U.S. economy tops expectations with 1.8M jobs added; unemployment rate falls to 10.2%

The U.S. economy topped expectations with 1.8 million jobs added in July. The unemployment rate fell to 10.2%, down from 11.1% in June.

Over the past three months, the economy has recovered about 42 percent of the 22 million jobs it lost during the initial COVID-19 shutdowns, the data shows.

U.S> Unemployment Rate 2016-2020
Source: U.S. Department of Labor
Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the Labor Department’s jobs report to show that unemployment dropped to 10.5% and the economy added 1.6 million jobs.

Megan Henney for FOXBusiness:

Last week, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell to 1.18 million, the lowest level since the pandemic started in mid-March. The figure — the lowest since March 14 – indicates there’s still some driving power behind the job market’s turnaround.

Leisure and hospitality once again accounted for the biggest bulk of jobs created last month, with 592,000 new positions added. About 504,800 of those jobs were added by food services and drinking places — one of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic as states ordered restaurants and bars to close and directed Americans to stay at home.

Government jobs grew by 301,000, retail saw a gain of 258,300 and manufacturing increased by 26,000. Education and health services rose 215,000.

MacDailyNews Take: Positive signs with the unemployment rate continuing to fall. Hopefully the vaccine will come more quickly than most previously thought possible as Operation Warp Speed accelerates development by funding steps to proceed simultaneously versus the usual sequential process. Until then, try to be as safe as you can be – wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your face, wear a mask in public, practice social distancing, etc.

The CDC guidelines for how to protect yourself and others — especially older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes and are at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19 — are here.


    1. Like anything else, the situation is complex, which can allow some parties to see only what they want to see.

      From a fiscally conservative perspective:

      Normally, a month with +1.8M job growth would be considered great, but the context here is that we’re still way down due to CoVid even after +4.8M last month, so most of these aren’t really “new” jobs but are “returning” ones. Comparing this month’s +1.8M to the average of the past three month’s worth of recovery of +3.1M, this implies that the recovery rate is slowing.

      Note also that these numbers include the traditional month-to-month Seasonal Adjustment (SA), and the SA had a large influence this month. The “weeds” is that public education normally has their layoffs in July, but they happened earlier this spring, but the SA doesn’t know that, so the July SA has a +1.172M correction factor that gets added, so this report looks a lot better than it actually is.

      How much better? Well, +1.8M minus the +1.172 July SA means only +591K new jobs before SA – that means that the “tailwind” from the SA was ~2/3rds of July’s report.

      Finally, unemployment reportedly dropped to 10.2%, but do recall that this metric excludes those who have dropped out of the metric because they’ve stopped looking. That’s estimated to be roughly another 3% and it is why both the “current share of adults employed” (currently 51.1%) and the “employment-to-population ratio” (54.9%) are at historic lows: prior to this Spring, not since July 1955 (66 years) and January 1948 (72) years respectively.

      BTW, my thanks to Aaron Sojourner for crunching the above data, published on his Twitter feed this AM. And to that end, his summary:

      In sum, labor market recovery continuing but slowing and remains very incomplete. We have 8.4% (12.9 million) jobs fewer than in Feb.

      More than half of American families report their household that lost employment income since March, per Census #HouseholdPulseSurvey.

      1. Thanks -hh you’ve done much of what I was going to write about.

        In a nutshell at best it can be described as a ‘W” type of recovery. It goes up and then it goes down and then it goes up again. What it isn’t is a “V” shaped recovery. A patchy (at best) use of masks, application of social distancing and a robust test and tracing system together with a too early reopening of the economy had put paid to that outcome.

        If you look at many countries throughout the world they are now experiencing a second wave of the virus and this is leading to a slowdown in re-growth. This is what is happening in the Australian state of Victoria (the country’s second largest state). Real unemployment is expected to be up to 14 percent nationwide.

        In the United States however the country is still grappling with the first wave of the virus and this is affecting consumer confidence, which in turn is leading to a sickly circular flow of income. This means that people are reticent to spend money and that means feeble demand for goods and services. This is not a good outcome for the short and medium term.

        1. Thanks, but please note that most of the credit for the heavy lifting does to Aaron Sojourner.

          I agree with your “W” assessment – – the discipline just isn’t present (yet?) for the US to have a steady & sustained recovery climb: it is going to be shocky & jerky because of basic mistakes we’re allowing.

          The next major one that I’m concerned for is the loss of the UI’s $600/week extra, as this has apparently been a significant factor for households to keep on making rent, which is supporting the landlords (especially the highly leveraged ones) and the loan-holding banks. Without that support, we’ll see a housing crash.

          Likewise, a big concern is that the household savings rate has exploded – – way, way, up. Believe the number I saw was 25% of income. This is really bad news because it is showing that a significant portion of households are downright terrified that that next shoe is going to drop, so they’re in max-savings mode.

          And some of these “super savers” could be rental property tenants who are able to skip payments without threat of eviction … and their basic plan is to allow themselves to be evicted and stiff the landlord for the last unpaid 3-5 months. From a self-interests perspective, it makes sense for them to do this, but it is another means by which the landlords – – and thus, their properties and the banks holding the mortgage loans – – are going to be at higher risk of failure, and a housing property market collapse.

  1. More deaths than any other country in the world and heading to 300,000 before the end of the year.

    The president is a genius!

    Fortunately, he is taking three days off to relax and get in a few rounds of golf — which he rarely does — after working so hard yesterday in Ohio. LOL

    1. The USA is the only county that reports “death with Covid” as the same thing as “death from Covid”. The actual death count of people that have directly died from covid is estimated below 10% from the death with covid numbers.

      “The case definition is very simplistic”

      This is a Illinois Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi a democrat.

      from the comments

      “Average age of covid death is around 80. Old people die of old age and they call it covid now to enslave us.”

      Man who died in motorcycle crash counted as COVID-19 death in Florida:


      But why would hospitals fudge the numbers? Follow the money. hospitals/medical industry learned early on they could get paid. Dems learned they could magnify the situation for political gain.


      The CARES Act provided for a 20% add-on to the inpatient prospective payment system (PPS) DRG rate for COVID-19 patients for the duration of the public health emergency.”

      China does not count asymptomatic patients, who are infected with the virus but do not display symptoms, as confirmed cases.

      How many people in the USA are counted as infected with Covid but show no symptoms? Why would the national media let this slide. And yes those that show no symptoms can still spread the virus but their viral load is much less and much less infectious.


      Look at the sources Reuters, AHA and democrat Public Health Doctor

      1. The USA is the only county that reports “death with Covid” as the same thing as “death from Covid”.

        Sorry, that’s incorrect.

        Belgium has the most aggressive accounting methodology…and it is more aggressive than even what’s claimed for the USA, for they also include suspected cases.

        Furthermore, the data collection rationale is to basically collect the “hits” because without a base source, it can’t be later analyzed for degree of relevance/contribution. This is an attempt to minimize under-counting.

        And FYI, there is deliberate under-counting going on in the USA.

        For example, Florida doesn’t report directly attributable CoVid19 deaths in FL if the deceased isn’t a legal FL resident. And FYI, that death doesn’t get passed to that individual’s home residence State for them to report.

        Likewise, some States only report “Confirmed” (by test) deaths, leaving out the ones where it is suspected (including the extremely obvious ones, where other household members tested positive). Deaths outside of Hospitals in this fashion are significantly under-reported.

        Overall, its going to take a decade’s worth of Graduate Students reading reports and organizing all mortality data to figure out who actually did have a premature death due to CoVid19 and who was an unaffiliated mortality. In the meantime, it should suffice that the best estimate of confirmed deaths puts the number at currently ~160K and counting, which is roughly 10x the number of confirmed annual flu deaths (the 61K number you hear isn’t confirmed, but estimated, as an extrapolation – – if we use that ratio here to try to extrapolate CoVid19, the death rate is probably ballpark 400K-500K to date.

        1. So much misinformation not based on facts… not worth the time to break it all down… I’ve done it too many times to count.

          Bottom line is that measure of deaths, hospitalizations, and occurrences being done in never before method of counting OVER inflates the numbers, as has been confirmed and publicly announced by MANY politicians, Public Health depts and other leaders. Nothing hidden here. Any statement to the contrary is simple conjecture to support a pre-determined narrative and agenda.

          The virus may be real but the numbers are fake and so is the drama around it.

            1. No, smayer, -hh was telling the truth. You have been telling lies—dangerous lies that have killed people—for months now.

              You know damn well that flu and pneumonia combined only cause about 6000 deaths a year, as measured by individual death certificates. The 60,000 number is an extrapolation that epidemiologists regard as more accurate. The 160,000 COVID-19 deaths are measured by individual death certificates. We don’t know enough about the novel coronavirus yet to make an accurate extrapolation, but we can be sure that mortality will go UP and not down. It may not be 10X higher like the flu numbers, but it will be substantially higher.

              If we just stick with comparing apples to apples, or individual death certificates to individual death certificates, flu kills 6000 people in a year (500/month) while COVID-19 has killed 160,000 in half a year (26,667/month). Claiming the two diseases are comparable is a lie, part of a calculated deception intended to minimize the danger of the novel coronavirus.

              I don’t know why you have chosen to lie. Perhaps you actually believe some bizarre conspiracy theory. Perhaps you want the President to believe the lie so that he will screw up his response and look bad. Perhaps you just enjoy causing people to die. Whatever the reason, for the sake of God, stop!

            2. @TxUser you are up to your usual logical fallacies…
              “I am causing people to die because of my lies” Such emotionalism not based on any real facts.

              You claim to want to compare apples to apples BUT you then go on to make up numbers (strawman) and use different time frame comparisons. Then you drum up some accusation to question my motive (red herring). I have nothing to gain other than to try to educate people to be critical thinkers and to seek out objective truth.

              I’m not going to bother correcting your many mistakes…I have done that repeatedly BUT you are clearly of the mindset of “do not bother me with the facts…I have made up my mind”. You banter about made up numbers as if you actually understand them but you clearly do not understand epidemiology and statistics.

              Suffice it to say, you are wrong and have NOT done your homework. And that’s no lie!

            3. I did not make up any numbers. They all came from the CDC. In fact, 6000/year for flu and pneumonia is generous. In one recent year, it was only 1500, as measured by death certificates. I used a 1-year time frame for flu and pneumonia because that is the annual reporting period. I used six months for coronavirus because that’s how long it has been in the US. If anything, the difference helps your argument that flu is somehow comparable to COVID-19.

              You keep claiming that I am making up numbers and using invalid statistics, but you have never backed up those claims with an explanation of where, specifically, I am wrong. You just keep arguing that a disease that has killed 160,000 Americans in six months is no greater a danger than one that sometimes kills as few as 1500 in an entire year (if you are just counting death certificates).

              You claim you are just trying to teach people to be critical thinkers. In fact, you are intentionally or ignorantly training them to be unwitting agents of movements, agencies, and nations that want America to be sick, weak, and divided.

            4. Oh bother… I have REPEATEDLY shown you the errors of your “analyses”. You just refuse to accept it. Again, you are trying to compare numbers and claim they are apples to apples comparisons but again you DO NOT understand the stats and how to apply them.

              An example is that stats for any flu season is only about 4-5 months, Nov to Apr. Beyond that numbers are NOT counted. Trying to compare mortality numbers (which will ALWAYS go up and are therefore meaningless without context) vs mortality rates (and what that means). Then you choose to ignore what you call “estimates”…because you do NOT understand what that means. And you do not account for population changes, demographics, geography, material causal relationships (placing known COVID-positive elderly patients into homes where over 50% of the deaths have occurred), etc. So already you are NOT comparing apples to apples because you are ignorant about how to.

              Then you are failing to acknowledge the DOCUMENTED FACT that counts for COVID stats ARE NOT being counted the same as ALL previous types of diseases that has been the standard for decades, that testing used today is NOT 100% valid at confirming the W/C-nCov virus (which BTW, is actually NOT that new…but I digress). AND you use the US as if they have the ONLY stats that matters. These are just for STARTERS.

              ALL of this are examples of how you are woefully ignorant (meaning without knowledge)…a word you STILL fail to understand…CONTEXT.

              Then to make yourself sound correct, you resort to another red herring fallacy using emotionalism and unfounded statements to distract from your ignorance on the matter.

              I suggest that you stay indoors with your mask on making sure to practice “proper” social distancing and repeatedly washing your hands until someone finds a cure for mortality!

          1. So how do you believe a death from another cause that would normally have a high chance of recovery but that was greatly reduced due to complications owing to Covid-19 be categorized in your opinion?

            1. Why would you need an evidence of such? I am asking you to categorize a death that occurs due to complications from Covid-19 on otherwise highly survivable injuries/illnesses.

              For example any type of stabbing/gunshot wound that doesn’t damage internal organs. Many suggested treatments for Covid-19 involve blood thinners which would be fatal for those that have large wounds since blood would not clot as easily and thus continue to bleed.

              Let’s flip this and ask then, if you have a death of a patient that is hospitalized for more than a few days from an injury/illness that has also tested positive for Covid-19 on admission, would you categorize the death as a “non-Covid-19 related death”?

              I will concede however immediate deaths of individuals from accidents who may be found later to have been positive for Covid-19 as non-Covid-19 deaths and should not be counted.

            1. And how would you classify the same situation if it was a flu?

              You are posing a hypothetical. Clearly this would have to be on a case by case basis. And you can also flip this question the other way around…

              If you have a person with the virus, maybe even asymptomatic that later gets stabbed, which killed them? The virus or the stabbing?

              “I will concede however immediate deaths of individuals from accidents who may be found later to have been positive for Covid-19 as non-Covid-19 deaths and should not be counted.”

              And yet they are. Without question AND by DIRECT DIRECTIVE of Public Health officials like the CDC. AND the “positive” diagnosis DOES NOT have to be validated with a REAL test but is encouraged to be based even on SPECULATION AND CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence. (this is right in the directive in black and white!).

              NEVER DONE BEFORE! And yet most officials are not challenging this. Why?

            2. I spent thirty years of my life in local government where I, among other things, advised the people who filed death certificates in our jurisdiction. I can swear on a stack of Bibles that the standard is, and always was, that the cause of death is to be determined on the basis of whatever evidence is available to the registrar, whether direct or circumstantial. Death inquests are not criminal trials; there is no requirement that the cause of death be determined beyond a reasonable doubt. If the physician or public official was satisfied that a particular finding was correct, it was his duty to so find. Findings of “undetermined” were only appropriate if the cause of death could not be determined by reasonable deduction from the available evidence.

              What you are claiming is simply nonsense.

              By the way, that motorcycle death was only carried as a COVID-19 for a few days while the accident was under investigation. Once the police determined that the crash was not caused by the cyclist being ill, the case was backed out of the statistics. If their finding had been otherwise, the COVID-19 attribution would have been perfectly appropriate.

            3. You are again creating a strawman argument. The issue is NOT whether it is supposed to be beyond a reasonable doubt. And using one example is proof of anything.

              The fact is that there is a directive to MAKE SURE that COVID IS recorded even in the absence of confirmation. THEN that is what is being reported in the news and used for policy and decision making. What goes on after is rarely ever reported and does not make it into the public sphere BUT what IS reported is what is driving current behaviour.

              The issue is how the information is being presented and used in the public eye making the situation look FAR worse than what it actually is.

              You are again losing the forest for the trees.

            4. No, the point is that determining the cause of death on death certificates has never required confirmation. That is not something they changed for the coronavirus. So the death toll for flu was calculated the same way for the same population as the death toll for COVID-19. You are only saying otherwise because you apparently didn’t know how it was done before the current pandemic.

              In the worst flu year in the last decade, there were 13,500 deaths from flu and pneumonia combined recorded on death certificates. Since February, there have been over 160,000 deaths from coronavirus recorded on death certificates. That isn’t a trivial difference.

            5. Well that is not what front line doctors have been reporting… this IS a change in the way they are being required to document deaths, hospitalizations, and cases. But you are a doctor working on the front lines today so you know better because you worked behind an administrative desk years ago, right?

              And your ongoing assertion about the lack of need to confirm death is just another logical fallacy. It does not disprove my points.

              Then you go on repeating stats that are out of context, again, as if that bolsters your case, and that somehow that makes the stats you are using and your comparisons valid. Again, you are not using epidemiological stats correctly and so are not comparing apples to apples.

              One million is a lot bigger than one thousand but without the proper comparative context it proves nothing and has NO MEANING. And I have repeatedly shown that you either lack context or contexts are NOT comparable.

              When was the last time ANY disease had a daily or even hourly update of accounts of cases, hospitalizations and deaths? In case you have to look it up, let me make it simple for you…NEVER. So the contexts are already completely different…and as I have documented multiple times, there are many other issues to consider for proper comparison.

            6. @smayer97 wrote:

              When was the last time ANY disease had a daily or even hourly update of accounts of cases, hospitalizations and deaths? In case you have to look it up, let me make it simple for you…NEVER.

              Untrue. It’s been done during Ebola outbreaks, and also reached the public consciousness in the USA when the 2014-15 outbreak reached our shores.

              The annual PRIM&R Conference was quite … “energized” that year in Boston, as the ethics (and legal requirements) of the then ‘Warp-Speed’ human subject research protocols was a quite hot topic.

              I’d expect this fall’s PRIM&R will be similar .. albeit all virtual this time,

              And here’s a take on CoVid19 based on the 2014 HSR lessons from Ebola:



            7. @-hh Ebola pandemic was reported regularly but NEVER had this level of reporting and tracking with constant updates… The reason is because it hardly had any impact on North America or the rest of the world either…it was very limited in scope.

              The closest and best comparison would be when even the H1N1 Swine Flu which DID reach the US and only killed over 12,000 in 2009/2010 but killed up to 600,000 worldwide, but it is estimated to have spread to between 700 MILLION and 1.4 BILLION people, NEVER reached this level of attention, even though it has killed up to 62,000 THIS YEAR in the US ALONE… But hardly anyone spoke or even heard about it.

              And the data was NEVER documented, tracked, and reported with this frequency and intensity…EVER!

            8. (apologies for the delay in response)

              In regards to CoVid19 vs Ebola tracking, I’m afraid that your claim is incorrect.

              Historically, Ebola was tracked with effectively the same general level of intensity, but because it had a vastly lower public interest (due to lower direct risk), there were commensurately fewer information venues for the public to access the tracking data like what is happening today with CoVid19.

              But that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Case in point, you probably didn’t even know of the PRIM&R “Hot Topic” Ebola briefings that I mentioned (and also had personally attended back in 2014)…

              …and since the PRIM&R AER Conference Fee is ~$1000, the general “public” rarely is curious enough to pay that much just to see what’s going on behind the scenes in public health.

            9. @smayer97:

              No, you’re reading it incorrectly.

              What I said was that Ebola was tracked just as closely by the healthcare scientists, with the source data being updated constantly.

              But because Ebola wasn’t forefront in the public news cycle like CoVid19 is, there weren’t also dozens & dozens of free public facing websites set up and competing to disseminate the source data.

              You’re confusing the data with its outlet interface.

              For an analogy, consider the National Zoo and the Panda Cage, with a web camera watching.

              The camera is the ‘constantly updated’ data source:

              Ebola: webcam was listed on one (relatively obscure) website.

              CoVid19: same webcam was mirrored on 50 websites and had regular newspaper articles cite those links 10x/day.

              Thus: no change in the source data, but change in its availability to the public.

            10. @-hh sorry but you are th one that has not gotten my point from the very beginning but you do capture it here when you said “…but change in its availability to the public.” THAT is is my point (or at least the main part of it).

              But like I said, it is not just about availability but the daily, multiple times a day, promotion of this data, most often lacking context.

              And this, to a layman audience with most lacking the ability to interpret this data…and no one to properly explain it…instead creating a lot of unnecessary fear (which as a result of the way this has been done will last for years and probably decades, if the impact during SARS in 2003 is any indication).

              So like I said, NEVER DONE BEFORE!

            11. So you are suggesting that it is odd that the press has given more attention to a disease that has, so far, killed 165,000 Americans than to one that killed two?

        2. @-hh. BTW, OFFICIAL sources that have been presenting all the results all this time around world on which those in authority have been relying on are already confessing to knowingly and intentionally inflating the numbers through “new” current practices, and acknowledging that many of the tests are faulty or inaccurate, both in writing and on camera, etc. and you are trying to make an argument that is trying to inflate the numbers even more?

          Pause and think about that for a moment. Have you bought into all this fear-mongering…?

            1. @-hh “Let’s see some cites.” Are you kidding? Are you living under a rock? You can start with the CDC directions here:

              Click to access vsrg03-508.pdf

              See page 6.

              As for the how the data is being reported, this has been reported on the news and all over the internet with official video newsreels where ALL cases documented WITH COVID (deaths, hospitalizations and cases, symptomatic or NOT) are ALL counted as COVID… even if it is NOT the cause nor confirmed via tests.

              Again NEVER DONE before like this…

            2. Just read Page 6. That is exactly the advice I would have given to one of the Texas magistrates I was advising in 1981. COVID-19 was clearly the underlying cause of death under those circumstances. It has always been done that way. When you claim otherwise, you are just revealing your ignorance about how death certificates are filled out in the real world.

            3. Well that may be your advice but what front line doctors with decades of experience are saying is this is not the standard practice by doctors and that this is being misapplied and then misused by the media and officials, with MANY practical examples that have been demonstrated.

            4. And the thing to not miss is this part:
              “Although no testing was done, the coroner determined that the likely UCOD was COVID–19 given the patient’s symptoms and exposure to an infected individual”.

              followed by
              “… after being exposed to an ill family member who subsequently was diagnosed with COVID–19”

              This is assumption built on assumption. The problem with this is when you dig into how diagnosis is conducted, many cases have been “diagnosed” simply on conjecture, circumstantial evidence, etc. with MANY without direct validation. There is no confirmation of the original diagnosis of the original person.

              Note, I have no major issue with the documentation per se…they can do whatever they want…but rather that this is being used in conclusive fashion to then follow with measures that at the end of the day do not reflect reality. This is evidenced by the different reporting methods around the world (though many have adopted this approach). Some official reports are now saying that places like Italy may have actually over counted their COVID-related deaths.

              Remember that there have been over 1/3 as many flu deaths in the US this season too (up to 62,000) without the same measures ever considered and in places like Canada, the death COUNT, let alone the death rate, even given the above practices, have NOT been any higher than the flu (just under 9,000 for each this year).

              I have said it before….this is not a one issue issue, so even if the numbers are valid as is, when you look at the bigger picture, this is not as fearful a situation as it was once thought or made to be and no longer justifies the ongoing and even doubling and tripling down of actions still being taken, to the point of now officially stating that current measures may need to continue for another 2-3 years at least…even when the numbers is MANY places are SO LOW or are dwindling… where some major cities with millions of people only have a couple of hundred active cases left, one even has zero cases in weeks and yet are only NOW making masks mandatory…backed by fines and even imprisonment.

            5. Reading just that one part does make it seem arbitrary but after reading the entire document you can see that those assumptions that the coroner is making are based not just on facts of the case but also drawing from his/her experience. Also the Guidance notes that Covid-19 should in general be the last item listed in section I. “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot
              be made, but it is suspected or likely” (see paragraph prior to “Common problems” pg.2) the Guidance suggest prefixing the Covid entry with “probable” or “presumed”.

            6. “…the Guidance suggest prefixing the Covid entry with “probable” or “presumed”.”

              Yes, and the point is that EVERY ONE of these “probable” or “presumed” cases of COVID is included in the counts and presented as ACTUAL cases, hospitalizations and death…something NEVER done before… so naturally this WILL inflated the counts… for anyone to argue otherwise is to wilfully ignore the facts.

            7. True. The question is how many get removed from count later as cases are reviewed. In Hawaii we have had several instances where the death and infected totals increase, then a day or so later may have some removed due to further review. I think if many other localities are doing the same you could agree the numbers are not as inflated as you initially may have thought. Hawaii also has a policy of noting residents that have been infected/pass outside the State in the State counts which may or may not affect the National count depending on if the State they were in when it happened counted those individual resulting in a ‘double’ count.

            8. I would have no problem with this but so far there has been no evidence that such tabulation corrections are being passed along to reporting services such John Hopkins, and decision makers, etc. If there is, that would be great.

              That said, there is also confirmed evidence that people who have been tested for COVID multiple times over time, for various reasons (early testing then retested to go back to work, tested each time they visit different heath care services, etc), are not being reconciled to eliminate duplicates (and even triplicates, etc), so counts are also being affected by this.

            9. Can’t speak for anywhere else but as for Hawaii, the numbers reported for Hawaii at John Hopkins are identical to what is being reported on the local news to the day. So you can mark at least one State that has adjusted numbers accurately reflected at JH.

            10. As @TxUser pointed out, “its always been done this way”.

              Sorry @smayer97 but you’ve failed to demonstrate that the policies have in any material way actually changed.

              As was already explained with the “infamous” Motorcycle fatality that’s since been removed from the database, the procedure is to tag first, then investigate fully. This is because one can remove a case from the database that turned out to be a false positive, but you can’t add a case that missed being submitted for review.

              Even notwithstanding the unsubstantiated claims of “… front line doctors with decades of experience…”, the people on the front line providing care to patients aren’t the same individuals who are non-frontline, doing public health data analysis. Different emphasis & different skill sets.

  2. The job growth was much less than expected however, which is why the market is much lower so far today. It may recover somewhat later as investors decide to shrug it off partly, as they’ve been doing the past several months. But so far there are concerns.

    It would be great if this site refrains from this reporting, which has little to do with its self proclaimed mandate of being Mac daily news. These positive economic reports in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression, before reserved for the 2008 Bush recession, is too overtly political, and intended to be a booster for this administration.

    1. “economists define a recession as the period of declining economic activity. After the decline has stopped and the economy turned up the recession is over”

      According to the definition of the word recession we are no longer in a recession. I agree many people are out of work and still hurting but the core economy was much stronger than most anyone thought. We are coming back much faster than most economists thought possible. The recovery may not be a V, but a recovery has begun. Of course when someone gets knocked down from a sucker punch its not unexpected when they get on there feet slower than they went down. But most people thought our economy was down for the count. Heck, i dare say many people secretly wish we would stay down for political advantage. But make no mistake collectively we are standing on are feet.

      The Dow is @ 27,313. The previous high was 29,568. When Trump took office the Dow was @ 19,827. Yes many companies are still down, (airlines, travel, hospitality, Restaurants, etc) any company/industry directly effected by the virus quarantine is most like way down. So once we get out of the virus the market and economy will be better than ever.

      And since this is an Apple news site…. AAPL is up to an all time high and approaching 2 Trillion.

      AAPL before the virus 323
      APPL today 446

      Bidden’s puppet masters of neo marxist have openly said they want to break apple/big tech up. The CCP China most think we are crazy. The CCP uses the full power of government to give their top companies every unfair advantage they can imagine. America’s “socialist democrats” want to use the government rain are most successful companies in.

      one of the leading VP choices

      Everyone have good weekend !!

      “you just got your partner back ”

      P.S. one star means I’m number 1 🙂

  3. Press conference at his golf club. BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAA

    Is this guy for real? I love it. He is a total loser.

    Come November he will be the obvious LOOOOOOOSER.

    I so enjoy watching this fish flop around on land, and watching his looser followers scream about being cheated. It will be a dream come true. Thank you Jesus!

  4. “Hopefully the vaccine will come more quickly than most previously thought possible as Operation Warp Speed accelerates development by funding steps to proceed simultaneously versus the usual sequential process. Until then, try to be as safe as you can be – wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your face, wear a mask in public, practice social distancing, etc.”

    Both hopeful nonsense to give false sense of security. NOW officials are starting to say that a vaccine will probably not be enough and that these kinds of measures will be needed for at least another 2-3 YEARS!!!!!

    None of these actions are needed any longer, and masks to absolutely nothing in a public setting (backed by science and understanding public social behaviour). We have been and continue to be fed a pack of unsubstantiated lies. And now officials are trying to double and triple down on their mandates. Don’t be fooled any longer….

      1. Dangerous? Yes, the risk of dying from COVID was last estimated to be 0.26% overall (and dropping) and if you are under 65, it is 0.009% (factoring in even those with risk factors) this is lower than the annual common flu and lower than the risk of dying in a car accident.

        I guess you won’t ever leaving your house without a hand washing, wearing a mask, and socially distancing, nor be driving any time soon, until you have all your flu shots, etc.

        1. I think the point most people like you miss is that though it may be the case that the risk of dying may be less for each individual, the sheer number of those being infected in a short amount of time is a major contributing factor to the increasingly high number of deaths. This is exacerbated by having no vaccine for Covid-19 as of yet. Till that time it should be everyone’s responsibility to be as safe as possible. I agree not to the extent of a complete shut down but enough common courtesy to prevent the spread as much as possible while going about your otherwise ‘normal’ life.

          1. @Xennex1170 The number of deaths is not lost on me. Though I do not fully agree with you (including being suspect of the numbers), I will agree that what you speak of is MUCH more sensible than most people that approach this topic. What I loathe is the fact that there is so much unnecessary fear that has been, and unfortunately continues to be, spread that is unfounded, especially at this late stage.

            I believe in arming people with the right information and letting them make educated choices, within reason… Humans NATURALLY will socially distance and take other precautions etc to protect the most vulnerable. We know who those are now, so there is no need for the blunt instrument of unjustifiable lockdowns, since they really accomplish nothing meaningful.

            So I do agree with some basic common sense, which seems to be lacking lately (though I can understand why given all the fear-mongering and misleading information being pushed out there).

            1. I respect your faith in humans, however in Hawaii we have found a huge majority of the current cases rising in the past few weeks owe to single household multi-generational families contracting the disease. While it may be true people will naturally socially distance, there are many cases where the environment prevents that from naturally taking place, thus the perceived need for a blanket order to protect some individuals from themselves is brought front-and-center and then acted upon.

              As I understand it from research to date of how Covid-19 works, though it shares similar symptoms to flu and variants of the common cold (being of the same family of viruses), a major difference is how it attacks and destroys the aveoli in the lungs like a limited ebola where it then enters the bloodstream. in the young this has manifested in clotting problems in other areas of the body in addition to the lungs. This lead to recommending blood thinners as a remedy to help recovery. There may be other symptoms that are occurring but not yet linked to covid. That aside, the scary thing is that lung function is being compromised and aveoli as far as I know do not regenerate.

              Take recommendations with a grain of salt but also educate yourself as to why those recommendations were made in the first place and continue to be recommended.

            2. @Xennetx1170 I’m not quite sure what point you are making, talking about household spread (which BTW is similar to many diseases like the flu and cold and others) and of discussing the progressing of COVID (which BTW the flu also can severe respiratory problems and permanent damage too, and in many cases leading to death (which is up to 62,000 in the US alone this year).

              I agree that people need to educate themselves and take necessary precautions based on their level of risk but to also educate themselves on what the TRUE level of risk is.

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