Leak claims Apple’s iPhone 12 will use magnets to simplify charging

Photographs posted on Weibo and Twitter claim to show the inside of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 12 and Apple’s next-gen iPhone 12 cases with a circular arrangement of magnets, likely related to charging.

Magnets inside the iPhone 12's chassis (image: EverythingApplePro via Twitter)
Magnets inside the iPhone 12’s chassis (image: EverythingApplePro via Twitter)

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Photographs show a circular arrangement of batteries within the chassis, and a seemingly identical one in what’s claimed to be Apple’s official “iPhone 12” case.

It’s suggested that this circular magnet arrangement may be to do with wireless charging. The new “iPhone 12,” or its case, might support charging other devices, in which case these magnets may keep those in place.

Alternatively, the magnets may be there to help with the charging of the phone itself. Apple has reportedly [been working on] charging other devices on its previously-cancelled AirPower charging mat, and this magnet arrangement may be related.

MacDailyNews Take: Charging à la Apple Watch and/or the ability to charge accessories like AirPods directly from iPhone. According to serial leaker Jon Prosser, Apple continues to work on an AirPower-like wireless charging mat having recently overcome issues with overheating. Prosser shared photos of an alleged prototype codenamed “C68” in June via Twitter (below). We’d expect to see Apple’s AirPower to debut alongside iPhone 12 later this year.


    1. The perfect solution for me is a wireless stand. The phone stands on a platter at angle. Perfect for the bedside table. Easy to grab it during the night if needed and no wires to find to plug back in. First I had a stand for just the iPhone but now I have a combined unit for the phone, watch and AirPod case. Never have to worry about the devices not charging now and only cost $30.

  1. I had a QI charging device that only worked if I had the iPhone perfectly aligned, which was hard to do, and as a result, the battery often ran down during the night. I threw it away, I bought another brand that constrained the position of the iPhone, so that it always charged. If the magnets are only there for alignment, that solves a major problem.

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