            But he was a criminal, so not too bright.

            In June, police were called to a Wendy’s parking lot because 27-year-old, Rayshard Brooks was passed out in a drive-through line after drinking and driving. When officers arrived, he did comply and police were gracious until he didn’t comply. He got shot after he punched a police officer, resisted arrest and fled with a weapon that he aimed at officer Rolfe. Had Brooks not been drinking and driving that night he would not be in that position at all.

            But he was a criminal, so not too bright.

            1. Besides, he was Black. If he was White, he could shoot three people and then walk past a half-dozen police with his gun in plain sight and a crowd telling the officers what he had just done. Oddly enough, they just waved back. They did not shoot him seven times or choke him to death for committing a misdemeanor, since all he had done was shoot people to death.

        2. They aren’t pro-lifers, just pro-birthers who could care less what happens to this life after it’s born as long as they don’t have to pay or deal with it. So they can STHeckU. Decisions of abortion are painful enough without these jerks and their hollow opinions.

      2. Focusing on Margaret Sanger’s belief in eugenics when you criticizing Planned Parenthood today is like focusing on Henry Ford’s virulent anti-semitism when doing a business story about Ford Motors. It’s interesting, but ultimately irrelevant.

        And her comment that many Planned Parenthood offices are “strategically located” in “minority areas”? Not really shocking, considering Planned Parenthood’s services often geared for low-income areas where women don’t have access to quality health care.

        1. “…considering Planned Parenthood’s services often geared for low-income areas where women don’t have access to quality health care.”

          And Planned Parenthood’s facility being there changes this… how?

    1. What President in history over a 100 year span had the opportunity to pardon a historic female fighting for a women’s right to vote. The honorable Democrat, er Republican, President Donald J. Trump…

      1. It is great that our genius President is always looking ahead.

        August 8: “President Trump made plans Saturday to help pay for a new round of unemployment benefits by siphoning money from Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster funds.”

        August 26: “Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, including Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes. This surge could penetrate up to 40 miles inland from the immediate coastline, and flood waters will not fully recede for several days after the storm.”

        1. Donny, already presiding over the fastest deficit hole digging in history, is trying to figure out how to brainwash his remaining paranoid base that 1.5 million acres of California lost to forest fire is irrelevant, and that the tough people of the bayou should be adequately practiced for total hurricane devastation by now, so FEMA under this admin will be even worse than it was under Bush & Brownie. To hear the GOP tell it, Great America is so broke it can’t build anything, one cannot walk safely on its streets, and true ‘mericans are being displaced by colored folks that don’t look like Donny. So ignore the real expensive imminent danger like global warming induced fires and hurricanes. Ignore the sickening wealth gap now widened by cirrupt tax law. Ignore common decency and honor.

          So sorry if ya thought we lived in the UNITED States. This administration wants to pick the winners and losers and profit from every quid pro quo. But only billionaires get a chance to prosper. If you cannot afford to become a member of a Donny golf resort, then you’re on your own. If you lost your job or got sick through no faults of your own, sorry, Donny won’t help you. It would be too inconvenient before an election to , you know, offer aid to actual victims of racial violence, natural disasters, or pandemics. The GOP convention instead tries to make rich fat people with automatic weapons into victims. Somebody might have tread on their lawn, boo hoo.

          To make America great again, the Donny administration has systematically destroyed the post office, the Justice department, and has refused to execute any consumer protection regulations, bank oversight, environmental and health law, or even educational reforms. It has done nothing but dig debt, which it promised to pay off. Then it attempts to tell America that despite its lack of progress on trade, nuclear de escalation, jobs, deficit, or disaster preparedness in any sense of the word, only one cowboy, dear old Donny, can possibly protect the nation from imminent doom. Lying Donny hasn’t honored any promises yet.

          Dump the Turd on November 3rd!!!!!

          1. There’s no market for Democrat socialism outside academia and blue cities.

            “So, let’s go with this. We will be nicer to criminals and let them out of jail, and hassle cops.”

            “More crooks, fewer cops. I like the sound of that. How about guns in the hands of normal people who want to protect themselves?”

            “Oh, we’ll ban them. Sound good?”

            “Sure does! How about taxes?”

            “Oh, we’ll raise those, except we’ll restore unlimited state and local tax deductions so rich people in California and New York can force truckers in Kentucky and farmers in Iowa to subsidize their blue states’ profligate spending!”

            “Awesome. Hey, I bet people are tired of the government not controlling their health care. Can we fix that?”

            “Sure can! We’ll socialize medicine so everyone can be equally miserable!”

            “Well, not us liberal elites, of course!”

            “Of course not. Are you joking? Just the peasants. Oh, and we’ll suck up to China hard.”

            “Globalism has sure been great. Let’s have more!”

            “And amnesty for millions and millions!”

            “And we can tax normal working people to pay for their health care. Plus free college degrees for everyone from now on, paid for by people who already paid for their own!”

            “Absolutely. If there’s one thing people love, it’s college students. Boy, this platform is awesome!”

            “Wait, did you just assume my gender?”

            “Sorry. We’ll be making that a felony.”

            “We can’t lose!”

            Kurt Schlichter, August 27, 2020

            1. get your guvmint out of my Medicare!!!!!!!

              you must have been born a century ago because huge majorities of cons and libs support a universal nonprofit health care option, public roads, public post system, public firefighters, public police departments, and a national military commanded by an elected public official. not that you would ever admit accuracy of those polls that don’t align with your employer Putin’s orders

              you and tour midget goeber are enamored with conservative Mussolini wannabes with worse record of accomplishments, first whatever

          2. There’s a major difference between an unavoidable natural occurrence such as a hurricane, and forest fires happening because of “deferred maintenance” of the forests. Nothing Louisiana or Texas could have done would have avoided the storm danger and damage; California could have done quite a bit to prevent or mitigate the fire damage.

            BTW, I have been involved at the State level in emergency management in California for over 35 years.

          1. Biden has had one vote in Congress all that time

            next Jan 20 he will have executive powers to sign legislation that comes from Congress and direct congressional funds where they are needed

            someday when you grow up you might understand the difference

            1. Except in the general election, when his political career is FINALLY OVER. 47-year swamp creature on the take is the last person on plane Earth we need to guide the USA. Got it clueless partisan Libtards?

              Trump 2020! Remake America Great Again!…🇺🇸🦅

        2. “It is great that our genius President is always looking ahead.”

          Yes, that’s why first time politician “genius” Teflon Don engineered the greatest economic recovery in swamp history and embarrassed career Democrats and Republicans alike. He is fearless and he wants to win in November and only an IDIOT would vote against success! 🇺🇸🦅

    1. I’ll agree with the firing of Cook portion as all he is good for is pushing “his” values on everyone else.. Corporations and their CEOs need to shut up and do their job. I’m tired of this corporate responsibility BS..

        1. Huge difference between loyal to your civic duty and country that includes everyone, versus activist groups that do not include everyone and bow to special interests…

  1. ‘ ….we must make sure that everyone can participate in our democracy to realize its full potential—ever striving toward a more perfect, equal union’

    what does that mean? who, other than a convicted felon, is precluded from participating in our democracy? who, among the citizens of this country? if mr cook is referring to someone or some group in particular, then, to whom is he referring or what group?

    1. You know damn well what it means. Eligible voters are identified in the Constitution.

      Anyone who attempts to disenfranchise those voters by fear mongering, intimidation, or dismantling the USPS is a treasonous rat. Perhaps an orange rat.

    2. Solomé – Are you being disengenuous or just being an idiot. The systematic disenfranchisement of voters since the Supreme Court gutted the historic Voting Rights Act is nothing sort of criminal, and comes real close to the out-and-out Jim Crow bullshit that stopped blacks (and other poor minorities) from voting for 100 years.

      What, you think it’s a coincidence when massive numbers of polling places are closed in the inner city (at least in GOP-controlled states)? You think having to stand on line in Atlanta for 14 frigging hours to vote was a mere technological glitch?

      That’s what Cook is talking about. Get real.

    1. The only thing that is”antiquated” is modern belief to ignore the brilliance of the founding fathers who predicted and prevented against mob rule by crafting the Electoral College.

      If not, five voting precincts in liberal New York City and Los Angeles awarded the additional margin of 2.7 million more popular votes for Hillary in 2016, and hundreds of thousands of votes were cast by illegals.

      Is that the “true democracy” you have in mind, negate the votes of USA in favor of a handful of precincts?

      The founding fathers did not share your ignorance and neither do I..,

      1. Again, GeoB, you offer the bizarre and obviously untrue story that there are five voting precincts in two American cities where an average of 540,000 people stood in line to vote on Nov. 8, 2016, casting 100% of their votes for one candidate. I think we would have heard about that before now.

        1. Ok, going from a foggy memory of 2016 news reporting, but their are multiple millions and millions of voters in New York City and Los Angeles that totaled 2.7 million popular votes for corrupt Hillary.

          She LOST and rightly so.

          Nuff said…

      2. You seem to ignore that those “handful of precincts” have more actual American citizens than the entire population of half a dozen Western states. That’s not “mob rule” — that’s called Democracy.

        Let’s be real — the founding fathers weren’t flawless. Which is why they had to revise the whole voting system within the first three elections. (And why they built the nation’s capital in the middle of a fetid swamp.)

        Do you really want to go back to a system where only white men who owned property could vote, and you actually NEVER got to vote for your Senator, or the President? I’m sure SOME people out there would prefer that system. Fortunately, they are a tiny tin-foil-wearing minority…

        1. No one wants to go back to any system where people voting rights are denied but to act like there are no shennagins especially from the democrats is foolhardy.

        2. Why is it that people who claim to know so much about this country can’t keep in mind that IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY?

          Once you start trying to make your point based upon “democracy” contrary to its use within our constitutional republican form of government, the rest of your post means nothing.

            1. You can stoop to the schoolyard bully level of name calling and while it may make you feel better, fact is it won’t change the fact we live in a Constitutional Republic, period. Obtuse semantic arguments are a waste of our time and you are wasting your time. Take it or leave it — seems you have been increasingly shrill lately and accelerated the name calling and ad hominem attacks. A noticeable departure from your usual insightful witty retorts. You OK?…

            2. @GoeB
              Did you notice you don’t get treated like that by me?
              I know GoeB and I know low quality Hal and emmyache, whi have not been exactly civil…

              Knife/Gunfight/Olive branch. As one reaps they sow.

  2. Tim Cook must be one of the most well-rounded CEOs of a major corporation in the world. No one could have expected for this former bean counter, perhaps still a beancounter, but now herds a stable of technological creatives and thinkers — yes also thinkers — while also becoming a leader in the Social Justice Movement.
    I think that his stewardship of a tech company will form a good case study of how a powerful CEO should act during this new Middle Age ushered in by NeoCon remnants from the Bush/Clinton admins. working in cahoots with chaotic/destructive Donald.
    For a CEO to effectively dovetail the three without ambiguating is super. Notice how positive Tim is in his SJW initiatives which is unlike Donald who demeans, criticizes, ridicules, and tears down.

      1. Hal, sorry to say you are responding to the many imposters of John Dingler Artist. Probably the brown clown from San Diego who was banned several times is my best guess…

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