Apple’s expected 5.4-inch ‘iPhone 12’ will be the smallest iPhone in years

The iPhone 12 rumor mill began churning before the iPhone 11 was releases and the speculation and leaks have only continued to build over the past few months. The iPhone 12 is believed to feature a relatively tiny 5.4-inch display. Couple that with the removal of the antiquated Home button, and if it materialized as expected, it’ll be Apple’s smallest iPhone in years.

Apple's expected 5.4-inch 'iPhone 12' will be the smallest iPhone in years
Apple’s expected 5.4-inch ‘iPhone 12’ will be the smallest iPhone in years (image:


Dummy models have shown how much smaller the 5.4″ is compared to the rest of the iPhone lineup. The upcoming 5.4″ iPhone falls in-between the size of the original iPhone SE and the 2020 iPhone SE…

While the rumored 5.4″ screen size is larger than the 4.7″ screen size of the iPhone 7/8, the removal of the Home Button from the body allows the overall device size to be smaller.

To see how much smaller, we’ve created these images that will let existing full screen Face ID iPhone owners see exactly how a 5.4″ iPhone will feel in hand.

MacDailyNews Take: We had to use an older iPhone with a Home button over the weekend (helping out some friends with (much) older iPhones) and it was a maddeningly staccato experience. We were happy to get back to our fluid, gesture-based, Home button-free iPhones ASAP!


  1. Why does Apple think that phones must have no tactile feedback whatsoever? Why do they need to break all those lightning adaptors that they made us buy? Now we have to buy still more crap to carry around so that the phone can be “wireless”? Steve Jobs himself explained why wireless charging was BS: It has too many wires! Nothing has changed since then, but Apple’s willingness to abuse its customers. I hope the EU breaks them up.

  2. I think Apple will be surprised that the demand for the smaller phone will be much higher than they anticipated. If they offered a phone the size of the original SE size, with the new features, the phone would fill the void of sales, that Apple has been missing; and the cycle for product refresh would increase, with product choices for smaller footprints.

  3. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the iPhone SE is a stroke of genius- anything that gets back to that size is great – ship phones that fit in large hands (I’m over 6ft guys, relax) and you will make very happy customers. Every time I walk down the street I see people with huge phones in their BACK POCKETS because they’re too massive to fit in the side. This is BRAINDEAD design.

  4. Still miss my original SE and its tactile home button, for me much more convenient than my XR.
    Still it’s the camera that usually drives my upgrades, so hoping for a further evolution there when it’s time to upgrade this November.

  5. Problem with smaller iPhones is the storage limit is always 256GB. I want a 1TB phone. Can only get 512GB by buying a large iPhone. I’ll be going from 6.5” to the 6.7” model this fall. I carry it in a cargo pants pocket. But mostly I am using it on my desk. I’m staying home except to go out for Doctor and food.

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